10 Stunning Ideas for Real Estate Outdoor Photography You Should Stick To

When real estate photography goes to work, it ensures that images, inside and out, are appealing to potential buyers. Listings by a real estate business normally shows exteriors first with its connection to viewers and their preferences for property façades. With this, it is important for real estate photography to get exterior shots right.

Why Outdoor Photography Matters

Diving deep into the concept of first impressions, people are known to fall in love at first sight for as long as they know it is the right one for them. This saying for real estate photography prowls on the fact that property facades are great lookers for property seekers, as these become the point of interest to ask for more details.

A real estate business who can properly showcase their listings with such exterior shots could benefit from a handful of creative snaps from real estate photography. This partnership enables the growth of both the real estate business and photographer by bringing in more sales from prospective buyers.


The Top 10 Tips

Real estate photography must always be a continuously learning and growing artform that all people must learn to enhance through their daily practice and creativity. A real estate business will surely benefit from these and practicing each one of them could land you a good spot in their go-to real estate photography professionals.

  1. Chase the light

The time of day is important in getting the clearest exterior shots. A real estate photography professional knows that there is no substitute to the light the sun provides and during these days, they can be sure that the photos will come out looking their best. The photos received by the real estate business will also translate to be awe-striking after the images have gone through post-production.

  1. Play with twilight shots

In an extreme case, a real estate photography professional can choose to chase a sunrise or sunset. These give off a more relaxing vibe with the dusk or dawn feels that combine the darkness of the sky with the streaks coming from the rays of a hiding sun. Furthermore, the dramatic flair that the twilight shot brings to a real estate business can help them showcase the quaint and cozy interiors of a home as an exterior shot such as this enables the visibility of lights from the inside to illuminate the warm insides.

  1. Think of how this will look in post-processing

Find a shot that will flow for realty editor. This vision coming from a real estate photography professional will help their real estate business counterparts to plan ahead and envision a state of photos that will be nothing short of excellent, and it will exercise the planning especially for days with multiple shots.

  1. Wide-angle lenses for a perfect landscape capture

If there is one lens you must carry in your bag, make it the wide-angle lens. This enables you to capture properties even with the widest exteriors and landscapes. As a real estate photography professional, always look to make the shot look worth it.

  1. Find the best angles

Just like a person, a property’s façade will have a better side, and this sometimes makes a property sell even better. The real estate business that knows its customer will very well help the real estate photography professional take good angles and translate this into selling points.

  1. The cleaner the better

De-clutter the exterior of the property. No one wants to see that lawnmower on the front yard or the hose that is slithering around making an impression of unkemptness.

  1. Give it a touch of drone creativity

Drone shots might be a good side to show how the property looks from above. Real estate photography should learn to experiment like this and produce shots that are worthy of a second look.

  1. Make the details surface

Some properties will have unique architectural builds and a true real estate photography professional knows that these should be the highlights of this shot. Make sure there is enough illumination, give it the right angle, and snap those photos away.

  1. Shoot straight

Hip-height. No questions asked.

  1. Capture the surrounding area

While some properties offer a suburban setting, some would be isolated in nature, and these are great points to showcase. A real estate business can benefit from these shots especially when they plan to reach a vast array of clients. Therefore, being the real estate photography professional that you are, whip out that drone or wide-angle lens and include that stunning lush greenery of a forest.

Find Your Inner Creativity

These ideas are here to help build the foundation for a stunning interior shot. In practice, once these are done and are mastered, you will see that there are opportunities to tweak, improve, or even revise some of these to pave the way for a future set of an iterated version of exterior photography. Finding your inner creativity lies in being able to put into practice these ideas and tips, finding out which work the best and go from there. It will be difficult to jump off from scratch, and things like these will help you get the gears in motion.


Real estate businesses would always rely on exterior shots from real estate photography to give the first impression of the property being sold. It is not stranger that people love to have an house whose outside presence can wow passersby or even themselves as they want to keep falling in love with their humble abode. With this, exterior shots have to follow the sunlight, be creative with twilight shots, capture the entire outside with one shot for a seamless fishing, a touch of creativity, and a glimpse of the area. These are just some things that are found on the tip of the iceberg and topping it off with your own brand of real estate photography creativity can spell the difference between sale or stale for a real estate business. Hence, having a great sense on how to execute on outdoor shots will surely go a long long way into your photography career, garnering more partnerships and thus, a larger real estate photography share of the market.


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