A Quick Look on The Real Estate Photography Editing Techniques in 2021

The new year is right around the corner and believe it or not, 2020 has brought drastic changes coupled with a decade’s turn enough to shake up several industries. The real estate market who has also seen a slowdown is expected to make a roaring comeback this 2021 accompanied by change in buyer behavior. One of the earlier trends in the real estate market is the move to online means of viewing. Websites and social media have dominated the scene in term of digital media usage, and this is where real estate has begun to inject themselves in. Having said his, the landscape of real estate photography editing techniques must adapt to both the style and audience of the digital world.

Another aspect to consider as real estate property hunting goes online is the need to include more information. People are now more conscious of the physical movements outside of their home because of new norms and they perceive everything is possible through their devices. Companies should be quick to respond to this need to avoid losing a client base and therefore, physical visits may be replaced by videos accessible through the property listing. Editing techniques in real estate photography also has to adapt and respond to this need in order to stay competitive in the eyes of the real estate company. Showing that you are adaptive and innovative at the same time is key to staying afloat in this every changing industry.

What to Expect for 2021

Apart from the usual real estate photography techniques, 2021 will introduce new styles on top of the expected ones. These will add to the dramatic flair of the photos as digital viewing now outweighs physical viewing.

  1. Authenticity is key

2021 may see a more realistic and authentic feel of editing techniques in real estate photography. This means that people will prefer a down-to-earth feel rather than a glamorous tone. A reason hypothesized for this belief is due to the fact that people spend a lot of time on their devices looking at several photos whether in real estate or not. Much of the lines between realism and editing has been blurred resulting to people getting used to photos. Showing authenticity in your real estate photography editing technique requires a touch less of contrasts and moving towards the unfiltered and warmer tones. This can be achieved through shooting raw and using that to display the natural light available instead of artificial ones.

  1. Aerial shots

The shots coming from drones has a growing popularity in relation to how real estate listings are evolving. People are now concerned with the suburban neighborhood they plan to buy their property in. Editing techniques in real estate photography must expand to learn how to draw focus on the property being sold from an aerial shot that showcases a vast area of homes. Moreover, the techniques must learn to highlight the best parts of that neighborhood in order to showcase the reasons why it is a good property.

  1. Panoramic Photos

The intent of panoramic photos is to capture exteriors and the street it sits on. For interiors, it might be useful if the real estate company intends to put the listing up in magazine spreads.

  1. Photos that incite emotion

What better way to show depth in photos than to create a retro-style black and white photo. This technique might be counter intuitive to some common real estate photo editing techniques, but you might be surprised at how these can complement the accompanying photos of the same property. It is useful for exterior photos to show a different perspective and more importantly draw on a viewers emotions.

How do you adjust to these changes?

Adjusting may require you to buy new equipment and learn new techniques of software editing. Both cases must be done with an attitude of proactiveness and willingness to learn in order to expand your repertoire of signature photos and more than that prove that you are constantly looking to improve yourself and finding new editing techniques in real estate photography.

  • Use your spare time wisely – Realistically, 2020 has not been a good year. The number of people looking to move houses saw a significant reduction especially those who have lost jobs and are unable to secure financing for housing. With all the downtime on your hands due to the lack of new projects, look to reinvent your real estate photo editing techniques and discover new ones in your editing software. Better yet, try looking at new software you can learn and mix with the old one.
  • Buy new equipment – Look to upgrade your gear. One of the things that will come in handy is a drone or perhaps a new set of lighting equipment so that when 2021 rolls around, you can come out with guns blazing and delight your real estate client with the possibilities you can bring with your new toys.
  • Re-strategize your business – Think about whether your current pricing model is in need of refreshment. The cost maybe be reflective of old practices, perhaps it has been outdated with inflation, or simply you want to repackage your services because of your new skills in real estate photo editing techniques and photography gear. You may also want to rethink about looking for outsourced editing services to prepare for an influx of orders to have an extra hand in editing. Whichever it is, repricing your package may just do the trick to let your clients know you are now improved and poised to promise delivering better services.


A quick glimpse into 2021 does indeed show that changes are coming, and they are coming fast. The reality is that as time goes on the way we do things must also change especially when there are significant events that accelerate these trends. The adaptation to the changing realty editor techniques requires investing in time and money to move ahead into the future. Learning something new and making sure that your equipment can accommodate the advancement are sure to enable you to ride along the wave of change and into a continuing success for the future.


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