Choosing the Best Mouse for Photo Enhancement in 2021

From the camera you use to take photos to the software that finishes the job off for real estate image editing, quality in tools will ensure you work with speed and excellence. In cases where owning equipment gets too overwhelming with the sheer volume of pieces, we tend to overlook the things we believe can be foregone. This is as big no-no.

Thinking about the smallest things you own that aid you in your work, the computer mouse is on the top of the mind when it comes to being overlooked. There are scenarios where real estate image enhancement can be done quicker if the mouse enables you to perform certain commands faster. Sticking with the stock mouse that perhaps comes with your laptop is usable for the casual needs such as browsing the internet or typing documents. Nonetheless, a mouse packed with several features should be on your must-have list. This is because the abundance of variety in mouses in the market now have features that ensure ergonomics to avoid any chronic hand ailments. Some will have shortcut keys that minimize movement so you can get you real estate image editing tasks done faster. Some would probably be less restrictive and come in a wireless format so you can move your hand freely without the hassle of tangling with the wires. Think about what your struggles are and consider upgrading to something that will increase your productivity.

The Best Computer Mouse for Your Photo Enhancement Needs

There are a ton of options to choose from for mouses that can make performing real estate image editing easier. There are specifications you can choose from that will perhaps suit your lifestyle or taste. In short, you can go crazy on the selection process due to the sheer abundance of mouses out there. Here we list the ones that can help you get started on looking at this piece of equipment and get you off of that seat and start shopping for one.

  1. Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse

Talk about a unique design. The Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical mouse is built so that your palm is facing the left rather than at the bottom. Real estate image enhancement takes time to do in order to produce top-notch quality photos. Working for hours on end will definitely take its toll on your wrist. With the unique position of your hand, you are guaranteed a natural position where you will feel comfortable throughout the task. Of course, it will take time with getting used to but the wireless feature including the rechargeable batteries will surely give you a good run for your money.

  1. Unimouse Left Hand Mouse (Wireless)

For left-handed photographers and realty editor, your savior is here! Real estate image enhancement no longer needs to feel awkward with a right-handed mouse as this offering from Contour Design Inc. has you in mind. It can be angled depending on your position of comfort with a thumb rest that allows you to distribute the pressure across your entire hand. It is also designed with more than 5 buttons so you can manage your shortcuts and settings with ease.

  1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2

When convenience is in the conversation, this product from Logitech can be your weapon of choice. This is due to the capability of the mouse to connect to up to 3 different devices. Imagine being able to perform real estate image editing from your desk at home, from your laptop in a coffee shop, or from a tablet in the park. This mouse has got you covered as it does not require shifting from one device to another with a small USB receiver.

  1. Anker Vertical Mouse

Another price friendly mouse on the list is the Anker Vertical Mouse. The vertical literally means your hand maintains a hand shaking position to ensure comfort and neutrality during long hours of real estate image editing. There is a power saving mode if in case you do leave it idle and prolongs the battery life in the process. It is compatible with all operating systems similar to most mouses so you can be confident that whatever computer device you are using, it will work for you.

  1. Logitech MX Master 3

The second mouse from Logitech on this list is the MX master 3. It has a thumb rest so your hand can lay relaxed and tension-free. There is a scroll from the top of the mouse as well as beside the thumb rest so you can choose to scroll on either depending on your comfort in movement. It has a whopping 10 buttons all over the mouse so you can set your pre-sets and go through the task of real estate image enhancement with ease.

  1. Microsoft Arc Touch

Looking for a very sleek yet convenient-to-pack design? Then this might be the one for you. There are no distinguishable breaks to determine one button from the other but works just as well as the conventional mouse. It can bend to arc to the shape of your curved palm and lay straight when being packed giving you both an ergonomic touch and a convenient storage. Scrolling has also been made easy especially for real estate image enhancement tasks. Gliding your finger on top of the mouse will scroll through documents or photos so you do not need to move your entire hand.


A photographer’s tools can spell the difference between quality and speed. It can define the way you work and more importantly create that distinction between efficiency and accomplishment. There are a lot of things to ponder on with an equipment this small. The impacts of not using the proper ones can lead to unwanted outcomes and perhaps undesirable states. This is not to say real estate image editing is hazardous or can cause long term injuries. But think about the advantages an upgrade to the computer mouse you are using can bring in terms of productivity and ease of use. All in all, you should never compromise on your gear. Better equipment will not always necessarily mean more cash to shell out but browsing through the specifications and looking for the one that speaks to you and your needs should be the one you choose.


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