Free HDR Photo Editing Tools for Real Estate to Consider this 2021

Caught in a bind? In a tight spot? Low on bread? There are a lot of ways to say cash isn’t aplenty and looking at how to make the most out of the situation can be pretty bleak. However, not everything is lost. In the world we live in, the saying the best things are free still holds true especially in our day-to-day endeavors. The real estate business is also a world where free and paid goods circulate. Of course, services do come with a cost as well as investing in photography equipment. Fortunately, there are aspects to this business that do not come with a price tag. One of the things that do come absolutely free are editing software. Critical items to discover are free HDR photo editing tools and software due to the fact that HDR is a quickly growing trend among photographers.

A lot of times we tend to forget that these things do exist and putting these in the rear-view mirror may be a huge mistake especially when we are just starting out in our photography careers. Free real estate photo editing is as real as it can get, and there are several options to choose from. Whether these sounds too good to be true or not, you should not miss out on these to maximize your photo editing potential and at the same time manage the cost to produce enhanced images.

Why is HDR Important?

HDR is gaining a wider audience because of its ability to produce well-lit photos easier and faster. The high dynamic range as its name suggests allows a wider range of exposures that photographers can use to mash together and produce a photo worthy of being put up on the real estate listings. Free HDR photo editing has tightened the game even more as the nature of an accessible tool to more people means more competition.

Free HDR Photo Editing Tools

Well, the use of free realty editor software does not necessarily mean that you do not have money. It can mean that you are just frugal and practical that having free alternatives to paid HDR software can get the job done just as good. In fact, the wide range of available free HDR photo editing software means that they are being competitive and try to make their software better than the other developers. To you as a photographer this means that the available options are improving and having them free is a total win on your end. To find out what free HDR photo editing software are out there, check this list out.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom may just be one of the most coveted free real estate photo editing software for its ability to produce the best-looking photos at the most manageable efforts. The merge technique found in this free software produces HDR images in as short as 5 steps and creates a seemingly flawless image through removing blurs and doubles through ghost removal. Best of all, Lightroom provides the complete set of toys for all your editing needs. Any adjustments that need to happen post merging can be easily done within the same program using the vast array of tools to choose from.

  1. Picturenaut

A free HDR photo editing software you should try out is Picturenaut. Developed by HDRlabs, this program is very young and highly reliable, not to mention ever evolving. While it is still in its availability with Windows, a Mac version is on its way and this is something photographers might want to consider before jumping the gun.

  1. Fotor

Fotor boasts of creating wonderful landscape images using HDR techniques. It comes complete with tone mapping and ghost reduction to make sure your photos look unified and polished. It also has a mix of tools and commands that allow you to make the little changes and best of all there is an online platform that does not require downloading a program which basically eats up space in your computer.

  1. Luminance HDR

This program is available across several operating systems. While its features and tools perform similarly to other paid or free HDR photo editing software, the ability of Luminance to export to other photo editing software is a unique feature in case there is a need to further enhance the image. Imagine being able to work seamlessly across programs and pick up the best facets from each of them and ending up with a masterpiece that has gone through several programs.

  1. EasyHDR

This software has a ton of features. Its almost as if it is a complete stand-alone software that is capable of more than just HDR photo editing. More important to note, it has an Adobe Lightoom plug-in. This means that there is a convenient interaction and importation of photos that allow you to get the best of both worlds.

  1. FDRtools Basic

FDRtools Basic is a good starting point for beginners with its easy-to-understand interface. It is well known for its ability to create very fine adjustments on the final output with the depth of work that one can do in order to fine tune the photo is endless. Being a very basic program, the one downfall it has is its responsiveness declining as more work and memory it takes in, making it very difficult to move and progress quickly.


All in all, free real estate photo editing tools and software are a win. They demonstrate a respectable degree of capability to produce beautiful HDR images and at the same time allow photographers to access such capabilities. Looking at free HDR photo editing tools, the mindset should not be using these when in a shortage of money. Rather, they should be viewed as opportunities to save and maximize the current earnings without compromising quality of image enhancement. The vast array of choices is a testament to the growing popularity as well as demand for these free real estate editing software means that you should be confident about using them. The industry will thrive on free real estate photo editing tools and accepting it as a norm will help everyone get into the game and make use of these opportunities to further their careers.


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