How to Prepare a Home for Real Estate Photography in 2022

Real estate photography is not as easy as one would think. The work that it entails just to get a perfect shot takes heaps of time especially during preparation. Professional real estate photography is then likened to an iceberg where the photos we see already thrown into listings are products of laborious hours getting the place spruced up.

Now, photos from real estate photography don’t exactly get their charm from realty editor alone. It also depends on how the entire place is arranged and curated. This might be why real estate photography pricing is steeper than others, but it brings an enormous difference to the entire outcome of the image. Real estate photography professionals have to enlist help from different specialists who can design the place prior to the shoot. Why does this matter? For one, a better looking home sells faster than one that wasn’t paid any attention at all. Second, a photographer’s reputation is reflected in the quality of their work, making it a standard for others to make an assessment whether to patronize them or not.

Furniture Arrangements

One of the first priorities of preparing a home for professional real estate photography is staging, whether physical or virtual. The former kind of staging is better as it follows the natural flow of space and proportion but doesn’t necessarily mean it should overshadow the latter. Hiring an expert in interior design should be able to curate a theme that is eye-catching and attractive which should help motivate several different shots.

There should also be a common theme for a property to look cohesive. While professional real estate photography can make the images look stunning, the concept should be the glue that binds all the picture together to tell a single story. For instance, designing a property’s interior with a modern motif should be consistent from the foyer, living room, dining area, all the way into the bedroom. It will be unwise to create a different theme per part of the home as if it were a museum that presents different periods of history throughout. If you wish to have different motifs, then you may change it for the entirety of the property for every photo shoot. By doing this, you are enabling your potential buyers to visualize different iterations of designs they can do for the home, and thus raise the chances of them taking the leap to buy the property.

Walking Through

A good professional real estate photography practitioner always goes through the property before the shoot. They get to know the ins and outs, plan the shots, and above all, they know where to spend more time in. Let’s face it, real estate photography must exploit and show the best assets of the home. If these will be strong selling points, then you must go for them. Even if you have the best camera for real estate photography, if you do not know the property well enough, then you are wasting a good opportunity. To know which part of the house might be the selling point, check out some arguments from this list.

Backyards for families

A property with a spacious backyard is a winner for most people who have kids. This is an important part of the home which should be prepped and spruced up so that it will look a lot more attractive to those seeking to find a place for their little ones to play. An empty backyard will be a potential canvas work a photographer to weave their magic, giving them a hand at virtually adding in some possible playthings for children, or even a barbecue set for the adults.


These should never be left out if you plan to showcase photos and get the most out of the selling price of the property. People need a cozy place to lounge around in and sleep. The bedroom is a sacred area of the home where people would spend their alone time and doing things they love and therefore must be a space that they will love to be in. Designing such a room will also add bonus points to reel people in and see the true potential of that particular space. So never forget these parts, list them down and make sure you remember them.


People are particular about their kitchens. This is where space matters because this part of the property houses the most appliances, not to mention food. Snapping up photos of this part can incline certain demographic of potential buyers to consider buying the property primarily because they are passionate about this space. Real estate photography must also study this place beforehand as not much natural light is present in the kitchen. It is normally illuminated by a small window and supplemented by ceiling lights. If there is a big window nearby, then by all means, take advantage of it for a more natural look.


Arranging Touch Ups

A property might not be perfect on the onset. It could be a second-hand home which needs a little bit of repair here and there, but nevertheless, it is an asset that will bring money in through real estate photography. As a professional, you must be keen on what needs attention and plan it beforehand if you have the time as not to overload real estate photo editing with all the retouching that needs to be done. If it can be repaired or touched up physically, then go for it.

These activities can range from repainting, trimming the yard, or even patching up walls. These preparation steps for professional real estate photography are musts to complete the whole end-to-end project.

Final Thoughts

Preparing a home for real estate photography is not as easy as it looks. Professional photographers aren’t there to snap away, but their role is critical in making sure the property is set-up and maximized. The entire chain of activities from start to finish is a job that requires taking action and exerting effort. On your end, give the time to do the pre-work. It won’t hurt to get to the site ahead of the scheduled shoot, check out the property, and get help if needed. All of these when done right will help increase the value of the home in the eyes of the potential buyer because of its beauty and worthiness of their hard earned money.


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