Improve Your Real Estate Business with These Important Photo Editing Tips

Standing out among the sea of competitors in the real estate business requires a keen sense of knowing what your customers want and more importantly marketing your brand to be the best of the best. One of the most noticeable facets for putting your business up the pedestal are enhanced images. Real estate photo editing contributes largely to the real estate industry that agents scramble to look for photographers who know their craft well. Photographers who have shown quite a good reputation are those that real estate agents trust because believe it or not, photos can help increase sales faster by one third of the normal pace. This alone can get you up off your seat and think of how you can further expand your real estate business with photographers helping you out.

So how exactly do photos work their magic? For one they make sure that listing viewers notice the property more than the specifications and details. The beauty of real estate photo editing is that it can bring out the most head-turning scenes and views of the property. Second is how photos can communicate feelings through the colors in order to touch certain emotions. Working through your photos to touch your customer may just be the best thing that ever happened to your real estate business.

Check Out These Photo Editing Tips

Real estate photo editing right off the bat may sound like a very easy task. However what photographers must understand are the elements that make a photo great. Not only that, some knowledge on the right mixture of these elements, together with the proper levels will come together to produce a photo that was different from the raw image but still retains all the genuine things about the property. Having said that, check out some tips that can get you rolling on real estate photo editing.

  1. Snagging a properly lit photo

While some photos tend to come out darker than others due to the available amount of lighting, using some artificial light will help brighten up the image. When brought to the post-processing stage, these photos are juiced enough to brighten their exposures further, creating a seemingly even distribution of light.

  1. Understand the impact of colors

Colors must be corrected in order to make the image look livelier. Posting a dull photo on your listing may spell bad news for your real estate business as people will tend not to pay any attention to those pictures hence, forgoing the potential purchase. Some of the things that may require adjustment and correction are hue and saturation, which dictate how intense or how boring the colors appear. On an overall perspective, also check for any tints that may dominate the photo. These are the color casts that need to be removed to give a natural look and feel to the image.

  1. Stage and declutter

Staging means putting an object into the photo that isn’t there through editing. These are usually done for furniture in cases where the real estate agent could not put together an interior that is filled with something to make it look occupied. Staging, in the sense of real estate photo editing can mean overlays. Fireplaces and screens which might be too drab to look at when nothing is going on could use a touch of activity so do not be afraid to put a fire on it or some photos that will perhaps double as a TV show on the screen.

  1. Consider the background and make some changes

Backgrounds can impact the way the property is perceived. But having a real estate business, taking into consideration a couple of marketing tricks may be worthy to have. As a photographer, your task is to make the changes in the photo and there will be times the changes will be drastic. The real estate agent, depending on their area of operations, may request the same property in different seasons. This can help them ramp up their target marketing efforts as they aim to show warmth if I is advertised in the middle of winter. Some may even show the beauty of fall as leaves turn to a different color in order to make their viewers feel right at home. Sky replacement techniques and brush tools together with staging can help achieve these changes.

Making Them Matter to Your Business

Real estate photo editing is an input to the real estate business. It aids the efforts of marketing and sales to help them come up with materials that reach their audience. Having an idea as well on how real estate agents use different avenues will help you understand how your work impacts their business.

  • Websites – Possibly the largest advertising space for real estate agents, websites provide the enhanced photos that go along with the specifications and details. Websites are one stop shops where people can contact real estate agents on the instant they see a property they are interested in.
  • Social Media – A fast growing channel can never go wrong when advertising. Social media gathers people from different stratifications and walks of life, enabling a larger audience to be aware of the real estate business a company is running.
  • Flyers – Open houses are still a thing whether we like it or not. People still love driving up a home and taking a tour to check out the property themselves. While real estate photo editing here is not the end-all, it does provide a precursor to the visit. Flyers are handed out or even made large enough to be posters for people driving within the area to see.


Improving the real estate business with photo editing is important in ensuring the competitiveness of the organization is high up there. The basics together with unique considerations to real estate photo editing will help real estate agents be flexible in creating their adverts so they will have an impact to the business. While others may think of the impact of realty editor to be a basic necessity, treat it as a booster to your sales figures. The better the pictures are, the highly likely they will draw in people like a bee is drawn to honey.


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