Increase Commissions with Photo Editing for Real Estate Agents

The chain of income trickles through the entire business for real estate, from the agents all the way to the business owner. This is why multi-skilled real estate agents get ahead of the game more than their counterparts who tread only on the dimension of selling. With this, photo editing for real estate agents has become a popular tandem in this industry as being able to have a larger influence on work and its timelines, not to mention the control on quality, gives more speed and reactivity to one person. Being able to edit real estate photos at the palm of your hand does not only give you more of these benefits, but it also allows you to branch out to different parts of this business, perhaps eventually taking on a career in a different direction should it give you more satisfaction.

Now that the context of photo editing for real estate agents is clearer, there is an opportunity to increase commissions by extending your skillset. The correlation might be a bit hazy at this point, but the bottom line is, as more sales are generated, the more commission is earned. Everything that happens in between depends on how creative you are in bringing together all these things to make them work, but don’t worry. Read on and see some reasons that will compel you to push to edit real estate photos while selling listings using them as one continuous work.

Commissions and Their Significance

Defining commissions, they are basically a percentage of the price of something paid for helping sell that thing, and in this case, it is a property. In another lens, it is a variable amount of pay which differs based on the amount sold, and the better the perceived value of the property, the higher the commission will be. Creative real estate agents will know that getting more clients will increase the probability of buyers, and hence increase their commissions. This now becomes a game of being able to sell through your name and channel, and there is no better way to do it that having some great photos up your own online pages.

Photos and Sales

There is a bond between images and sales that real estate agents can exploit and offering their own real estate photo editing services along with selling will only amplify their ability to create a hefty commission. The first reason on why this is a plus is because real estate photo editing for real estate agents knows their customers better than anyone else. They engage in specifications, requirements, and exchange information on preference. These should then be translated into photos that now turn that information into a stylistic representation, thereby attracting their inner subconsciousness. Second, value is in the eye of the beholder, and such is beauty. Whatever their perceived value is of the property is the price they are willing to pay and if your photos set the bar high, the tag on that home could spell a bright and shiny amount on your commission. To understand how this works in the general sense of why image editing for real estate photography works, check out these two things.

  1. A communication paraphernalia – Whether print or online, enhanced images become your talking points. They provide a centerpiece on how you sell with your customers or clients. The way you are able to design this work of art gives you a head start on how you want to craft the whole storyline when talking with them. It makes you credible, knowledgeable, and even convincing in their eyes.
  2. A psycho-emotional tool – If music can soothe the beast, then photos can calm or invigorate the viewer. This is true if you use the right combination of colors and techniques during the editing phase. What is important is, being the proprietor of the enhancements in the image, you know the impact of what you’ve put in. The tones, hues, and the illumination should all be geared to aiding you in your endeavor to convince your client or customer to say yes and ink that deal.


Why You Should Edit Your Images as Agents

There is already a strong case for a realty editor for real estate agents. Doing your own thing pays dividends, it increases the money, and it enables you to make the most out of a sale. While all of these are true and beneficial, there are also other dimensions to making it all worth it. Going deep into this rabbit hole will help you appreciate it more than just think of it as a chore and as the only way to boost your sales.

  1. Expanded set of skills

It is no stranger that you are now empower and enabled to do post-processing. You might decide to pursue this as a career later on but for now, you know you are no longer helpless in the hands of an overdue service or an overcommitting editor. Instead, you can whip your phone out, snap images and edit it on the spot if you aren’t feeling the need for a full frame camera and computer.

  1. Control over quality and time

Having everything controlled at your fingertips is a way for you to create efficiency. Know your deadline, work backwards, and make a schedule that will be able to meet the date. You can do the retouching and rework at your own pace or even at your own discretion should you feel that what you did wasn’t at par with what you expected. No more sending photos back and forth for that one side of the photo that needs to be brightened just a tad bit more.


Photo editing for real estate agents has a lot of implications not only on the ability to work efficiently, but also increase commissions. With the ability to have more influence on what you do, there is no doubt in the timing and quality in which you are able to deliver. Summing all of these things together mean that the future ahead looks to be more competitive and having such a skill coupled with the selling ability should make you more successful financially. So why just stand there and sell? Learn to edit real estate photos, tailor it according to how you know your customers, take advantage of this edge and claim your name to fame.


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