Photo Editing Applications for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Moving on to a new year where the real estate market is on the way further up, photography services are constantly in high demand and may go even higher with the turn of this new decade. Throughout a career in photography, there had always been room to do everything. You are able to squeeze in several sites for a photo shoot in one day, there were times where client meetings would take up valuable hours. There were also occasions where you needed time just to catch up with life itself since you’re so dedicated to your career. All of these will soon run out of time for you to do especially when you still need to edit the photos on top of all these activities. You are indeed working hard, but there is a way to work smart.

The choice to outsource real estate photos for editing might come as simple as getting a few extra hands to do it, but outsourcing does not hassle you with the stress of interviewing and hiring people to be part of your team. It eliminates the need to look for assets such as computers and software subscriptions so you can have another individual work on editing. What’s more painful to think is that if the season is not primed for real estate sales, what happens to all the money you’ve put into adding a headcount for more help?

This is why looking for contracted help through a real estate photo editing company may be the best decision you’ve made to augment needed capacity. Real estate photo editing outsourcing has countless benefits in terms of making sure you meet the volume demands without having to deal with the hassle of thinking of all those things just to have added hands.

What are the Apps You Can Use?

There are a lot of options out there and looking for your choice of real estate image editing app can be quite a challenge so here are some you can start with.

  1. PhotoPills

With an affordable price of less than $10, this app can also be used for real estate editing. The beauty about this development is its ability to help the user manage the location of light such as the sun and moon. It also has an exposure filter which helps adapt the photo into better lighting.

  1. Snapseed

Being one of the most complete and well-rounded real estate photo editing apps out there, Snapseed has all of the tools and brushes you need to get the job done. Its ease of use includes automatic color corrections which you can also adjust minutely based to your liking. Best of all, this real estate image editing app is free.

  1. Photoshop Mix

If you’re the type who loves the staple brands, then Adobe’s offering might be the one for you. Photoshop mix is an extension of your computer-based Photoshop. It is a portable version so you can snap and edit anywhere you are and best of all it can be done through your mobile device. It is absolutely free once you have your subscription with the computer version of Photoshop, making it a great addition to your real estate photo editing arsenal.

  1. Afterlight

This real estate photo editing app costs less than a dollar and would be a perfect fir for your social media listings. It caters to well-known formats of social media applications incorporating tools to adjust colors and pre-set filters. The fun doesn’t stop there, the filters itself can also be adjusted once applied and with this, you can create highly unique enhancements.

  1. Polarr

With the subscription fee of $3.99 per month and a free version if you wish, Polarr incorporates a lot of features that are sure to be worth your money. It has the ability to apply overlays, filters, and create adjustments through masks. It can work on localized adjustments and make your photos look ever professional.

Weighing the Benefits

There are of course two sides to every coin. While the availability of real estate photo editing apps gives the benefits of being able to take matters into your own hands puts agility and speed into the mix, there might be a touch lost that photographers are normally adept to. Furthermore, the choice of real estate image editing apps may not always have the full range of features photographers and editing companies possess. Take the time to think if the situation merits the use of real estate photo editing apps.

  1. There is a buyer who is adamant about buying a property – There will be occasions where a property seeker really wants a specific location and you yourself know that there is an available property that they would instantly fall in love with. Real estate photo editing apps can come into the picture if the customer is so eager that they could no longer wait for the official photos to come out. As a real estate agent, you are enabled by these real estate image editing apps to provide them the photos and achieve that sale.
  2. All types of outsourced services are taken – When demand is high and supply is low, it doesn’t mean that you should easily throw the towel in. It actually means the opposite. If all services are busy, then that means the competition is too. Falling behind means losing that sale so using real estate photo editing apps at this point will help you stay in the race.
  3. Learning to use the app is a passion – In this case, use the app at your desired pace. It is always good to get your hands into it and build your arsenal of skills. Do note however, that as you do this, the listings are not compromised for time.


As the real estate business gets a tighter competition, availability and speed are becoming more and more quintessential in staying on top of the game. The availability of realty editor apps is a sign that there is an increased demand for its use due to an increase market for real estate, hence, a good sign for business. Getting to know the real estate image editing apps you can use as a real estate agent will have its perks. Always think about being empowered and being able to snap and edit the photos you need if in case professional help is too busy. At the same time, learning the ropes of editing will give you the know-how on doing the basics of editing to make sure that you yourself can produce stunning photos at the palm of your hands. Continue to assess the situation when this will be best for you and take the route that you believe will benefit you the most. This way, you can start to maximize the opportunities and avoiding any foregone sales.


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