Real Estate Photo Editing 2021 - Creating a Masterpiece Using Your Tools

It is the turn of a new decade filled with hope and new tidings. 2020 has shown us how life can easily be frozen especially when the daily norms have been taken away and where the new year brings glimpses of moving forward. It was a year riddled with difficulty in order to stay healthy and businesses themselves have suffered a crippling grip to their operations. Real estate businesses have suffered setbacks which they want to bounce back from. Sales need to compensate for the losses in 2020 creating more demand for advertising, marketing, and selling. Bouncing back hard is something we can all expect to see this 2021.

Now the real estate photography business is no slouch. It will definitely be in sync with the real estate business as it hits the ground running. This means that real estate photo editing will not only introduce new techniques but also require speed and agility to meet the market demand. Having said this, photo editing in 2021 relies on reinventing the way photos are enhanced to churn out a photo that is refreshing and attractive at the same time.

The question you might ask, what is its impact to me as a photographer?

Leading the way for 2021 is a set of new offerings. As a photographer, look at how better photos can be achieved through upgrading your gear. You may want to invest in new equipment to capture shots you may not have in the past. Also consider a new software you can use in conjunction to your current subscription in order to bring out a new mix of editing. More importantly, try to look at how photo editing in 2021 might be a revival of previous trends.

The Hardware

A person’s tools are only as good as the wielder but make no mistake that in real estate photography the tools matter just as skill does. More than having the right concepts and know-hows, the type of equipment you use makes a huge impact on how the picture quality is conceived. It is a predecessor to successful real estate photo editing as it provides different photo options of the same image with different levels of light and exposure. To make sure that you are well on your way to creating that masterpieces, consider owning and unleashing the maximum potential of your equipment.

  1. Buying the right camera

The right camera does not necessarily mean the most expensive camera. In some cases, you will find the camera that suits your needs at the right prices, so this means that prior to purchasing a camera you need to know what features you need. Some prefer an automatic setting of exposures and aperture that adapt to the light conditions, but some will prefer a manual adjustment to help set up a vision of an edited photo. Real estate photo editing in 2021 might bring forth something that has not been done before so keeping a manual setting will give you tons of flexibility to be creative on your editing later on.

  1. Tripods and Drones

Having a mix of steady and breath-taking images can be achieved through support tools. These are your tripods and aerial drones which enable you to take photos at angles not commonly reachable by the human body. Furthermore, aerial shots made possible by drones can help add to the plethora of photos you provide to your real estate client. You can even take a photo that showcases the landscape and nearby city, further emphasizing the value of the community where the property belongs.

  1. Buying sources of artificial lights

While not completely a requirement, buying an additional source of light on top of the flash can help you achieve different types of exposures. Cameras and lenses come with controls of exposures and apertures. Exposure is the amount of light detected by the camera and aperture is the opening of the lens allowing that light to go in. These may not be enough if the ambient light is too dark and even an HDR cannot brighten up the raw image.

The Software

A tool in tandem to the hardware is the editing software. A masterpiece reflects how the photos are process and reflecting the workmanship behind the entire process of photography and editing will shout your commitment to your craft. The competition in realty editor in 2021 might hinge on the fact that new techniques and styles will bring something new to the table but also do not compromise the details and quality of your work. The reputation of being a good photographer and having your output branded as a masterpiece lies in the details and flawlessness of your work.

In addition, photo editing in 2021 will surely make use of the same techniques in the previous year but take note that trends of the last decade may come back and be revived. Try to mix the elements of vintage and contemporary styles such as sky replacements and sharpness contrasted with a black and white version. This can be achieved with a subscription or ownership of an editing software application such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or even GIMP.


It is no secret that 2021 will be a great year for real estate photo editing with the real estate industry rallying forward. The use of your talent, facilitated by the right hardware and software to create a stunning masterpiece will surely usher the future in. Taking a close look at the possibilities of real estate photo editing in 2021, there is no better time than now to take that step ahead and show how you have reinvented yourself and your skills. Real estate photo editing to a lot of people in the industry may view it as a steady stream of photos, but the real wow factor is how you are able to make the most of your available tools to transform a picture and show them something that is uniquely you in a new light. Hence, creating a masterpiece in photo editing in 2021 is a must to have more than a nice to have.


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