Real Estate Photo Enhancement Benefits for Realtors as Tour Guides

A realtor’s job is one that never ceases to engage with people. The constant advertising, communicating, and touring are just some of the things a realtor does routinely to make a sale of a property. Their income is also based on commission which means that a percentage of the price of the property that is sold is paid to them as compensation to the effort of selling. This sets up the premise that the more properties realtors sell, the higher their income is. The one thing that kicks off the entire chain of advertising are images. The best faces of the property are showcase online on websites or monthly periodicals such as magazines and brochures. People looking for their next dream home take to these channels to find their potential purchase, which results to contacting the realtor, and setting up a house tour.

Photo enhancement for real estate is a great deal of difference for these realtors, and they are not afraid to spend on photography and realty editor as their return on investment on these images come tenfold. Moreover, the photos help potential buyers visualize the home through the virtual lenses of media which in turn helps the realtor push for the sale by reinforcing the photos with a house tour. This implies that as a photographer, real estate photo enhancement must be an accurate yet presentable representation of the property to aid the realtor in achieving the sale. The more sales you can garner for your real estate partner, the more projects will come your way in the future.

Why Real Estate Photo Enhancement is Relevant These Days

Apart from the growing use of websites and social media platforms, photos of properties in itself reel in people to have a closer look. Gone are the days where open houses are prevalent and rely on a dignified sign on the front of the house to welcome people in. This outdated method also requires flipping the house first, investing in a lot of money to paint, repair, and beautify the property before the open house begins. It induces a lot of stress due to the deadlines and the number of contractors the realtor has to coordinate with. With photo enhancement for real estate, the realtor can expect photographers to buy them time through editing. It is, however, important not to confuse editing with deceiving. The concept behind editing is to showcase the home’s potential which the real estate company can still physically alter while the photographer is processing the photos, giving them more time. Apart from these, real estate photo enhancement brings relevant as it can set up the stage for home tours. Here are some of the important aspects that photo enhancement contributes to:

  1. Emphasizes on the best parts of the property

Homes will have their points of interest to the buyer. Some will have a quaint living room, perhaps a den for the head of the family, or a backyard that is fit for the kids to play around in. Whatever the case might be, photo enhancement for real estate must focus on presenting these areas of the property in an attractive aura. This means sharpening some of the features of that area or increasing the exposure to illuminate the finer details.

  1. Increased credibility with accurate representations

Taking a photo with the goal of presenting the best version of the property and its offerings will help build credibility with your realtor. Your job as a photographer to help your realtor also helps you as the trust in the relationship continues to solidify. Upon looking at the accuracy of your enhanced photos, potential buyers will realize that the realtor is honest in his representation of the home and is sincere to provide the buyer with the specifications they are looking for. Word of mouth and testimonials quickly go around creating opportunities for increased sales for your realtor, hence more projects for you.

Realtors Use Photos as Talking Points

Photo enhancement for real estate brings out the best in each photo whether it is able to showcase the breath-taking view from the window or surface the craftsmanship in the wood fixtures in the house. Realtors can use these photos to their benefit by emphasizing these details during the tour. To help you help the realtor, here are some of the ways a realtor conducts the tour which can give you an idea how to edit your photos.

  1. Using the Photo to Supplement the Virtual Tour

A photo can be used as a reference when doing video or virtual tours. As the realtor talks about an area of the home, the photo is pulled out to help the viewers understand what they are looking at. The realtor may use the photo as constant reference point as each part of that area is further detailed. Such examples are demonstrating the acoustics for echoes, proving that there are no creaks on the floors, and showcasing any source of natural light. As the virtual tour helps the viewer stitch together how the photos are physically laid out, the potential buyer something to constantly refer to when looking back on the photos.

  1. Providing the Photos as Physical Tour Leaflets

Handing printouts to viewers during a physical tour of the property helps people retain information better. The printouts can contain the photos and the specifications of the home people may find relevant when making their decision at a later time. It also serves as a sheet for people to write down their notes when certain questions have been answered by the realtor.


Real estate photo enhancement is no doubt a huge help for realtors. The benefits begin from the get-go during the advertising phase all the way to conducting the tour. It serves many advantages and benefits for the realtor as the images serve as a communication tool to draw the attention from the potential buyer. Indeed, your job as a photographer is valuable to the realtor. The partnership may flourish as the quality of the photos constantly bring in the customers and the sales in which a realtor’s job revolves around.


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