Real Estate Photo Enhancement Tips for Real Estate Photo Editors

Being a real estate editor seems like the job that brings in the fulfillment of having a passion and source of income rolled into one. There is no doubt on the rewarding feeling it brings as you are able to help your partners in the real estate business achieve their targets with the aid of your output. These are just some of the reasons why real estate photo enhancement is a profession many people get into. Thing is, once you’re in the game, it gets tough as there are a lot of people who also compete to be the one who provides the output. There are also real estate photo enhancement services that exist and work in numbers. What this implies is the ability of every real estate photo enhancement professional to step up and be recognized far above the rest. It won’t be easy but there’s always a way.

See, being in the real estate photo enhancement business is just like being a student. You start off learning the foundations, move to more complicated requirements, and seek to find a level of mastery. Only thing is, being the best doesn’t mean stopping there. You must be in a continuous cycle of learning and improvement to always be at the top because real estate photo enhancement keeps on evolving on its own as well.

Top Tips for a Stand-Out Image


Real estate photo enhancement services are well-known for their ability to produce their own brand of enhanced images. They ensure that level of quality along with the wow factor that helps their clients boost their business and leave with a smile on their faces. You, being the real estate photo enhancement professional that you are, should be just as competitive as these services. Sure, your capacity might be lower than companies and services but it sure isn’t a reason to fall behind the preferred professionals in the industry. There will always be reasons for clients to keep going back to your real estate photo enhancement service and you just have to find where you play best. Looking at some of the aspects of real estate photo enhancement, consider these as the top priority in your journey to the top.

  1. Liven Up the Colors

Colors play a significant role in putting together the best real estate image. The choice of hues can influence how people perceive the property through their subconscious minds as colors learn how to sway them. The science of color has been proven to evoke certain emotions when seen and who wouldn’t want to be on the happier side of things on this one, right? Also, a photo that looks dead will simply be unnoticeable. Reale state photo enhancement wants to make heads turn for potential buyers to consider a particular property rather than make them move on to looking at others.

  1. Adjust the Lighting

Exposure, lighting, brightness, these are all cousins of the same family. Lighting and visibility is important to every real estate image because you would want your viewers to see every inch of detail of both interior and exterior structures of the property. Real estate photo enhancement must complement this with the right removal of noise from the photo and the corresponding sharpness and clarity that enables a pleasant viewing experience above all.

  1. Clean Up the Litter

Unnecessary objects and clutter are your worst enemies. Real estate photo enhancement exists to mop up whatever is left of an unsightly blemish on properties to enable a refreshed look at these photos. However, do exercise caution as the reality behind such edits might get you carried away with the whole lot. Never ever use real estate photo enhancement to deceive by removing things that should be there just to increase its aesthetic value such as trees, driveways, or even neighbors. Only do such when there is a physical plan to actually do so.

What Constitutes Acceptable Photo Enhancements?

As most enticing positions for real estate photo editors, it is our job to ensure that the photos pass only the gold standard of our client’s requirements. These criteria aren’t only treading on visual quality, but also on the ability to give your clients the credibility they are looking for. As such, check out these two things that ensure your photo is nothing short of amazing.

  1. Realistic Representations

Again, ethics plays an important part in representation for real estate photo enhancement services. Clients do not want deceiving images or those that mislead buyers to pay for the property but end up with something else after they have physically seen it. Therefore, stick with what the property has, just clean up and you can be assured that you will be playing within the rules

  1. Clear Cut Images

Clarity is king. In real estate photo enhancement, no professional should ever leave their work with any blurry image as this simply wipes all the hard work away for both the photographer and editor. You also have to ask the question, what will my client do with such an image? The answer is always absolutely nothing.

DIY vs. Outsourcing Tips

Now for the final tip is the debate on outsourcing vs. doing it yourself. The answer should be dependent on your current situation. If you are growing an in need of additional capacity without the commitment of buying new equipment and hiring new people, then outsourcing real estate photo enhancement services is a good call. However, if you can do it yourself without compromising quality for speed, then you can do it by yourself. There is no hard and fast rule in choosing to do any of these but the power to decide and assess between the pros and cons is all up to you. It is always best to evaluate where you are at in your real estate photo enhancement career before making a move on this.

Final Thoughts

Being the best in real estate photo enhancement requires work and decisions to make but the beauty of everything is the controllability of everything within your hands. Learning something or focusing on certain aspects could be where you find your winning moments and these are the things you should be excited about discovering on your own on the way to be the best.


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