Real Estate Photo Retouching Tips to Enhance Client Visits

The concept of real estate photography editing encompasses several purposes and is a must-have in doing business in real estate. The impact photos bring equates to faster sales, increased listing turnover, and sometimes even increased selling value. All of these are hinged on the fact that clients and prospective buyers can feel a connection with the listed property, propelling them to move closer to a purchase.

Enhancing client visits through real estate photo retouching means their experienced is maximized through honest and realistic representation of the homes through photos. It also means that their expectations are met when visiting the property for the first time which gives them the confidence that they are selecting the right property. Photographers have the immense responsibility of ensuring their work achieves this goal and at the same time avoiding the temptation to overdo real estate photography editing. It is easy to get carried away and beautify the property outside the bounds of what it really offers in order to get people drawn in but always remember that the true beauty of the home lies in how it closely resembles their visiting experience.

Photos versus Property Retouching Tips to Enhance Client Visits

Jumping into what to expect as real estate photo retouching is executed, photographers must bear in mind that several key items will tend to enhance or lower the visiting experience based on people’s perception of photos. Some may even stop at the photos and move on to a different real estate agent or property depending on what they see, and some will go to lengths of scheduling a personal visit in hopes to affirm their decision. This list will contain the basics of what should be done to lift the experiences of the property seeker with the irony of creative thinking that knows no bounds when working within these limits.

  1. Real estate photography editing shows the property’s true colors

Speaking in both a literal and figurative tongue, the property’s true colors must be revealed when performing realty editor as well as during editing. The concept of color correction and fixing the color perspectives is based on the reality that photographs will not come out with an even light distribution nor will it have the perfect intensity of colors. Making the necessary adjustments to bring the photograph closer to the property’s reality will not only enhance the on-site viewing experience but it brings your client one step closer to inking that deal.

  1. Real estate photo retouching tidies the property

People looking to buy a home would want the impression of looking at something spotless regardless of it being once occupied or totally brand new. Property images that convey a clean and flawless home is a reality that can indeed be achieved through cleaning. What retouching does is get ahead of the actual cleaning that will spruce the place up instead of presenting it in its blemished state. Such processes may involve the use of healing brushes and clone stamps which both cover up unwanted spots and stains in the property. Another common occurrence is a scene of scattered leaves all over the property, which may require more effort, but gives back tenfold.

  1. Real estate photography editing reveals all the details

Sunny days are the preferred choice when conducting photo shoots. It brings out the true visibility and details that makes a property unique. One flaw however is the overbearing glare that windows amplify that sometimes cover up very important details in the home. A great client visit relies on being able to meet or even exceed expectations. Therefore, performing a window mask or a window pull to get rid of the glare and show the view from the inside is just one of the ways that photos can prelude the visit and maximize the entire experience.

  1. Real estate photo retouching represents the property fairly

In the interest of being truthful, it is imperative that there are objects that should not be removed from the photo. Let’s admit it. The ability of photo editing software to get rid of objects to make a more enticing view is very tempting, but such intents must not be misleading. For example, property exteriors may be covered by a large tree or streetlights that will definitely look out of place and awkward in a photo. The question here is, do you get rid of it during retouching? The answer is no. Such objects that could not be removed or is not within the influence of the real estate agent to remove should be included in the photo. This gives a truthful and accurate representation of the property as not to disappoint people when they visit the site. This in itself is counter intuitive with the goal of enhancing the entire experience and will eventually lead to mistrust between parties.

  1. Real estate photography editing ventures to creative spaces

Still photos get the job done. In fact, they are sufficient in many ways to communicate the offerings of a property online. However, it will not hurt to add a hint of creativity in photos. Try diving into 3D images where clients can have an interactive experience that gives them a glimpse of what to expect upon their personal on-site visit. 3D virtual tour images are perfect for those who want to get a good grasp of what they are going into and when a prospective buyer is able to enjoy the online interaction, the visit will surely exceed the excitement as seeing every inch of the property translates into anticipation.


The multitude of ways that real estate photo retouching brings is definitely something that should not be ignored. The difference maker for people to lunge forward and make that purchase lies in the ability to be able to excite them with the photos prior to their visit, therefore enhancing the entire buying experience. Do take note that giving them a short tease with the photos must not go overboard and mislead. The impact would surely degrade as they find out that what they are expecting does not turn out to be what excited them in the photos to begin with. Having said this, the importance of creativity staying within the bounds of ethicality while exploring different ways is a must-learn skill for photographers so they can help the intended clients and prospective buyers to be immersed in the whole experience while ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction.


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