The 8 Best Drones You Must Discover for Real Estate Photography Business

Adding a whole new repertoire in real estate aerial photography unlocks new doors in your real estate photography business as well as in your arsenal of skills. You can choose to add informative photos through pinpointing the location of the property amidst all the houses in the area and even showcase the wonderful view of the suburban neighborhood alongside the property photos. All of the real estate aerial photography you desire is possible through drones. With the modern technology of being able to mount cameras onto flying devices or propelling one with built-in photographic capabilities, real estate photography can easily capture those jaw-dropping images that would normally be only possible if you were to sky dive from hundreds of feet in the air.

Let’s Check Out the 8 Drones for Those Awesome Photos

  1. Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone

First up on the list is the drone from Holy Stone. The first thing that comes to mind with this piece of hardware is its 4k resolution coupled with a built-in shock absorber which works together to bring the best quality of images you can imagine from a drone. This alone allows you to breathe a sigh of relief in avoiding mounting your DSLR for your real estate photography needs. It also works through a digital tether, one which lets your drone home back to you whenever its batter is running low or simply out of the signal range. It can also be done on demand from one push of a button. The beauty about this digitally tethered feature is its ability to never get lost. This real estate aerial photography tool is not complete without its stunning remote control where you can attach your phone and view the drone’s camera from there.

  1. Freefly Alta 8

Next up is the Freefly Alta 8 with 8 whopping propellers to grant you the controllability and stability all-in-one. It can carry up to 20 pounds of weight, so you know your camera is in good hands. What makes this an ideal rea estate aerial photography partner is due to its ability to be controlled for upward and horizontal speed, making the movement easily regulated at will. One of the downsides is the 15-minute fly time due to the battery constraint. But it is weather proof with its plastic covering, making it resistance to harsh conditions. Before jumping in though, you might want to check the price tag as it comes at a tantalizing $17,000.

  1. HUBSAN Zino Pro Plus Drone

The Hubsan Zino comes weighing in at only 5 pounds making it a lightweight option to carry around as real estate photography requires quite a bit of movement all throughout. It can fly for up to 39 minutes on hover mode, making it a great partner for those 360-degree virtual tour shots. It can transmit up to 8km in distance so you can send your drone out without the need to follow it in order to maintain a good connection. IF you are considering this drone for your real estate aerial photography, then it might just be one of the most affordable options at $350. A true bang for your buck.

  1. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Another drone with a built-in camera, the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is a good mid-tier choice at less than $1500. It runs to a maximum speed of 48 mph, controlled with a handheld remote that works in tandem with your smartphone. The drone folds up to be conveniently stored and can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Do not let the aesthetics of this one fool you as storage is also immense in this one. Up to 8 GB of data in pictures and videos can be stored in its internal memory allowing you to spend more airtime for real estate photography to capture photos and less time to worry about freeing up space every now and then.

  1. Ruko F11 Pro

Belonging to the affordable tier is the drone from Ruko. This is one of the drones recommended for those starting out in their real estate photography careers with an affordable price, yet reasonable set of features. It comes with an extra battery pack, perfect for those who require more time to practice but are not in need of an expensive drone. The camera can also move 90—degrees along the y-axis, so you won’t need to level your drone up and down all the time.

  1. Skydio X2

Dashing through the other end of the spectrum on price we see the Skydio X2 which boasts a $10,000 price tag but comes with all the intelligence you can expect. It is built with night lights so perhaps an evening or twilight shot is possible for your real estate photography offerings. This drone has a 360-degree obstacle avoidance capability which avoids any potential impacts on your investment. It also comes with a 6km tethering range to complement 35 minutes of flight time to cover a lot of ground. The exterior is made of touch composites so weather out the harsh environment and can easily be folded and stored when not in use.

  1. Parrot PF728000 ANAFI Drone

The Parrot offering is caught between the affordable- and mid-tier with a cash outlay of $700. It offers 25 minutes of flight time coupled with a fast-charging cable so you can spring back up into action in no time. This real estate aerial photography drone also boasts of regular software updates for the controls through its app to give the optimal performance on a continuous improvement basis. Lastly, the camera can rotate 180-degrees vertically, capturing the view from top to bottom easily.

  1. Autel Robotics EVO Foldable Drone

Last but certainly not by any means the least on this list is a foldable drone brought to you by Autel Robotics. It can perform 3D mapping of the area as well as detect moving objects thereby creating a dynamic output of photos and videos. For real estate photography enthusiasts, this drone comes with a wide-angle lens, stretched at 94 degrees while offering high definition in output. Peace of mind is also offered with the ability of this drone to turn back home at a push of a button and reunite itself with the probe on the controller.


A multitude of options to go with a lot of features. Drone photography has indeed become a go-to in newer real estate photography techniques. As most trends go, going with the flow will keep you updated especially in a competitive landscape such as real estate photography. So the question now is, are you willing to set yourself apart by investing in such an equipment?


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