The Top 10 Best Real Estate Photo Restoration Software In 2021

Even in this digital age, there will be encounters with damaged images. These will come in the form of printed photographs that might be of use especially in real estate sales. Perhaps the property is too far, or it is a photo that will be used as a future reference. Whichever the case is, there will be images that require real estate photo editing software to restore it back to its former glory. You might be surprised at how these real estate photography photo restoration software are able to weave their magic onto old pictures, making them seem flawless and perfect to the untrained eye.

Defining Photo Restoration and its Causes

These imperfections manifest in the form of tears, discoloration, warps, creases, spots, and the list goes on. But what exactly causes these flaws? Well, it is intuitive to think of aging of physical photos as the source, but there are numerous other reasons that flow with the passage of time that eventually render an image unfathomable. So, even if there is the availability of real estate photography photo restoration software, it is wise to be cautious about these causes, and help preserve these aging real estate images for whatever purposes they may serve.

  1. Poor control of temperature and humidity during storage

Printed photos back in the day were composed of light-sensitive material. They were made up of chemicals that react with different elements out there especially water. When these images have a prolonged exposure to humidity, they tend to absorb the water in the air and compromise the quality of the material, thus, damaging the image.

  1. Adhesives in photo albums

When the internet was still in its infancy (or even prior), people would use photo albums to showcase images. For most of us who can only imagine what it’s like to buy a property through listings back then, albums were probably the go-to booklet of choice to compile all these. Over time, the adhesive or film that keeps the photo in place starts to increase its bond on the image, making it extremely difficult to tear apart. This results into tears and crumples and even defacement of images, something a real estate photo editing software can remedy in the modern day.

Let’s Check out these 10 Restoration Software

Fortunately, technological advancements in the form of real estate photography photo restoration software have enabled today’s professional photographer and realty editor to bring these images back to life in an even better form. Check out this list of 10 real estate photo editing software that can restore your photos better than ever.

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud)

This updated and more advanced version of Photoshop has a built-in module that specialized in the restoration of old and damaged photos. However, the downside to this is that it is not for the beginner nor the faint of heart. The vast array of tools available might overwhelm the first-time user but when the ropes have been learned, it will be one powerful real estate photography photo restoration software.

  1. Photoscape

Developed by MOOII Tech in Korea, Photoscape can easily be familiarized with by novice users. The ability of this software to fix photos, blemishes, and put together the best-looking restoration is enough to make people flock to it. It can also support several file formats, making it one flexible real estate photography photo restoration software.

  1. GIMP

Gnu Image Manipulation Program or otherwise known as GIMP has been one of the more reliable free-to-use real estate photo editing software in the market for its complex set of tools yet easy to use interface. GNU is a reliable restoration and retouching software, making it a good choice for beginners and professionals alike.

  1. Photoworks

There is a free version of this and a subscription option depending on the sufficiency of tools you are able to use for your needs. But nonetheless, Photoworks is known for its precise correction tools to make your photo look newer than ever.

  1. Sketchway

This real estate photography photo restoration software uses algorithms which enables the application to detect damages and repairs it when seen. It acts similar to artificial intelligence through aiding and making the process easier with a background that is intelligent enough to pull the restoration off.

  1. Paintshop Pro

An application from Jasc Software, Paintshop pro’s easy restoration techniques can make any job a breeze. It has fade correction and artifact removal, both of which are necessities in ensuring the image looks sharp, modern, and complete. The interface is also highly customizable so working will be easy especially when searching for most used tools.

  1. Luminar 4

Luminar is backed up by artificial intelligence, meaning the application can detect what is wrong with the photo. As restoration is a difficult task, this real estate photography photo restoration software can be a good sidekick in bringing photos back to life and retouching it within the same software will be highly convenient.

  1. Fotor

Even with its simplistic design, Fotor can get the job done with fairly simpler tools. It can restore, enhance, and retouch all in one stop, but there will be shortages in plugins and a little bit of annoying ads, but all these aside, Fotor is a good and unconventional real estate photo editing software option.

  1. AKVIS Retoucher

It’s on the pricier side, but it does get the job done. AKVIS is easy to use and efficient, allowing you to remove the dust, blemishes, and flaws within the image especially when there is the need to fill the white imperfections left by marks.

  1. Inpaint

This is probably the best for a beginner who needs to restore old images but not drown in the complexity of the task. Priced at less than $20, has a free trial to get you going before you choose to part with your money and is easy to navigate, making it a great real estate photo editing software of choice.


We see little need for photo restoration recently due to the shift to a digital world of photos, but we will never know when an old picture will pop out and become relevant to the real estate industry. Nevertheless, having such software available for photo restoration puts our minds at ease and allows us to power through the requirements and delivering on commitments easily and efficiently.


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