The Trend of Real Estate Photography and Photo Editing in the United States

The real estate scene has evolved throughout the years. It began with people visiting homes as they drive by the properties and inquiring inside. A few decades later the concept of open houses became a thing that people were selling houses here and there in hopes that people looking in will love the interior just as much as the outside. Today, the products of real estate photo editing in the United States can reach everyone with a device at the palm of their hand. The dawn of the internet and the convenience of mobile phones opened a new age of doing business.

As the digital age continues to take a step further, more and more people will shift to an online mode of browsing for real estate listings.  Realty editor in the USA along with every implicated facet of real estate business which includes online transactions and online listings, where the latter is made possible through real estate photography, needs to catch up. Now real estate photo editing the USA must keep up with the growing demands of people shifting online, otherwise lag behind competitors who have taken a step forward. If the people who used to browse using magazines or personal visits realize that viewing properties on their devices at the comfort of their homes is just as good as the real thing, more and more people will flock to looking at photos and demanding more of it.

What are the trends in Real Estate Photography in the USA?

Being the go-to-guy for those amazing photos, there has to be an adaptation to survive the major shift in consumer behavior because the competition will not sit back and watch the changes take place. To ensure the continuity of a career in photography, you must consider increasing your capacity and stepping up your game for real estate photo editing in the United States. This means that as more properties are put up on sale, the more open you must be to accept these gigs and different editing techniques must come into play. Here is a list of what you can do to ride the wave of change:

  • Consider staging a room virtually – With the constraints of time, getting the right furniture together can be costly especially when the house is brand new and there is absolutely nothing inside but an empty space. Editing in furniture works pretty well especially if you want to book several gigs of different properties in a day.
  • Use drones for awesome aerial shots – People have a keen sense of curiosity when it comes to an overall view of the home. Gone are the days where the outside of the house and the insides were enough to make that sale. Now the trend in United States real estate photo editing includes photos of shots in the neighborhood and views that come with it. You wouldn’t want to miss a nice, lush forest right beside the suburban community.
  • Partnering up with an realty editor – Being a jack of all trades is a skill that can get you a lot of clients because you know how to work the process end to end. However, to achieve that extra capacity, a collaboration with photo editing services will not only save you the time, but it will increase the quality of the photos because of the specialization. United States real estate photo editing can have a lot of potential given the countless sights a property can come with. Some homes will boast of a nice mountainside view or a great hill by the end of the street. As a photographer, make no mistake to keep your focus on these things and leaving the editing to someone you trust.
  • Go out of your comfort zone and try taking a video – Given the current situation where being at home has been the safest thing to do, people who are planning to buy real estate for the future might miss the opportunity to walk inside the home to see it for themselves. This is where real estate image editing in the United States can take the next turn in innovation. Instead of taking photos and editing them, take videos of going through the home and editing the video to make it look spectacular and eye-catching.


Capitalizing on these Trends in the United States

The digital age spun the world too quickly and perhaps the best parts of it is that photography and editing have the means to cope with the speed. As far as software is involved in real estate photo editing in the United States, these techniques will have more value now more than ever.

  1. Editing an image size to accommodate all types of devices and resolutions – people will never view listings through one device. People will always have multiple devices on them and when they want to show other people what they’ve see they will normally take a smaller more potable one. Larger devices such as computers will come in handy once they’ve found something they want to zoom into.
  2. Adapt pictures to social media viewers - Real estate photo editing in the USA might be in for a surprise as it now enters social media. In a platform where people have very short attention spans, making your photo stand out can make a person stop and look deeper into it. Consider effects such as twilight enhancement and window pull that will make images a head turner.
  3. Take 3-D photos – The amazing thing about 3-D photos is that it gives the viewer complete control of looking at the photo. It gives them a perspective that they are in the property and viewing it as they turn their devices and their line of sight. Also considering the millennial generation coming to an age of purchasing their own places, real estate photo editing in the USA must learn to cater to this tech-savvy group.


Changes in the real estate business call for changes in photography. We cannot deny that these trends in real estate photo editing in the USA must come with adjustments in photography as well. The end viewer must be kept in mind when editing the photos to the size they need to accommodate several different platforms and devices to cast a net that reaches wider than ever before.


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