Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Photo Editing Company

Realty editors get a whole lot of advantages when having their images outsourced to a real estate photo editing company. They are able to shovel volumes of photos and have them enhanced for a fee and it helps then free up their own time to look at critical parts of their real estate business that requires more attention. One day you decide to search for a real estate photo editing company over the internet, you send your photos, you pay upfront, and it takes days and weeks for your images to come back. As soon as you finally get them, they look horrible and look like you could have done a better job only if there were 10 of you to do it.


The selection process is crucial to achieving the intent of every realty editor outsourcing the post-processing to any real estate photo editing company. If we choose to play roulette on any service without having a good checklist of things to consider, then we might be bidding goodbye to our hard-earned money in exchange for nothing. Take note as well that a realty editor who wishes to grow his business requires a good reputation through his work and in this case, it is his enhanced images.

What Should Your Considerations Be?

So, what are the things you can consider when choosing a real estate photo editing company? Well of course one that is also run by a fellow realty editor and understands what a realty editor needs. Breaking it down further, here are your watchouts.

  1. Relative Cost of Outsourcing

Compare costs between all of the results that show a real estate photo editing company and its pricelist. Realty editors should be wise to control their spending as well and maximize the profits they earn because it is really a game of being able to survive amongst the competition. Don’t be afraid to ask for packages, promotions, and subscription schemes. A real estate photo editing company who is sincere to fellow realty editors will know that the business exists to grow and mutually benefit from each other’s activities.

  1. Speed of Delivery

Turnaround time, as they call it, is crucial for realty editors to deliver. This is why the selection of a real estate photo editing company is important to consider when you have multiple and demanding clients. These outsourced services must be able to state their committed turnaround rates, though not necessarily exact, but something any realty editor can rely on. Remember, time is money.

  1. Customer-Centeredness

Even in its general sense, being customer centric is a good indicator that a real estate photo editing company is worth the payment. This means they can deliver on time, update you on your milestones if needed, and more importantly, meet your editing specifications and standards. The right real estate photo editing company will also cater to your rework with no ifs and buts. The real measure for great customer centricity is their ability to give you what you want because you paid for it.

  1. Responsiveness

One of the things we all hate is when we have already paid for something, and we can’t get any response nor ways to reach them for anything even for just a query. This leads us to think that they may have run away with our money and in today’s internet-connected world, this is not unlikely to happen. Realty editors, be careful in choosing a real estate photo editing company. Trust one that has people flocking to it because they do get something in return or ones that can address your queries quickly even if you haven’t paid for anything yet.

  1. Expertise in the Industry

Okay, it’s easy to put up a business, market it beautifully by packaging it in the most elegant designs and aesthetics. But don’t let this fool you. Always go for a real estate photo editing company who has also experience the work of a photography and a realty editor. This gives you a huge boost in confidence that they understand your needs and they know the ins and outs of this business. Also know if the people doing the job have been immersed in the industry. This makes sure that on a holistic perspective, your photos are in good hands because everyone from the top all the way to the ground are knowledgeable about the craft and the business.

  1. Track Record

Reputation matters in cases like these. Realty editors who wish to get a quality output must do the due diligence involved in checking what previous work this real estate photo editing company has done and through that lens they will see what they can expect from the images that will be sent to this service. Moreover, do not be afraid to ask for their portfolio, as most real estate photo editing companies will be more than happy to showcase their best work and during this exchange, expect to know them at a deeper level through their images.

  1. Range of Services

Getting an outsourced real estate photo editing service is considered an investment not only financially but also in relations. If you will be contracting an outsourced service, the outcome will only come out in one of two ways. You either like it or you don’t. The former will keep you coming back for more and in the future there is a possibility that you may need more services such as video editing as well. So, at this point when you are doing the selection, already invest on one that can do all of the services to when you end up liking their work and building a good working relationship, then you do not need to go through the motions of looking for one and creating a foundation of trust all over again.


The process of selection looks meticulous but one that is of utmost importance to every realty editor. The choice of a real estate photo editing company can spell success or failure when it comes to your own business because what your clients will see is the photo and you, not the outsourced service that is behind the work. Therefore, be choosy, be wise, and be inquisitive.


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