Top 10: 360 Cameras Every Real Estate Photographer Should Own

We all know how being a real estate photographer can help an image look a hundred times better with a few clicks of a button and a couple of flicks of the mouse. People flock towards an image of a house that they fancy themselves living in and perchance on the fact that they can actually move in it. In recent years, developments and advances in technology enabled a whole new world into the real estate buying experience. People are now enchanted by 3D images, virtual tours, and 360 photos and videos. These technological advancements have allowed real estate photographers to jump in on the action, unleashing their creativity into delivering a new viewing experience.

One of the newer cameras to join the technology scene are 360 cameras. Built with the ability to capture all angles and integrate them into one photo, this piece of equipment might just be a modern staple for real estate photographers.

Let’s Check out the Top 10 Cameras Out There

Now let’s take a look at what the market has to offer for 360 cameras. Being the new-born equipment that it is, there are a lot of specifications and quirks that most real estate photographers need to get used to. This list will help introduce those that have made noise and certainly be up for consideration.

  1. Insta360 One X2

A camera so minute and lightweight in size would definitely be in the real estate photographer’s eye. This release comes with an application compatible with high specifications on mobile phones that allows artificial intelligence assisted editing. The batter life lasts for 80 minutes with a still photo resolution of 18.5 megapixels. Talk about packing a punch.

  1. Vuze XR 3D VR Camera

This 360 camera by Vuze is something that can blow your mind. It can switch from 360 degrees to 180 degrees in no time depending on the need. Though its battery life is seen to last under an hour, the price makes up more than you could imagine. Last but not the least, this camera also carries 18 megapixels of resolution so editing stunning real estate images will surely be a pleasure to do.

  1. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere

Quickly growing into one of the favorite household brands with its sleek looking clean designs and functionality, Xiaomi has its own version of a 360 camera called the Mijia Mi Sphere. It has a whopping 23.88 megapixels coupled with the ability to record 3.5K videos. It boasts of a 6-axis EIC or an Electronic Image Stabilization feature that gives you crystal clear images without worrying about blurs.

  1. Samsung Gear 360 Spherical VR

Coming in at $250, Samsung’s take on the 360 camera for real estate photographers comes in a lightweight, wireless, and compact carry. The head on this camera rotates to get that 360-degree view with a touch of the button. To avoid being part of the image, simply follow the back as its lens rotates and voila, a perfect image. The beauty about this is that it can link to most social media applications for easier uploading, especially when the shot is so good it is worthy of the gram.

  1. Ricoh Theta V

The Ricoh Theta V is known for its wireless connectivity and compatibility with almost any device. Using the Bluetooth Technology, this camera can be hooked onto your phone, a smart TV, or any screen that allows this kind of connectivity. It claims to be the worlds first remotely capable 360 camera that plays back images and videos on any screen. It houses fisheye lenses perfect for capturing every inch of the surroundings and is stable along a three axis gyro sensor to make sure those pictures are looking good.

  1. Insta360 ONE

The second product by Insta 360 on this list includes the Flowstate Stabilization feature. Imagine mounting a camera on top of a chicken, no matter how much movements there are, the chicken’s head will remain in one spot. This is exactly how the FlowState feature works. The resulting photos are amazingly stable no matter how shaky your hands may get. It can be mounted on a selfie stick without worrying about capturing the stick in the image. It can shoot up to 24 megapixels and shoot in realty editor formats such as jpeg and RAW.

  1. Nikon KeyMission 360 4K Action Camera

This camera from Nikon is one rugged looking 360 camera. It is weatherproof and shockproof all in one to protect the lenses and all 7 ounces of inner workings contained within. It comes with an auto exposure and ultra-high definition for photos and videos at 4K and has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

  1. GoPro Max

Probably one of the best 360 cameras you can find, the GoPro Max measures just a measly 69mm by 64mm, making it literally fit at the palm of your hand. It can take up to 18 megapixels of spherical 360-degree shots with its wide fisheye lens and controlled with a touchscreen display. This makes the GoPro one of the best go-to 360 cameras when needed on demand.

  1. Aleta S2C 360 Camera Camcorder Set

On the higher end of things is the Aleta S2C. One of the reasons why is its 12K ultra-high resolution for 360 still images. That’s a whopping three times more than the average camera. It can take HDR photos though 7 bracketed shots with an ability to stack them together automatically. A standout feature would be the 9-axis correction embedded to fix irregularities in perspective.

  1. Live Planet 360 3D VR Camera

If anyone is wondering if there is a holy grail among 360 cameras, then this might just be it. Live Plant 360 comes at a price of $8,000 but utilizes 16 lenses to simultaneously capture the 360-degree view and automatically stitches it together for a seamless piece. You can mount this camera on any flat surface and let it do the work for you, garnering it the price tag for the sheer amount of power in this 360 camera.


As a real estate photographer would think of new toys, the 360 camera will definitely be on top of the list. There is a plethora of choices in terms of prices and features, and surely you can find one that best suits your budget and your needs. Remember, modern times require modern ways, and only through modern equipment can some be realized.


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