Top 5 Real Estate Photo Editing Software for Mac Users in 2022

It isn’t a mystery why a good portion of editors choose to use Mac as the hardware for photo enhancement. There are unique traits to it that give off a better user experience and, in some cases, an even better visual output. Globally, there is an estimated of more than 50% of computer users choosing Apple’s products over the conventional Windows OS hardware and this might be evident due to the preference of most visual artists. One of the questions though in the property industry is if Macs support real estate photo editing software and the answer is a big yes. There is, however, some limitation due to the restrictions imposed by software developers but this isn’t a showstopper. The best real estate photo editing software for Mac still includes the crème-dela-crème of applications which shares its compatibility with the Windows OS.

What makes the top real estate photo editing software for Mac users? Is it something way beyond the experience of being able to edit photos using one of the most unique and advanced systems there is, giving you the advantage in speed and utilization? This is the question real estate photo editing software raise for users who might have a keen preference for Mac over the competition. The answers to them might not be pinpoint accurate but nevertheless, ensure that they shine the light on the best real estate photo editing software available for Mac.

Mac as the Computer of Choice


To be able to say that you prefer one operating system over the other needs a certain set of qualifiers and criteria to concretely establish the basis of the choice. Some might say that they can already feel it in their bones that their preference trumps everything else but the use of real estate photo editing software in such operating systems needs to be latched on specifications and user-friendliness. Apart from these, the experience and confidence the OS can provide plays a significant role in making sure you do not run into obstacles as often as you’d image, making your chosen real estate photo editing software work for you in its best way. Here are some items to consider especially when real state photo editing software is in the mix of things.

  1. Stability

When working on real estate images, one thing that normally does not come into mind is looking for the stability of operating. Crashing of the OS from time to time due to the heaviness of the workload may be annoying especially if you are racing to a tight deadline, and Mac OS brings less chances of this happening due to the lesser or even no known viruses affecting OS performance.

  1. File Management

Mac can bring a file management system just as good as any OS and for your real estate photo editing software to be maximized to its brim, you must be able to complement it with great file organization. Why, might you ask? Real estate photography can bring in tons of images after one single property shoot and this is because professionals know the importance of having options to choose from as not every shot will automatically yield the perfect image. Rea estate photo editing software might be able to fix even the worst of photos but who wouldn’t want a good foundation to begin with, right?

  1. Mobility

Saving the best reason for last, Macs have great compatibility with their phones and other devices. This means that there is the highest level of synchronization especially if you choose to have your real estate photo editing software available across multiple devices with common access to files among them. This feature enables today’s real estate photographer and editor to be on-the-go and allow themselves to be untethered to one single desk.

The Top 5 Mac Compatible Software

There are numerous choices out there to be called the best real estate photo editing software but not all get to make the cut of being in the elite space of the top 5. These have been the names that have carried the flag of excellence for real estate photo editing software.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

Key Highlights: It can give any professional the edge when it comes to having one single real estate photo editing software that works end-to-end in file management up to retouching. It also boasts of being able to edit photos just as good as Photoshop and can give newbies a user-friendly experience in the process.

Verdict: It’s a good pick as a first application for Mac users and will work for beginners and advanced users alike.

  1. Aurora HDR

Key Highlights: Aurora HDR works best as it carries AI technology within it, giving users the convenience of being assisted with the optimal output so you don’t need to doubt yourself over your choices

Verdict: It might be limited in an HDR setting, but definitely a must-get to complement your main real estate photo editing software for your Mac.

  1. GIMP

Key Highlights: It’s free. Yes, you read that right. It also has a vast array of tools being a free real estate photo editing software from selection tools to background removal giving the big boys a run for their money.

Verdict: While you do not need to pay for any subscription fee, you may want to opt for its premium version to unlock all the advanced features and prevent yourself from being limited to what’s offered on the free end.

  1. Adobe Photoshop

Key Highlights: Adobe Photoshop is the OG in real estate photo editing software. It is comprehensive, complex, and easy to navigate at the same time. It can take care of any difficult edits and make them look like they never were there to begin with.

Verdict: This might just be the first choice for Mac users for choice of applications as this solves everything you need in a real estate photo editing software.

  1. Luminar AI

Key Highlights: Also developed by Skylum, Luminar AI can be paired with Aurora HDR. It is a lot like Adobe Photoshop with generations of AI already installed and running alongside your work.

Verdict: This can be a great choice for efficiency and AI assisted enhancement. Just don’t forget to consider about learning as well as you may leave everything to the software to do for you.

Final Thoughts

Mac users will have no trouble looking for a real estate photo editing software as even the industry’s best is available and compatible with this OS. The top 5 alone can get editors choosing left and right for the application they can best get top results out of, and this is a good problem to have.


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