Top Tips to Remember When Hiring Real Estate Photo Editor

The dynamics of the real estate business is built upon the interaction of real estate companies and photographers. The latter provides the service to capture the photos and enhance them through the process of real estate photo editing which are then used to advertise the property for sale. The importance of having the best photos listed is creating better sales numbers and making that property move fast in the market. With the dawn of technology being the dominant mode of viewing as well, photos will surely help reach these people and help expand viewer base to find that potential one who buys the property.

Looking for a realty editor must not be taken lightly. There are several factors to think about and to look at before diving into a deal and giving both your money and trust in exchange for photos. Real estate photo editing in itself is a craft that people take time to study which means editors will be on different levels. The question is, how can you decide which real estate photo editor can delivery your requirements and at the same time be worth the time and money? Finding the right one will indeed be a task that requires due diligence because a lot is at stake should the entire process go wrong.

Criteria to Consider Prior to Hiring

The selection process needs to be careful and why not since it is the money being invested that needs to yield returns. It is easy to find a photographer but difficult to find the crème-de-la-crème. A combination of key items to ask and think about might just lead you to finding the one that is right for you and your real estate business.

  1. Track Record

Get to know the real estate photo editor you are considering. Chances are, they will have a portfolio of images that they are ready to show. Ask them who have they worked with before and what projects they have done with them. Know how long they have stayed with a client relative to their partnership styles. If they are mostly one-off projects with this person having subscription packages, that is already a red flag because no one is availing their subscriptions. It might mean that the real estate photo editing skills of this professional might be subpar that after one project, they do not get renewed by the same client.

  1. Price and packages

The price is always an important discussion. Real estate photo editing does increase the likelihood of properties being sold therefore they do have a lot of value in them. Talking about the price should never be an issue, it is haggling that may be looked down on when it is no longer done in the right context. Nevertheless, compare prices first from various real estate photo editors. Some prices and packages may be more competitive than the other and yet provides better overall service. Do not be in a rush to make the selection based on price alone. It is understandable that this is the biggest consideration but looking at the bigger picture will help you make a better holistic choice.

  1. Speed of Turnaround

Timing is definitely important. Real estate photo editing takes time but should not compromise the opportunity you have to sell a property. Turnaround time should be clear to both parties as a basic expectation. Know the real estate editor’s turnaround time and if they have more people working with them. This increases the chances of meeting the deadline as more hands are on deck. Furthermore, faster might mean more expensive but weigh the need to deliver faster photos with a few extra bucks when you know that the return on this investment will immediately yield positive results.

  1. Get a sense of their professional attitude

Real estate photo editors are humans after all but this should not be an excuse in a business engagement. There must be a professional relationship between the two parties to understand deadlines and needs, and more importantly, they should know how to delight the customer, which is the real estate company. By delighting, it means that they must show up on time during meetings, acknowledge the receipt of any transactions and overall be responsible to delivery what is promised.

  1. Gauge their skill

Photographers will normally be jacks of all trades, meaning they may entertain the real estate industry, fashion industry, beauty, etc. Ask for their portfolio for their real estate projects. This will give you a sense of their skill level and working style and how much they understand the real estate industry. Real estate photo editing must produce photos that draw emotions out of people that make them attach themselves to liking a property. If this is not one of their strong suits, then consider looking for another one.

  1. Know their terms of agreement

Normally, both parties will require a degree of confidentiality and trustworthiness. The photos they produce from your listings must be clearly identified for the owner of the rights and therefore can only be used for certain purposes on their end. At the end of the day, it is your ownership and giving the permission to the real estate photo editor to display it must come from you.

  1. Check if they have re-edit clauses

Some of their work may not come out as perfectly expected. There could be little quirks that they have missed and asking them to rework it based on your agreed specifications should be a good sign that they admit their shortcomings and are willing to fix it free of charge. If a real estate photo editing service does not have re-work clauses, then it might put you in a jam when the photos need rework but costs more to fix.



While the list looks daunting, the power of real estate photo editing is too high to be overlooked. Good photos will surely get good traction while the bad ones will simply be a waste of time and money. The effort that goes into photo editing shows that the real estate photo editor cares about your business as well as the total value they bring relative to the talk of money. Knowing what to look for before hiring a real estate photo editor is crucial and is already half the battle of getting there. The thing is, having a keen eye out for these things will surely have you getting the best value for your hard-earned money and ensuring that your business is in it for the long haul.


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