Commercial Real Estate Photography

Why Should I Invest in Commercial Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real estate is an extremely competitive market. Buyers move quickly to secure the right properties and shop online through multiple listings, skimming photos for what they feel fits their exact search criteria. As a selling agent, you should position your listings as the best available through high-quality photos. 

With PhotoAndVideoEdits, we bring your commercial properties to life with high-quality post-production services. We can enhance your lighting, staging, framing, and more. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions about our services.

Our Commercial Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Photo Enhancement

You have photos for your commercial properties, but does that mean they are at their best? Trust the enhancement experts at PhotoAndVideoEdits to maximize those photos' full potential. You took the time to select the best angle and location, now let us take the time to confirm those choices with premier photo enhancement. We apply the best Photoshop edits to bring out your brights, tastefully dimmer your darks, and apply the right color contrasts to bring it full circle. 

Real Estate Photo Retouching

If you are on a budget, photo retouching is the best method to maximize your commercial real estate photos. This approach can take photos from drab to fab in just a few clicks. We can remove unwanted objects from the photo, apply light and sharpness effects to highlight key features, and more. Our goal is to improve the look of your commercial property listing with simple Photoshop techniques that will help you stand out from the competition. 

We offer multiple retouching services. These include:


Some properties look better in a different light. You may have photos taken in the morning, but that doesn't mean the finished product has to reflect that. Our staff can frame your property in either morning, noon, or dusk lighting to help reframe the property in - quite literally - a different light.

Sky Replacement

With your busy schedule, you may have only been able to get to a property for photos on a day with an unfortunate skyline as the backdrop. Don't waste time and money reshooting your photos! We can digitally replace the sky in the background of your commercial property photo so that you can get the skyline you want to position your listing in the best way possible.

Virtual Staging

Some properties, unfortunately, come with less-than-stellar staging. Perhaps you made a staging decision that you regret later when looking at the photo. No problem! Virtual staging allows us to digitally replace the items with something of your choosing. Or - we can have your potential buyers stage the photo with something they need. This helps with securing the listing because it gives your buyers a complete visualization of what the commercial property could potentially look like with their proposed furniture or equipment. 

Commercial Real Estate HDR Photo Editing

High dynamic range (HDR) image editing is a popular method of photo enhancement that helps you overcome the dynamic range restrictions naturally seen in real estate photography. With our expert HDR help, we can digitally reconstruct your commercial property to appear as it would through the lens of a human eye. Our HDR services transform your photos to be more alive, crisp, and color balanced. 

24-Hour or Less Turnaround Time

There is no need to wait for enhanced photos in the modern hustle and bustle of the commercial real estate market. We can turn around your enhanced photos in as little as 24 hours or less. You will be able to update your listing with our retouched photos so you can put out the best listing possible. Don't limit yourself to poor photography standards! Give us 24 hours to recreate your commercial property photos and provide you with listing improvements. 

Try Out Our Premier Commercial Real Estate Photo Enhancement for Free

We provide a 7-day, 20 credit free trial so you can see what our post-processing photo and video editing experts can do! Improve your listings with high-quality photos through enhancement, retouching, and more. We are your next partner for all your future listings and we are ready to prove it. 

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