Residential Real Estate Photo Editing

Why Should I Invest in Residential Real Estate Photo Editing?

Have you noticed that your listings are struggling to move? If so, it could be in the way you frame it online. Think about it - most buyers are shopping online for their dream home, sifting through house after house in an endless carousel of options. When they land on your listing, they need to be captivated by the images. 

Professional residential real estate photo editing can get you there! Try a professional photography service like PhotoAndVideoEdits and see a stark difference in the quality of your photos. We understand lighting, spacing, framing, and more with turning your listing photos into something special. 

Our Residential Real Estate Photo Editing Services 

Real Estate Photo Enhancement

You may already have photos for your listing, and you may think those photos are perfect as is. Respectfully, we may disagree. Give our real estate photo editing service a try and let us remove any flaws. We understand the time and thought going into your photo locations and shots, which is why those shots deserve the best quality! Our expert photo editing enhancement provides the "magic touch" that can take your ordinary photo and make it perfect. Trust our digital photo enhancement expertise to bring out the most of your natural lighting, color palette, aesthetic, etc. 

Real Estate Photo Retouching

Some photos only require a little bit of TLC to get across the finish line. In this case, photo retouching is all that you need! This is our simplest solution to make your residential real estate photos stunning and beautiful. We use Photoshop techniques to remove any unwanted objects, old furniture, or redundant details that takeaway from the goal of the photo. Retouching can make your photos more appealing with light effects and sharp details. This creates a lasting impression with potential homebuyers. 


We get it - you are on a schedule navigating between multiple listings. We can make your photos look like they were taken at any point of the day through retouching. Whether you want early morning, midday, or late in the evening, our retouching experts can reframe your photos for any time.

Sky Replacement

Have a perfect photo of the listing but the clouds didn't do you any favors? No problem! Our retouching experts can replace it with your sky of choice. Just tell us what you want or we can provide several examples to help you find the perfect photo.

Virtual Staging

Give your buyers the chance to see their own furniture or equipment in a room with virtual staging. This is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional staging.

Real Estate HDR Photo Editing

There are certain limitations with digital photography in terms of capturing scenes with a high contrast range. If you want to effectively market your property, framing your photos in a high dynamic range (HDR) is the way to go. HDR image editing is very popular and helps overcome the dynamic range issue to bring out more contrast in your residential real estate photos. This post-processing technique allows you to more precisely represent the luminous and dim areas of each photo. These types of photos make your listing become more alive and will lead to better selling rates. 

We Work with a Quick Turnaround Time

Real estate moves fast. Our founder worked as a former real estate agent that sold $165 million worth of real estate in just three years. We understand the need for quality photos to include in your real estate advertising, which is why we offer a dependable turnaround time of 24 hours or less for your retouched photos. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about our services. Our team is happy to let you know how our professional residential real estate photo editing can elevate your listing profile. 

Claim Your Free Trial and Start Selling More with Our Residential Real Estate Photography Editing

Don't let your prime listings go to waste with poor-quality photos. We can bring your real estate photos to life with expert digital assistance. Contact us to claim your free trial and credits for high-quality photos. 

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