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Frequently Asked Questions in Real Estate Image Editing

Frequently Asked Questions

In this real estate photo editing FAQ guide, we hope to cover the basics and help you get the ball rolling for the questions you have always wanted to know the answers to.

What is real estate photo editing?

Real estate photo editing is the process where raw images of properties are enhanced using software to pique the interest of people viewing listings online. It helps in making photos more attractive by adjusting the elements within the photo to create not only a balance but to increase the vibrance.

How can I make my real estate pictures look professional?

A professional looking real estate image is a product of the entire photoshoot until post-processing. It requires planning and preparation to capture the best raw images to set them up for an even more successful editing process. Real estate image editing with retouching ensures the job is polished.

  • Shoot Straight and Sharp – The perception on the photo must reflect the levelled perception of a person's view. These particulars such as evenness and sharpness of details will truly set apart professional looking photos from amateur ones.
  • Distribute the lighting – Being able to show all the details of a photo through the proper illumination levels gives the impression that every corner of the photo was shone on. It also gives the perception that the photo reflects how the human eye sees the place during the personal visit.
  • Selecting the right angles – Maximizing the space in the room can attract more people. Let’s face it, people simply love bigger spaces and getting bang for their buck matters when making purchase decisions.

Which photo editing software is best for beginners?

The wide range of available software to choose from can get the work done. The differences are in the availability and complexity of tools within the software. Beginners would want to explore software with adjustable toggles for lighting and color to grasp the effects before moving on to complex software.

  • Adobe Lightroom – This is perfect for beginners with the availability of light and color adjustment palettes. This does not, however, provide complex tools such as object removal and localized adjustment tools. Nonetheless, the ability of this software to produce enhanced photos is worth the investment.
  • Adobe Photoshop – The most widely used software tool because of the reliability and vast array of editing tools, Adobe Photoshop is a software for beginners and professionals alike. Photoshop offers all the tools that enables object removal, sky replacement, seamless copying of objects from another photo, and so on.
  • Luminar – The Luminar series is also the weapon of choice for photographers focusing on editing skies and more. It is highly recommended for beginners with the artificial intelligence module the latest on has that suggests and predicts what your next step in editing should be.

How can I enhance my real estate photos?

Real estate photo editing is a combination of techniques that adds flare to the photo. Enhancing real estate photos rely on balanced adjustments to the overall photo and localized changes within it. By ensuring the basic to-dos are covered for real estate image editing, enhancement will make a difference.

  • Make the colors across the photo consistent – When color consistency comes into play, the first thing that needs to be considered is how the color tones and temperatures are distributed across the picture. One end should not look heavier than the other or brighter than other parts. Note that you will not always get an even color contrast in your photo due to the presence of different light sources, so doing your best to control them during the photoshoot still requires enhancement.
  • Rectifying shadows – The shadows present in the photo may appear unnecessary and conflicting at the same time, remove them using the cutting tools or editing over colors that will make it flawlessly incorporated with the color where they are projected.

Can you Photoshop real estate photos?

Yes. Editing real estate photos is a legal industry practice to make a picture more attractive and realistic. Using Photoshop for real estate photo editing is a common software for most photographers as it offers various tools that can be blended together to create stunning photos for listings.

How can I brighten up a real estate photo?

Brightening up real estate photos entails making light available during the photoshoot. The use of flash, exposure, indoor lights, or sunlight are common in photoshoots to illuminate the property. In real estate image editing, brightening tools are available when photoshoot lighting is insufficient.

Choosing the brightest hour of the day helps illuminate the exterior. It provides natural light on a beautiful day where minimal editing is required. For interiors, the bright sun may provide potential dramatic effects such as rays of light shining inside the windows or simply providing natural light to showcase the room.

Some software will provide adjustment palettes to brighten up the photo while some will provide smaller tools to target specified areas in the photo. Adobe calls this the dodge tool which helps brighten up selected areas to catch up with other parts of the photo.

How do you edit interior real estate photos?

Interior real estate photos require an even distribution of light throughout the room. They need to show personality and warmth to invite people and make them feel connected. Therefore, it is important to make sure that product of real estate interior photo editing is clean, sharp, and bright.

Composition is critical for interior photos. Remember that the presentation of the interior matters with furniture versus an empty space. The choice of angle in the room also amplifies how the furniture complements the room, making an impression to target buyer profiles.

Room lighting is also crucial in interiors. Where there are windows, editing it to expose the view outside will help in creating both an impression of space and beauty.

Where do I start when editing photos?

Real estate photo editing begins with careful planning. Ask yourself how you want your picture to look like after the process of editing. Envision the changes for every part of the picture whether it’s something that needs brightening or sharpening, every detail must be accounted for before jumping in.


The world of real estate photography and editing keeps on growing and this real estate photo editing FAQ hopes to get you started on the journey. An exhaustive list of all possible questions is a dream to work with but with the extensive possibilities of the industry, we will leave some of the fun of discovery of real estate image editing to you as you go through your career as a photographer.