We’ll help you Expand Your Business!

The most productive photographers & tour providers can shoot multiple real estate projects in a day. But, most can't edit more than 75 photos and 3 videos on any given day on the same day as the shoot. This poses a unique problem. Yes, you can easily get more clients but because your time is limited and your customers do not like waiting, serving 4 clients a day is your glass ceiling because your clients want their footage back within 48 hours or less. This is limiting you from growing your business.


Breaking that Glass Ceiling

By hiring us to take care of the editing, you can now break through that glass ceiling. Now you can shoot as many real estate projects as you want. At the end of the day, just upload your files to us and we will usually deliver them within just 24 hours. This means that you can book more shoots and earn more! In addition to higher revenues, you'll save a lot of time which you can now spend with your family and friends. And when you hit your glass ceiling of how many properties you can shoot in a day, you simply hire more photographers to go out and shoot more properties.



After hiring an additional photographer, you'll integrate their footage to our white label site that will upload the files directly to your account.  They will use an individual customized URL that takes on your name if you name it that way while setting it up.  This way, it will look like the uploading site belongs to you and therefore won't know that you're using our services. As you gain more and more business, you can then hire a second photographer, a third, a fourth.  You can grow as big as you want because there's no longer a glass ceiling. You now have the opportunity to be a major player in the industry!



Despite our world-class services, our prices are not prohibitively expensive. Indeed, they are affordable enough to make them irresistibly affordable to you. We have developed a pricing model that after extensive research and discussions with many photographers that will easily increase your bottom line regarding profit.




Our solutions are designed to be easily scalable. If all you need from us today is to edit 7-8 real estate projects but tomorrow and you somehow need us to edit more than 20 real estate projects every day, we can easily do that for you. Such is the nature of our operations that we work seamlessly to help you expand your business. As you grow, you get more done from us, and you'll help us grow too.



PhotoAndVideoEdits often hires not only professionals who are good with photo editing, but many that have been photographers themselves. Our editors can connect with your unique photography style and deliver high quality edits that reflect your personalized style. At PhotoAndVideoEdits, we try our hardest to deliver nothing less than excellence. If there is something about the edit you want changed, you can request an adjustment, and we will comply without asking questions.




PhotoAndVideoEdits is constantly trying to leverage technology to come up with useful, convenient, and functional solutions for our clients. It is our goal to create a platform which can seamlessly meet all your photography needs.