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Real Estate Photo Editing - Knowledge Base

As the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Your real estate photos are the first encounter that many clients will have with a listed property. That is why it is important that you ignite a spark, and wow your clients with beautiful real estate imagery. Our team makes your listed properties shine through our professional real estate photo editing!

Real estate photo editing encompasses every feature of your real estate photograph, from the inside and out. Utilizing advanced photo editing and photoshop skills, any real estate photo can look professionally done in no time. Here’s how:

External Space Photo Enhancement Services

The first impression of a home is always the external spaces. Before buyers even consider looking inside the home, they want to know that the face and exterior of that home meet their needs and desires. From the top to bottom, you want the small details to present your property in an appealing manner. Real estate photo editing helps make your real estate exterior photos look snappy.

Replace Overcast Skies

Overcast skies make your real estate photos look dreary and unappealing. That slightly tinged gray can quickly turn an otherwise great photo into something buyers will scroll right past. Through photoshop, color enhancement and editing replaces the overcast skies in your photos with more vibrant and sunny skies. Then the editing process makes sure to smooth out and seamlessly transition the change between the original photo and the new skies, and adjust the color saturation to meet it. This gives the property in the photograph a more sunny and bright atmosphere.

Before Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Replace overcast skies
After Exterior Photo Enhancements After Replace overcast skies

Brown Grass Patches Replace With Green

Professional real estate photo editing services also take care of unpleasant or browning grass in your photos. This makes your property look more filled with life, and vibrant. There’s nothing more lackluster than a browning and unkempt lawn areas outside of a home. This helps make your property look more organic and colorful with a touch of digital ‘green thumbs’. The process simply involved advanced photoshop and editing techniques to replace or enhance the coloration of the lawn. This easily masks the browning or dull colors of a lawn that might occur in the photo.

Before Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Brown grass patches turned to green
After Exterior Photo Enhancements After Brown grass patches turned to green

Vertical Lines Are Straightened Out

Exterior photo angles can often make vertical lines look crooked or otherwise not straight. These crooked or distorted lines can make the overall shape of the property appear out of sorts, and unsightly. This gives off a very unprofessional appearance to the photos, and our team straightens them out and cleans them up. This makes your property photo look more aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical, and professional overall. When listing a property, you always want to make the property look as true to life and symmetrical as possible. Through reangling the images and using wide angle perspective correction, and even perspective cropping, these lines from distorted camera angles can be corrected.

Before Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Vertical lines straightened
After Exterior Photo Enhancements After Vertical lines straightened

Removing Objects

Your property photos may have unwanted objects or structures featured in them that you need removed. Perhaps there might be animals, obstructing structures, vehicles, persons, and other such objects which give off a very unappealing look. Photoshop and other software editing allows you to keep the image focused on the property itself by cutting out any unwanted objects from your real estate photograph. This helps to keep the image from being overly cluttered, messy, or otherwise unappealing when selling your listed property. This process is done by isolating the unwanted object in the image, and removing it through masking techniques. We replace the blank space with a more natural looking surface or coloration in order to make the image appear as nothing was ever there.

Before Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Remove objects
After Exterior Photo Enhancements After Remove objects

Twilight Enhancement

Photos taken in twilight, or with poor lighting, can be difficult to look at properly. Colors can appear muted, features can be shrouded in darkness, and the overall appeal of the property is greatly diminished. When trying to sell your property, you want the property to be viewed clearly and in a bright and vibrant lighting. Real estate photo editing services can brighten and smooth out your dim and dark photos. Editing can enhance the coloration and smooth out the shadows to give the viewer a more clear and bright image. This process of color correction is a service that can be utilized across multiple areas of real estate photography. You no longer have to deal with listing shaded and twilight darkened photos with our twilight enhancement.

Before Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Twilight enhancement
After Exterior Photo Enhancements After Twilight enhancement

Window Pulls

Windows can be incredibly difficult and somewhat frustrating to photograph. By their very nature, they love to reflect sunlight and interior lighting, which causes significant glare in the photos. This glare can distort and obstruct other features of the property, and make the photo look unprofessional overall. Real estate photo editing services can use advanced editing techniques to ‘pull’ the windows and reduce glare. The imagery of the window can also be overlaid with a more natural and appealing outside image seamlessly. This also makes the windows seem more realistic, and as they would appear if the viewer was seeing them in person.

Before Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Window pulls
After Exterior Photo Enhancements After Window pulls


Interior Space Photo Enhancement Services

The interior appeal of a property is every bit as important as the external space and view. If the interior of a property or home doesn’t look welcoming, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and professionally presented, it will do a disservice to the property itself. Real estate photo editing services can make photographs of the interior of a property look as beautiful as it is in real life.

Window Masking for Superior Widow Viewing

Windows are an excellent feature that many property buyers look for when purchasing or shopping for property. Windows provide open atmosphere, natural lighting, and access to the outside world. However, windows are also an entry point for outside light that can cause issues with your real estate photography. External lighting or even unsightly external weather can make a room feel washed out and distorted in a photograph. Window masking techniques enhance and brighten the exterior view of the window using advanced techniques such as ‘dodging’ and ‘burning’.

The making also uses advanced overlaying and retouching techniques that include blending and merging multiple images from the same room. This gives the impression of a seamless image without the issues that the shadows or darkness / glare of the other photos might have. Overall this will make it appear more pleasant and accessible in a real estate photo. This helps to better portray what is outside the window, and clears up the lighting of what is inside the room seamlessly.

Before Interior Photo EnhancementsBefore Window masking for superior window viewing
After Interior Photo EnhancementsAfter Window masking for superior window viewing

TV's and Monitors Overlayed With Images

It's important in real estate photography to make the property and home feel comfortable, and livable. This includes making subtle features appear more true to life, and recognizable to the viewer. In this modern age, TV sets and monitors are typically in use throughout the day. This means that blank screens on monitors can appear dull and unprofessional. Real estate photo editing services use advanced techniques to overlay the blank screens with attractive images. This gives the viewer the impression of the property being livable and natural overall.

Before Interior Photo EnhancementsBefore TV and Monitors overlayered with images
After Interior Photo EnhancementsAfter TV and Monitors overlayered with images

Fire Added to Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a very attractive and desirable feature in a home, and should always be showcased to the best of their ability. When displaying the living space of a home, you want the fireplace to be as vibrant and welcoming as possible. Real estate photo editing services overlay and add in realistic appearing fire into the fireplaces. This includes smoothing out the imagery and seamlessly integrating fire into the fireplace. There is also a process of integrating proper shadowing and lighting to make it appear as if the fire is real, and acting naturally. This makes the room feel more cozy and welcoming in a photo, and showcases the great feature of the fireplace to viewers.

Before Interior Photo Enhancements Before Fire added to fireplaces
After Interior Photo Enhancements After Fire added to fireplaces

Remove Objects

When photographing the interior space of a property or home, you want to keep things as simple and elegant as possible. This can be difficult to do when there are preexisting wall hangings, fixtures, or otherwise unsightly objects obstructing the photograph. Photoshop editing is able to use techniques to remove these objects and display the room as it was meant to be seen. This works in the same way as exterior object removal, and will replace the object with a more natural and seamless surface. This can help give a more clear picture of the room interior without all of the clutter. This process ensures that the objects themselves are completely eliminated, and the remaining image is smooth and organic in appearance.

Before Interior Photo Enhancements Before Remove objects
After Interior Photo Enhancements After Remove objects

Concluding Remarks

Real estate photo editing is a great way to put your best foot forward when showcasing a home or property. It can help show the home in a more appealing light, without being deceitful or ‘fake’. Simple and organic changes can enhance how the viewer or buyer can see the image and appreciate the property without clutter, darkness, shadows, or unattractive glare.