Terms of Use for Our Website & Your Account

This Terms of Use is an agreement between PhotoAndVideoEdits.com  (hereafter referred to as “PvEdits.com”, “Us”, “We”, or “Our”) and the guest or registered user (hereafter referred to as “You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, “User”, “Customer” or “Signee”), which is anyone who is soliciting or using the services of the PvEdits.com.

Your access to all the services and features available from the PvEdits.com are subject to the terms mentioned in this electronic document. This legally binding contract does not require any physical or digital signature from you. You will be in agreement of all the terms listed here by using this website, the services and/or features available on this website.

PvEdits.com reserves the right to change the contents of this website anytime it deems fit, and that includes the contents of this Terms of Use. By continuing to use the website and PvEdits.com services, you will be in agreement of the Terms of Use that are on display here during the time of your use of our services and website.

Please read these Terms of Use listed here before using this website, the information listed on the website, our services, or any other features of this website. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use this website.



Our Product

It is PvEdits.com's sole discretion to determine the contents, features, aesthetics, design, functionality, and other aspects of the website. Presently, the users of PvEdits.com can solicit PvEdits.com’s services by uploading their files using the system provided on the website. PvEdits.com may modify or remove the uploading functionality from the website, if it so deems fit. Also, PvEdits.com may suspend all of its services and the website for a limited period to carry out maintenance, upgrades, and other back end activities. PvEdits.com will not do anything that goes against the law in any way.

PvEdits.com offers its photo and video editing Platform to its users through its website, which is located at PvEdits.com (hereafter also referred to as “The Website”). All the detailed features of PvEdits.com ’s photo and video editing services, such as pricing, editing techniques, editing procedures, and other editing features are listed on PvEdits.com. PvEdits.com reserves the right to make changes to any of these features, services, and information listed on this website. Your continued use of logging in to your account is affirmation of your acceptance of the new features and information.


Use of product

PvEdits.com may remove any content that it deems inappropriate from its website or other platforms, or terminate the user’s account to prevent access to the services of PvEdits.com, if the finds the user in violation of any of the provisions mentioned in this section.

Users shall not submit to PvEdits.com any material that is illegal, threatening, obscene or indecent, defamatory, misleading, in poor taste, invasive of privacy, inappropriate, or infringing on any third party property rights (collectively termed as “Inappropriate Material”).

Further, the user shall also agree to bind by all the laws involving privacy, applicable export controls, and others when soliciting the photo and video editing services of PvEdits.com. Also, the user shall agree to not indulge in any activities that may harm PvEdits.com’s computers, servers, and other digital infrastructure, nor violate any state or federal laws.



Users of PvEdits.com will pay PvEdits.com for its services in accordance with the plan selected by the users on the website. The invoices for the services offered by PvEdits.com will be generated on the first of each month, and the users are charged as per their invoices on the same day as the generation of their invoices, i.e. at the beginning of each month. Therefore, users should ensure that the payment will process in full on the 1st of each month when their respective invoices are generated. Failing to do so will lead to the user’s account being considered delinquent, which can lead to suspension of the respective account, termination of the respective account.

All payments will be charged in U.S. dollars. Further, the payment of any applicable taxes, levies, or duties on the payments will be the responsibility of the user. If the user believes that they have been incorrectly charged in their invoice, then they should contact PvEdits.com in writing within a maximum of 30 days from the date of generation of the respective invoice, explaining the nature and amount requiring correction. Failing to do so will result in formalization of the invoice as final, and no changes will be made to it.

PvEdits.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user’s account and thereby access to all the services from PvEdits.com, should the user fail to make the payments in full, as per their invoices. Further, all delinquent invoices will attract a monthly interest rate of 15% or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is less, on any outstanding balance pending for the user. In addition, all the expenses of collection, if any, such as court fees, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and so on will be borne by the user.


Monthly Plan

When the user signs up for any plan on PvEdits.com, any additional terms specific to the plan will be applicable for the term of the plan. PVEdits.com reserves the full right to terminate the plan, and thereby the relevant terms of engagement, without providing any reason whatsoever. If PvEdits.com terminates a user account before its due date, then PvEdits.com will terminate access of that user to PvEdits.com by terminating the username, passwords and other account details, as deemed fit by PvEdits.com. In addition, we will refund all the prorated payment to the user. If the user terminates a plan and cancels their account so that it will not renew at the end of the month, they will forfeit any credits left at the end of that calendar month that they did not use. At the end of the calendar month that the account was cancelled, the users account will be permanently deleted on our servers.   It cannot be retrieved once deleted.

If the user wants to cancel their plan or account and request a refund for any unused credits that are in their account, only 20% of unused credits will be refunded.  Sorry, no exceptions can be made. 


Photos and Videos

PvEdits.com may use the photos and videos submitted by the users for various marketing activities such as sample photos on PvEdits.com's website. PvEdits.com may use any or all the data collected from the users, be it personal or non-personal data, to offer customized services, for statistical reporting, and also for the purposes of targeted marketing to the users.

All the rights, permissions, ownerships, and responsibility of the photos and videos submitted by the users remain solely with the user. They will be responsible for the copyright permissions, appropriateness, accuracy, reliability, legality, integrity, and quality of such media content when they submit them to PvEdits.com for editing.

PvEdits.com may also use aggregate anonymous data of its users to improve and execute its internal activities. All the aggregated data collected in this manner will be the sole property of PvEdits.com. PvEdits.com will take appropriate steps to put in place commercially reasonable security measures to protect the data of users, whether uniquely identifiable or anonymously generated, from unauthorized access.

When you upload any files to use whether it is a photo, video or audio file, you are agreeing that you are the copyright owner of these files or you have written permission from the copyright holder to use these files in anyway, including any royalty free music. When uploading any files, you agree to indemnify PVEdits.com from any lawsuit brought forth from any third party for any claim if it turns out that you did not have authorization to use any files you uploaded to us

We store all of your files that you upload to us as well as the completed product that we produce for you in our system. By default, in the dashboard of your account under “Storage then settings” both Original Uploaded files and Completed Files are set to 'On' and ‘forever’.  Storage is charged at 15 cents per GB per month and is calculated at the highest storage amount that peaked for that month. The first 15 GB of storage per month is free. Storage sizes on your computer are calculated differently than real storage.  Your computer calculates 1000mb as 1 GB of storage.  But the actual storage when uploaded to a server calculates as 1024mb.  Therefore, when you upload 2GB’s worth of files from your computer to a server,  the real size of storage is 2.048GB. 

If you wish to greatly reduce the size of your stored files you should unselect the option to ‘store all original uploaded files’. You understand and agree to pay for storage in excess of your free 15 GB per month at the end of each month.   Storage charges are billed separately from your credit plan. You can choose to change your storage settings at any time.  However please be aware that if you close your account, all of the stored files associated with that account are deleted and cannot be retrieved once you close your account.



Users Account

To prevent unauthorized access, the users will take necessary steps to ensure the security and confidentiality of all the data in their accounts with us, mainly by not sharing their usernames and passwords with unauthorized personnel. In the event that they discover that their account security has been compromised or is susceptible to compromise, they will take immediate steps to change their password. Users are responsible for all the activities that take place in their respective accounts. Users should not create an account if they work for a similar business with this service. Doing so may bring legal action due to copyrighting of our intellectual property rights.



The user is only entitled to the services provided by PvEdits.com and is not accorded any ownership rights or licenses to PvEdits.com’s content and data. PvEdits.com’s names, logos, images, brands, product names, and other materials are trademarks of PvEdits.com.


Cookie and Targeted Advertising Policy

Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive by PvEdits.com to uniquely identify your browser. Our website uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website, and improve its performance. Cookies are also used for targeted marketing purposes on not only our website, but also when you use other websites. PvEdits.com also makes use of other useful technologies like tracking pixels, and collects uniquely identifiable data to personalize and improve our services for our users.


Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy provides information on how PVedits.com collects, uses and discloses information from all users of the Services and/or information obtained through your purchase of Products through the Services. If you use the Services to process personal data from residents of the European Economic Area, PVedits.com Data Processing Addendum supplements these Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Use and the Data Processing Addendum, the terms provided in the Data Processing Addendum will govern.



PvEdits.com does not guarantee nor warrant that any or all the services provided by it, including the website features, will operate free of any coding or similar issues, without any interruptions, or without any bugs. PvEdits.com will not take responsibility for the software, third-party services, and the performance of the internet connection used by the user.

None of the products, services, features, or anything else from PvEdits.com is covered under any kind of warranties. Further, PvEdits.com takes no responsibility for the merchantability or suitability of its website or the features and services offered through it. All the services and content offered by PvEdits.com to the users is provided on an “as is” basis.



The extent of aggregate liability of PvEdits.com its directors and agents with regards to any legal claim, including contracts and torts, made by the user will not exceed the total profits made by PvEdits.com in the three months before the event which triggered the legal claim. Further, the user shall pay for any financial losses suffered by PvEdits.com because of any third-party claim, unless otherwise specified in this contract.

Last updated on 05-31-2018