Humble Beginnings

We’d like to start this story with a question. Why does the founder of PhotoAndVideoEdits Colin Forte understand your clients as good as you? Because he was actually a client of a photographer and video tour operator. As a successful real estate agent selling $165 Million in a 3 year period, he understood that the single most important part in the home selling process is Great Photography and Videography. So he had professional photos and videos taken on all of his listings between 2002 and 2005. After retiring as an agent in 2005, and with a passion for what attributed to his success, he went on to open a Photography and Video Tour business. Wearing his Real Estate agents hat he knew exactly what was important to capture and has been providing agents with photo and videos for the past 15 years. He knows what is needed from a photographers perspective and a Real Estate Agents needs. Its because he's experienced both sides of the coin for himself that truly makes our service a success.

For the first 3 years of the Tour Business, shoots were done by day and edits done at night. This left no time left for his family or himself. He wanted his life back from working 18 hour days. So for the next two years, he hired an additional editor to work for him. However, this came at a considerable financial cost to his bottom line. So he asked himself, what if the editor shot tours instead of editing them? The work was there to shoot twice the amount of properties in a day and if he didn’t have to edit it would double the revenue. Outsourcing was a relatively new thing so all he had to do was outsource the editing and he'd become outsourcing manager. Easy to do, right? Er no, not so easy!



Anyone thats ever outsourced a job to another country knows how difficult it can be. The advantages of outsourcing can easily be outweighed just by the effort you need to put into managing the job. Issues such as communicating a simple task, language barriers, time zone differences, your understanding of the job needed vs. theirs. Most of the time it ends up not being worth the effort and most people give up.

Battling with these issues himself, he was determined to improve his experience. The solution was simple. Specific training & focus and outsourcers that only worked for him and no-one else. This allowed them to focus without the distraction of doing another job for another client. But to train effectively would need to be done in person. So he traveled half way across the world to train editors to do the work. A year later, he had developed a system to get the results he needed but also in a timely manner and with ease. For the past 7 years, he has been living on 3 continents, North America, Europe and Asia and everything aspect of his tour business is outsourced and 99% of it runs itself like a well oiled machine.

And therein began this photo and video editing service. Now other photographers and tour providers can make more money, work fewer hours and have a scalable solution to grow their business. Welcome to