Is there a reason why I shouldn't choose PhotoAndVideoEdits.com?

We can’t think of one. It is our constant endeavor to help businesses become more cost-efficient, agile, and successful by enabling them to focus on their core marketing activities, and outsource their technical tasks such as photo editing to us. This way, they can shoot more properties, while we can provide them what we do best, edit them. Thanks to our talented team of editors, you get exactly what you want, the way you want, and at a fraction of the cost you would have incurred, had you hired in-house resources for the job as you grow.


How can I hire you to edit my photos and/or videos?

The process is very simple. Go to our Sign Up page and register your account. After your account creation, select the amount of credits to set as your custom plan based on how many photos or videos you currently edit per month.

Then use our super user-friendly image uploader to upload the photos or video. The job is assigned to an editor and they start the project and your order is delivered within 24 hours and you'll be notified that your edit has been completed.


How much does it cost to get my photos edited by PhotoAndVideoEdits.com?

We provide our services at prices so low to our customers, you’ll wonder how we do it. Our services are offered as a monthly subscription basis and you can choose exactly how many credits you wish to purchase each month. Each standard edited photo edit uses 1 credit. You can purchase 1 credit per month at a cost of $10 or 4800 credits at a cost of 75 cents per photo. See our credit calculator on our home page.

Do you store the original files that I upload to my account as well as the finished Photos and Video that you complete?

Yes we do. Your first 15 GB are free and thereafter you are charged per GB or fraction thereof. We only charge you for what you actually use at whatever your storage peaks at in a given month, period! We do not charge you in blocks of 100 GB like some other editing companies do. You can choose to store your original and edited files, or just your edited files as well as how long you wish to store them for.  You can choose forever, 6 Years, 4 Years, 2 Years, 240 Days, 60 Days or 30 days. Please note that once a file passes the stored time, they are deleted, unretrievable and gone forever. Not even we can get them back so be sure to choose your storage wisely.  When you create an account with us, your storage is defaulted to save both original and edited files and is set to forever.


Can I change my plan if I find a plan to be unsuitable for my needs?

We offer you the flexibility to change your plan from month to month. After all, as your business grows or if you decide to scale it down, so do your photo editing requirements. Therefore, you can up or downgrade the amount of credits you purchase each month to suit your needs. If you are midway through the month and need more credits, you can purchase addition credits based on the cost that you paid for the current months subscription.


Can I request adjustments to the edited photos?

Yes. You can request adjustments to your photo edits, as long as you are making the request within 7 days of the delivery. While making an adjustment request, use the checkbox’s and our markup tools to point to the areas of adjustments. There are free adjustments and there are paid adjustments such as removal of objects or replacement of grass. Paid for adjustments will be deducted from your account credits. You can then download the photos once you are complete with any adjustments. you wont be able to download photos until you are satisfied with them.


Can you edit my photos to get the look I want?

Yes we can. Before the editor starts on your order, they look at your photo preferences carefully. The more photos you upload to your preferences with your comments about what you like about that photo, the better. The editor will then edit your order to the style of your photo preferences as close as they can. If you need an adjustment to a photo, simply request an adjustment to that photo and write your comments directly on it using the ‘Annotation’ tool. Then use the arrow tool to point at the exact areas you want adjusted. When the editor can see precisely what you’d like adjusting, they are more likely to give you the look you are looking for. Our goal is for you to get exactly what you like in your photos.


How many photos can I upload for edits per day?

As many as you like. There’s literally no limit.


If I do not use all of my credits for any given month, what will happen to the to the leftover credits?

You keep them. You paid for them so why would we take them from you? As long as you are on a monthly plan with us, your credits don’t expire and we wont take them from you. Only if you decide to cancel your monthly credit plan will any unused credits in your account will be lost so its a good idea to use all of your credits before closing your account.