Are some editors better than others?

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it Blondes or brunettes that are more beautiful? There is no correct answer. Some people think that blondes hold more beauty and others think brunettes. These opinions are no different with what our customers like regarding the editing style of their photos.   Some prefer more contrast while others like less. Some prefer clear blue skies while others prefer puffy clouds, white whites vs. warm whites.  Naturally, all editors have slightly different overall styles so what one customer likes about a particular editor, another does not.  We train our editors to mimic the style of what they see in a customers uploaded photo preferences (actual customer photo preference sample).  If an editor cannot pass this test then they don't get to do work for us.


Is there a reason why I shouldn't choose PhotoAndVideoEdits.com?

We can’t think of one. It is our constant endeavor to help businesses become more cost-efficient, agile, and successful by enabling them to focus on their core marketing activities, and outsource their technical tasks such as photo editing to us. This way, they can shoot more properties, while we can provide them what we do best, edit them. Thanks to our talented team of editors, you get exactly what you want, the way you want, and at a fraction of the cost you would have incurred, had you hired in-house resources for the job as you grow.


How can I hire you to edit my photos and/or videos?

The process is very simple. Go to our Sign Up page and register your account. After your account creation, select the amount of credits to set as your custom plan based on how many photos or videos you currently edit per month.

Then use our super user-friendly image uploader to upload the photos or video. The job is assigned to an editor and they start the project and your order is delivered within 24 hours and you'll be notified that your edit has been completed.


How much does it cost to get my photos edited by PhotoAndVideoEdits.com?

Each standard edited photo edit uses 1 credit.  Whether you upload brackets of 5 photos or single photos, it's 1 credit per single edited finished photo. We offer monthly subscriptions, pay as you go and bulk credits purchases. For detailed pricing, please see our credit calculator on our home page.


How long are the finished Photos and Video files available and what do you do with the original files I upload to you?

Finished photo and video files are available for download for a period of 14 days from ‘Order Ready’ status. Original uploaded files to your account are deleted within 48 hours of being uploaded to your account. 


Are there any cloud upload fees or storage fees? 

There are no cloud upload fees or storage fees for ‘No Plan or Pay As You Go’ credit accounts.  However, for $1 per credit monthly plans, in order to keep that price from ever increasing due to increased cost of hosting and cloud service charges being increased on us, there is a cloud service upload fee for the original photo and video files that are uploaded to a monthly accounts.  We decided to be transparent about those  types of service fees and not hide them in the credit cost and have a higher dollar amount for monthly credits.  We know where our margins are at a cost of $1 per credit so we think it is better to show our customers the cost to cover cloud charges rather than hide them in a higher price. If cloud charges are decreased or increased, we will let you know and adjust the upload cloud fees accordingly. Your account is charged in arrears and will be charged 1 credit for every 10 GB (or part of) of uploaded files for the previous months uploads. 

Can I change my plan if I find a plan to be unsuitable for my needs?

We offer you the flexibility to change your plan from month to month. After all, as your business grows or if you decide to scale it down, so do your photo editing requirements. Therefore, you can up or downgrade the amount of credits you purchase each month to suit your needs to as low as 200 credits per month. 


If I have a certain way I want my photos edited, how do obtain that look?

The very best way for us to get your photos as close to your preference is to take 5 photos that we have already edited for you such as an exterior shot, an interior shot pointing towards windows and other various shots and re-edit those photos to exactly your style of edit. Then screenshot your edits side by side with our edits and add notes about what you like about your edits better. Then upload those side by side photos to your photo preferences.  This way, our editors can see your style of your edits vs. our standard edit style. As a picture paints a thousand words, its easier for the editor to see what you want so that they can emulate your style as much as they can. Or if there is an order that we did for you that you like very much, you can opt to enter that order number into our system and we will manually assign it to the editor that did that previous order.


Can I request adjustments after you have edited my photos?

You can request adjustments to your photo edits, as long as you are making the request within 7 days of the delivery. To make an adjustment request you should first select the photo you wish to preview.  Then select the 'Request an Adjustment' checkbox. There are 'free' adjustments and 'paid' adjustments such as removal of objects or replacement of grass. Paid for adjustments will be deducted from your account credits.  If you need an adjustment to a photo, simply request an adjustment and write your comments using the text tool directly on the photo using the ‘Annotation’ tools'. Then use the arrow tool to point at the exact areas you want adjusted. By using these tools, the editor can see precisely what you’d like adjusting, they are more likely to give you the look you are looking for.  You can download your photos prior to requesting any adjustments but its better to wait until we have completed them as you are required to answer a question about 'any adjustments' prior to being able to access the download area.   


How do you edit my photos to get the look I want?

Before the editor starts on your order, they look at your photo preferences carefully and edits your order as close as they can to the style of your photo preferences. If you need an adjustment to a photo, simply request an adjustment and write your comments using the text tool directly on the photo using the ‘Annotation’ tools'. Then use the arrow tool to point at the exact areas you want adjusted. When the editor can see precisely what you’d like adjusting, they are more likely to give you the look you are looking for.


How many photos can I upload per day?

As many as you like. There’s literally no limit.


If I do not use all of my credits for any given month on a monthly plan, what will happen to any credits not used?

As long as you maintain a monthly plan, the balance of credits from the previous month will roll over. If you decide to cancel your monthly credit plan with credits left in your account, they will be converted at the pay-as-you-go credit rate of $1.75 per credit. E.G. if you have 175 credits left and come off your plan, 175 ÷ 1.75 = 100 credits left after conversion. To avoid this conversion, you should use all of your credits before asking to be taken off of your plan. Accounts that have not placed an order within the past 365 days will be considered as 'abandoned' and will be deleted without notification.  Any credits left in an account at the time of deletion will be forfeited. Please note that deleted accounts cannot be retrieved.


I get an email from your system telling me how long my photos took to process. It appears different to the time I calculated from when I started the upload. How is this time calculated?

The turn around time is NOT calculated from the time that you start uploading your files on your order. Our system has a process it has to go through before files can physically be downloaded by the editor.   The process of converting the photos into a zip file and being available for an editor to download is one of the things that is happening behind the scenes. It's only fair to start the turn around time 'clock' once an editor can access the order and not when you start your upload.   The starting of the 'clock' can also depends on several factors.  The size of your order and your internet speed,  file size overall, amount of brackets for each finished photo, file sizes of each image etc.. Also, the larger the file size, the longer it takes our system to compress them.  Once that process is complete, our system then has to transfer the files from our website (photoandvideoedits.com) to our the cloud server which is where the editor can access and download the files.  This transfer also takes time and the length of time it takes depends upon the file size. As such, our turn around times are calculated as soon as an order can be physically downloaded by an editor.