How to become a Real Estate Tour Provider

Real Estate Photography use to be only about photography.  Nowadays to be a successful photographer for Real Estate, you’ll need to know how to shoot video and fly a drone for arial video and aerial photography too.  Most Real Estate Photographers of the past have now become Real Estate Tour Providers.  Even 3D Tours are now beginning to appear in the mix using a specialized 3D Camera and are becoming part of a Tour Providers Arsenal.   Just Photography alone is a creative skill that may take months, if not years, to master depending on the speed at which you learn. However, with a strong focus on any one area of photography, you can get a grip of this creative skill in a matter of weeks. 
A passion for beauty in all its forms is what is required for photography. If you have it in you, your photography skills will be phenomenal. The transition to video has now been made easy as most Photographic DSLR cameras are also video cameras and along with a gimbal, smooth shots are a breeze. 
Choosing the Right Camera and Drone equipment
You don’t need the latest, most advanced, and the most expensive camera to become the best photographer in the business. Your choice of camera should be one that is able to handle your photography & video requirements. In fact, you do not need a high-end camera that comes with fancy features but you will need a great wide angle lens. A DSLR camera with an excellent ISO performance is what you need.  DJI drones seem to be the drone of choice when it comes to Aerials whether video or photos.  You will need to pass an FAA written test and register your drone with the FAA.
Choosing the Lens
When it comes to real estate photography, a wide angle lens is pretty much everything. A wide angle lens allows you to capture a maximum portion of a real estate project and put your audience right in the center of it, so that they can not only see it, but also feel it. Buy a lens that offers the highest angle of view under your budget. You won’t regret it.
Choosing the Accessories
You need a tripod to enable you to capture awesome quality photographs, had held photos just wont cut it.   For Video, we suggest using a gimbal for steady walking shots. 
Learning to Shoot
If this is your first time working on a real estate project as a photographer? Take a room at what appears to be the best angle. If the property has a yard/garden, patio, or something else, make sure to capture them as well. Then, ask the realtor or the property owner if the like angles at the end of the shoot by reviewing the photos with them.  Its easier to show them now rather than having to come back and take new ones later. After a while, you will get used to what home owners like to showcase to their potential buyers. Typically, you have to cover living rooms, outdoors, Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. 
Tips to Capture the Scenes Perfectly
When you visit a property, the first thing you have to do is to thoroughly survey the property. If you notice something that you think makes the property less appealing, try to get it removed or replaced. 
Its best to set your camera to bracketed photo capture.  This basically allows you to shoot in many lighting conditions and can be adjusted in the editing of the photos.
Planning and Scheduling the Shoot
You should inform the agent in advance of how much time you’ll  spend taking however many photos that they ordered from you as well as video and aerials. Real estate agents are busy professionals, so expect them to ask you to be as quick as you can. 
Delivering the Photographs
Whenever you are delivering photographs to your clients, always ensure that the photos are in full resolution. Also, do not expect your clients to be tech-savvy to find the right apps to view your images. They should get the images in the most popular formats, so that their laptops or phones are able to open the images. Further, real estate professionals are bound to be busy all the time, and are mostly in the field. So, you should make it easier for them to check out your images and upload them on the internet to create online listings.
Final Words
Real estate photography and videography offers a huge potential for career growth because of the ever-increasing demand. The work is exciting and the opportunities are abound. Once you have honed your skills, it can become a really exciting job that offers you the flexibility to work when you want and take the day off when you want. Not to mention the fact that there is great scope to scale up your operations into a flourishing and stable business.