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Vertical Lines Are Straightened Out Editing Technique

Real estate photography can be a bit of a tricky process. It takes a lot of work, and no small amount of proper conditioning to make a property look beautiful in an image. Any small mistake in lighting or angle can make the property look like something straight from a Dr. Seuss book. That’s why in many cases real estate photo editing can be extremely beneficial.

The actual angle and perspective of an image can change the look of a property greatly. This perspective isn’t always the most flattering. In these instances vertical line straightening in real estate photo editing might be a necessity to make the photo look closer to the actual reality of the image.

The Benefits of Vertical Line Straightening in Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photography is all about putting the best image of a property on display. That means getting the proper angles correct in order to showcase the highlights of the property. However, there are cases in which the camera angle can distort or reshape the property to look a bit... Funky.

Of course, this can be resolved with a bit of proper planning and a few dozen extra reshots, but that isn’t always in the cards for many real estate photographers who are bound by deadlines and job restrictions. In that case, fixing this issue can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t have advanced knowledge of photo editing techniques.

That is why real estate photo editing can be a godsend for real estate photographers. The process can help to reshape and straighten out vertical lines to make them look much closer to what they are in real life viewing. After all, it’s very rare that a property will have distorted or off-kilter angles--so an image that has these issues will not look appealing.

That is the heart and soul behind the real benefits ofreal estate photo editing. It can make vertical lines that are off or distorted return to their natural and straight form--rather simply.

The Process

The process of straightening vertical angles in real estate photography is rather simple. Professional photo editors can push and pull lines in an image to make them appear more true to life and straight across the board. Often this process doesn’t require the use of any overlaying or layering in photoshop at all.

While the process might be simple, it does take quite a bit of training to make it look organic and natural. To the untrained eye, an angle might look close to straight without being straight. That is why professional real estate photo editors are a must in the case of straightening and realigning vertices in real estate photography.

How to Prevent Distorted Angles

The best way to avoid distorted or ‘wonky’ angles in a real estate photo, is to adhere to proper photo taking practices in general. You can get a pretty accurate angle on a property by following these simple tips in real life:

Avoid taking photos from eye level when standing

Generally speaking, taking photos from eye level while standing will result in the photo angle pointing down. This is a pretty natural inclination, and a lot of photographers make this mistake. Instead, you should try kneeling and taking the eye level in that position. This can help to get a more accurate angle for interior and exterior photographs of a property.

Don’t forget your tripod

A tripod is essential for getting excellent photos of a property. This is because the human hand is naturally a bit shaky, and is prone to adjusting angles while the shot is in process. Make sure that your lense is showcasing the vertical lines, and that your vertical lines are dialed in on the vertical axis. This helps you to make sure that the vertical lines are in sync with the vertical lines of the property itself, such as windows, door frames, corners, etc,.

Use a DSLR Camera

Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR), are almost a necessity when it comes to real estate photography. You are also able to purchase a 3-way bubble that can mount on top of your camera and guarantees that your axis is always vertical.

Fix Issues In Editing

If all else fails in the photo taking process, you can always fix the issues in post. That is the whole reason behind real estate editing. Real estate photo editing experts can take the image, and edit it through various photo editing software programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

However, it is important to remember that these software programs can only go so far. If the image itself is drastically off, it might be difficult to make the highly distorted angles appear completely normal. That is why it’s crucial to always try and take a great, and perfectly aligned photo on the first attempt.

Keep All of Your Options in Mind

When taking a photo of a property, it's always a great idea to keep all of your options in mind. This means that you should--ideally--try to take the image in as perfect of a setting as possible on the original attempt. Try to keep your angles perfectly aligned with the natural angles of the structure. However, if certain outside forces are preventing the image from being perfect, always know that real estate photo editing is an option to correct any distortions or bad angles.

However, it is important to remember that these software programs can only go so far. If the image itself is drastically off, it might be difficult to make the highly distorted angles appear completely normal. That is why it’s crucial to always try and take a great, and perfectly aligned photo on the first attempt.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that your real estate photograph is perfectly aligned and without angle distortions is always important. However, it’s not always within your control. That’s why it’s always a great idea to have a professional real estate photo editor go over your image with a fine toothed comb.

Real estate photo editing can make sure that the property in your image looks straight, and perfectly angular just like it does in real life. Distorted or warped vertical angles don’t have to be an issue for you with expert real estate photo editing.

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