3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Real Estate Photo Editor

Have you ever experienced being at cross-roads, wondering if you will jump at making the right decision or not? This feeling is natural and nothing unusual with it. In this line of work as photography and editing professionals, the process of finding an outsourced real estate photo editor should scare you. When it scares you, it means you care about your job, and you know the line between good real estate photos vs. bad ones.

Now, thinking of avoiding this process is futile. The world of real estate photo editing is continually shifting towards a model of outsourcing to real estate photo editors and why not? The benefits normally outweigh the cost of having the photos done and as a professional, you get a lot of time back to do a lot of other things that would have otherwise been spent for editing real estate photos in Photoshop.


The thought of then jumping towards the first real estate photo editor you see then could be an idea that graces your mind. However, you should always be keen on being selective with the outsourced service you are choosing. Do not be in a rush to make a choice as the scrutiny of every company or service you come across can yield you the best results in terms of fit and gain.

Why Outsourcing is Inevitable

On the first point that getting an outsourced real estate photo editor is the way things are trending now is manifesting truer and truer each day. See, being a professional in this industry whether as a photographer or independent editor can have its merits. You don’t answer to anyone but yourself, you can dictate your pace, but all of these can come to a screeching halt once you’ve saturated your capacity with too many clients and work. No amount of real estate photo editing tips will be able to save you in such cases.

With real estate photo editors offering scale and convenience as the value proposition of their outsourced services, there is no blind side to this unless you are rushing in with both eyes closed. The ability to give one photo today or hundreds tomorrow do not faze outsourced real estate photo editors. Their internal network of editing professionals is a business model that allows them to spread the work and be done simultaneously. This means that on the flexibility of capacity, they can adjust easily to whatever the requirements of their clients are in terms of volume.

Another benefit that makes getting a real estate photo editor worth it is the financial trade off. Most editors will offer friendly prices that attract photographers to patronize their services and still allow the latter to make a profit out of the photos. Internally, they should be able to spread their cost of buying their equipment and cost of wages by taking in a lot of photos to be done. Hence, they cannot earn off of one photo easily and must then be done through scale.

With this in mind, you have at least an idea of how outsourced real estate photo editors work. The hard part is trying to nail the right one down and to give you that confidence that you indeed made the right choice as ending up with an unreliable service will spell the difference of a good real estate photo vs a bad one. Here are some mistakes you may want to avoid then.

Mistake #1: Getting High Prices

Again, an outsourced real estate photo editor doesn’t churn out gold, but their quality of work should be up there. With this, the expectation on prices should be $4 or less per photo which already includes the works. When we say the works, we mean color correction, light adjustment, object removal, drop shadow addition, vertical lines straightened, sky replacement, and the list goes on. If the service charges on average, $10 per photo for these things alone then you are getting duped. Such prices already apply for more complex requirements such as photo restoration so better know your prices before you ink a deal with them.

Mistake #2: Going for Untested Qualities

Websites are normally the gateway for you to know the real estate photo editor. They post tons of descriptions on what they can do for you and your photo, and some would boast about the complexities they can manage. Nothing means jack if they cannot prove it. Do not make the mistake of easily believing in just words. Ask for a free trial, read the testimonials. These are your weapons against deception and while the latter advice might lead to fabricated reviews, always make sure the free trial is there for you to guard against this.

Mistake #3: If its Too Good to be True, then it Probably Isn’t

In relation to the previous mistake, do not fall for over commitments. Business is business and flowery words will always be the gameplan for most outsourced real estate photo editors. What you should look for in this case is the intersection and balance between the transparency of being able to show what they have done, pricing, and ability. Empty promises cannot be the sole basis for choosing a service and do not part with your money this easy.

Final Thoughts: Making the Right Choices

Getting off to the right start is difficult especially in this hunt for the best outsourced real estate photo editor for you. The process could get taxing and eventually frustrating when you cannot seem to find the right set of qualities that would put your mind at ease. Then maybe you can check out Photoandvideoedits.com. First off, they offer a free trial which is a check in terms of transparency. They can offer you a glimpse of their skill and speed, which of course are two most important things in this business. Second, they can do more than just edit, they can manage the photos and allow you to focus on your own tasks. Yes, you read that right. Another great aspect of this outsourced real estate photo editor is their professionalism. You don’t like the way your photos were done? They can fix it up for you right away because they believe in the needs of you, the professional.

Without a doubt, this is not an easy process that should be taken lightly. You have the things to avoid but there is an option as well to get the ball rolling.


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