360 Panorama Real Estate Photo Editing Tips

In these contemporary times, the internet serves as an avenue for all things creative. What we always knew in the past to serve its purpose might no longer be sufficient nor adequate today. In the context of real estate photo editing, still shots used to take center stage, however now, they are no longer enough to stand alone in a bid to grab a potential buyer’s attention. Drone shots, panorama takes, virtual tours. These are all just some of the added requirements that real estate photo editing has to do but they don’t pose a downside. In fact, with a handy 360 photo editing software for instance, the job becomes quite smooth and enjoyable making the process light and easy.

Speaking of the best 360-degree photos, what sets them apart is their complete look. Imagine being able to see one end of the floor to the other all in one photo. Real estate 360 photography and real estate photo editing can then work together and effect the changes it normally throws in with the image with an added cautiousness in making sure the right things stay straight. With such a photo, you can now unlock the world of virtual tours and give a whole new experience to your viewers.

Defining 360 Shots

So, we all know what a panoramic shot is. We understand that it is a total view of the room laid out in one shot, made even better with real estate photo editing techniques. What are 360 panoramas then? It is an iteration of the panorama but the edge of this one is that viewers can take it to themselves to control the movement of the photo at their own pace and liking. It works along the axes of x, y, and z, allowing customers to feel like they are rotating about an axis with their heads looking up and looking down. The comparison is then a spherical view, where real estate 360 photography makes it all happen.

The drawback, however, is that this type of photo will have warps. But don’t worry, these curves can be corrected in real estate photo editing especially when you’ve nailed down the flow of the panorama to fit a smooth, transitioning movement just like editing photos for real estate in France.

How Do You Edit 360 Degree Photos?

The path to enhancement is clear. This is a photo, you have your 360 photo editing software, and the rest is common sense. While it is so, you may need to put extra care in looking at the image and making sure that it looks cohesive. It’s one thing to beautify it, but a totally different battle to make it look flawless.

1. Stitch the Photo Together

Real estate photo editing applications have developed modules and automated options on how to put several photos together and make it look as if it were taken as one. This is important especially if you have more than 2 photos to put together as the alignment can get pretty painstaking. Luckily, blending options exist as well together with content aware options in software such as Photoshop to make the photos look similar in terms of lighting and provide any automated filling of differences upon execution.

2. Crop it

It will be certain that as you stitch your photos together, there will be misalignments at some point. The visual aspect of this could come across as very minor but it will leave other people scratching their heads knowing that there is something wrong they cannot figure out in the photo. Real estate photo editing must then turn to one of its most basic yet trusty tools in cropping. This helps to trim the photo’s edges, getting rid of a photo perhaps being higher or lower than its adjacent shot and leaving you with a nicely cut panoramic image.

3. Retouch

After you’ve put your photos together, always perform the enhancement and retouching your image deserves. Change the light, adjust the color, and clean up the mess. If you need to apply the window pull technique, there’s nothing stopping you. Is it a TV overlay you need? Then dive right in. See, real estate photo editing applies to 360 panoramic photos just as much as it does to still shots.

4. Straighten the Lines

In a normal still shot this would be pretty straightforward. It’s simply an exercise of seek and correct. For 360 panorama, there is a twist to the technique. You must be able to find where the turns happen in the perspective of the viewer. Here is where you leave the curvatures and imagine that if you turn your head there is a part where it becomes visually acceptable. But of course, you must still be able to correct curves where they shouldn’t appear.This gives you then the holistic image you need for that banging look.

Where Do You Use 360 Photos?

You’ve now been editing real estate photos that have 360 panoramic views. The question is though, where do I incorporate it? Do I just put it in the listing and that’s it? For starters, the 360 panorama is the first step towards setting up a virtual tour. Putting it up in the listing could be an option, but a road less taken.

1. Virtual Tours

Real estate 360 photography exists because of the ensuing impacts of giving the experience of viewership to the potential buyer. These photos, when dolled up through real estate photo editing, can be thrown into applications that allow movement of the photo while showing only a portion of it at a time to give the impression of gyrating about a point.

2. Landscape Showcasing

Some prefer 360 photos to appear as is where is in listings. They can probably show the entire living room in one shot and therefore save time and effort instead of scrolling through several shots from different angles. This however is a less frequent choice but nonetheless provides an option to showcase the property in a different way.

Final Thoughts

Real estate photo editing for real estate 360 photography isn’t so hard to do. There are things which you may find as additional steps but the enhancement process is all the same. The end product is something you can be proud about and something you know will draw attention towards it, making the effort worth the while.


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