4 Camera Settings & Tips For Great Interior Real Estate Photos

Would you like to have the “magic formula” for taking great interior real estate shots?

I’m sure we all would. After all, taking high-quality photos indoors is challenging — especially if you’re still new to lighting gear or don’t have any at your disposal. But given the right camera settings and tips, you can still capture amazing interior real estate photos with your camera.

So here are the optimal camera settings for interior photography, according to KeyAGENT.


Try to set your aperture between f/7.1 to f/9. Stick to that unless you want to highlight a particular subject within the room. In that case, you may want a shallower depth of field.


To use faster shutter speed, raise your ISO, but make sure that you’re not introducing too much digital noise. So try to keep your ISO below 400. Test out different ISO settings on your camera before the shoot to determine how far you can go without reducing picture quality.

Shutter Speed

Consider the amount of natural light you have available in the room. But it would be best to keep your shutter speed somewhere between 1/60 and 1/2 a second.

Camera Stability

This is important. Since you’ll be shooting in low-light conditions, mount your camera on a tripod and use a remote trigger to activate the shutter. You will eliminate all camera shake.

We all that practice makes perfect. So apply these photography tips and watch your interior photos improve.