5 Amazing Features of a Real Estate Mobile Application

In today’s world, having a real estate mobile application capable of carrying output from real estate photo editing while being a middle ground of interaction with customers is essential to do business. Real estate mobile photo editing through conventional channels might only rack up so much, but with this, it could be a game changer.

Purpose of a Real Estate Mobile App

There are a lot of uses in developing a real estate mobile app. It could be used as an avenue for both sides (sellers and buyers) to create a platform for exchange that is exclusively for the real estate business. It differs from social media or websites in a sense that it is always on the go and the potential buyer can check into the company which they like and all things about them with a click of a finger. To further look at how both parties benefit from these, let’s check out these reasons.

  1. A straight upload for real estate mobile photo editing

We see a lot of development going into convenience features that ultimately allow anyone and everyone who has access to the app to do edits (for the backend, at least). Some professional realty editors already utilize their phones as a way to get uploads quickly especially if they can do the enhancement within the same device. This means that real estate photo editing becomes a highly dynamic task that can now interface with a mobile application and allow professionals to contribute to the content just as fast.

  1. A one-stop shop for potential buyers

There is a version of a mobile app for anything these days and the intent is to give the potential buyer a focused and easy way to enter the space of the business or service or whatever it may be. In this case, a real estate mobile app can be where a person goes to marvel on the crisp images brought by real estate mobile photo editing, or a place where they can make inquiries or ultimately confirm a purchase. An app has so many uses and as it is focused per real estate business and highly exclusive to it, it can create marketing promos that can make itself the preferred company just by being an awesome app.

  1. It goes where you go

One of the beauties of apps is that they are downloaded and embedded to any smart phone. If you browse through your internet browser, then chances are you have already buried the real estate website underneath countless webpages you also searched for. This is also a great way to retain some sort of recall for people who continuously fiddle around with their phones. It can shine the light on work from real estate photo editing and make it a constant whenever they open it on their phone. The bottom line is, a real estate mobile app will be easier to access rather than a website, and chances are, people will keep opening it since it is readily clickable.

Top 5 Most Important Features

Now, apps in the real estate mobile photo editing and selling space are a dime a dozen. There are countless to choose from but, only the best ones who are able to capture the hearts of people stand out. Let’s check out some important features that could potentially be a game changer in this aspect.

  1. Property Map Location and View

When people go to buy properties, they are particular about where it is exactly located. Such questions such as ‘Is it xx miles away from here and there?’ or ‘Is the location a safe neighborhood?’. An app that caters to customer’s needs can truly anticipate that this is one of the features that will stand out. As real estate photo editing does its job to grab the attention towards a property, the next questions will surely pour in. Having a map and allowing the potential buyer to zoom in on the location will pay heaps of dividends in curiosity and fulfillment.

  1. Personal Profile Creation

Every mobile application should offer the feature of a profile creation. Why? Well, the perks of having your own profile can unlock more offers that it would if you didn’t have one. Sellers or companies behind apps will surely want to get to know who is patronizing their products and services. They would love to know who is taking a gander at their photos that were given an extra push by real estate mobile photo editing and perhaps find out which ones are more likeable and which ones are not. They would also like to get in touch with you for offers and be able to address you properly.

  1. Listings and Details

Of course, no real estate mobile app would be complete without the listings accompanied by stunning images from real estate photo editing.  These will and should be the reason why patrons flock to the app and making it a central feature could showcase your products immediately.

  1. Messaging for Inquiries

A chat system will also be important. People can easily leave their messages and someone from the real estate team will get back to them quickly, if not in real time. Also, this feature should go hand-in-hand with the profile creation feature so potential buyers will feel like they are important and not simply a generic inquisitor.

  1. Archive/Favorites List

Lastly is the feature of storing favorites. Letting people shortlist the homes that have drawn them closer to, possible by real estate photo editing, is a feature that will help them decide better instead of continuously scrolling and searching. This goes well with the profile feature which can tag a person and their preferences one-to-one.

Is it Necessary or Redundant?

The answer is – it is necessary. It will not conflict nor cannibalize any existing platforms where the real estate business exists, and it can even help reach people who use different avenues of social and platform media.


To sum it up, a real estate mobile app will be very useful in setting up an avenue for a business and buyer to come together. There are features which will boost and emphasize what the business has to offer and allows people on each side, especially professionals who do real estate mobile photo editing, to be able to easily upload their work. The overall assessment is that this is a great move, and should be considered by real estate businesses who wish to grow and be efficient.


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