5 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Tools in 2022

Tools in real estate photo editing are a professional’s best friend. They are the hammer to the nail that creates a cohesive product which clients pay good money for. Each and every professional aim to find the best real estate photo editing software that can bring them everything their hearts desire, and this is the tool they sorely need. Ease of using the interface and great enhancements is just the tip of the iceberg to perform the best real estate photo editing they could ever do.

In the search for the best photo editing app for real estate, professionals make sure they get to do their research. This allows them to shortlist the software that they will want to dive further into because it won’t be reasonable to try and experience every single one out there until you’ve stumbled upon the best photo editing software for real estate photography. The next step from here is to do a free trial for the ones you’ve shortlisted. This experience gives firsthand testimony on what works and what doesn’t, and therefore gives a more concrete path to a decision.

However, there is the reality that there are already the best real estate photo editing applications that exist out there. There isn’t necessarily just one that trumps all the others but a set that will normally set the tone for the majority to be able to choose from.

What Do Professionals Use to Edit Their Photos?


Applications and software are critical to the process of editing. Even if you do not have the best real estate photo editing software, it is required to have one in order for photos to be processed and not handed in as raw shots. Cameras cannot produce 100% sales-ready images for advertising purposes because of their technical specifications meant to follow a built-in logic.

But it is important to understand that even if this is the case, the software that should be chosen must posses all of the basic requirements of post-processing. In case one doesn’t, then a combination used simultaneously could be a choice. Professionals must find the following in what they consider the best real estate photo editing software.

Organizational Features

The best real estate photo editing applications must possess file management features. Of all the images snapped during the shoot, there needs to be a system to group them together and make sure you find them at your own convenience.

Depth of Complexity

As much as we’d love to have the best real estate photo editing software contain easy-to-use tools, they have to contain the right length of enhancements that brings out the vibrancy of each image. Real estate photo editing deals with a lot of changes, and thus, pixels have to go with the flow of the manipulation perfectly. Some of the best real estate photo editing software are programmed to have the depth when it comes to changing colors. Pixels, the basic unit of color in these displays for enhancement must sometimes be changed to cover something or bring something into place. Such requirements are the cornerstones for post-processing especially for techniques like object removal and sky replacement.

Top 5 Real Estate Photo Editing Tools in 2022

2022 has brought a lot of new versions of familiar names in the world of the best real estate photo editing applications but all the same, they are the ones professionals know and love so well that help them get the job done. Again, there might not be one single real state photo editing software which can satisfy the requirements of the job. Some become plugins of other applications that allow an easy switching and importing of work from one window to the next.

Adobe Photoshop

The ability to make clean changes is critical to bringing convincing and realistic photos to your viewers when posted on the listings. In 2022, it has made waves with its AI addition or the artificial intelligence that helps making processes quicker.


Gnu Image Manipulation Program is as much complex as most offerings by Adobe. It can come free or paid to unlock more features but all the same, it is one of the best ones you can find in 2022 should some software be too complex and heavy.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom has one of the best file management systems in the game. It can help you build a catalogue and library for you to easily navigate your photos and who doesn’t love being able to get around things faster.


For the lighter edits, there is Canva. This online editing app which can be free or aid as well can provide pre-sets to photos to exhibit an already finished product with just a click. It might not be able to work as well as Photoshop, but it is definitely worth trying,

Aurora HDR

Stacking bracketed Images? Aurora HDR has one of the best stacking modules especially with its artificial intelligence built into the program. The vibrancy that comes out does not match any other software that processes HDR and as such, this should be at least a plugin for your chosen application.

Computers vs. Phones

There has always been a debate whether laptops must be the primary choice for the best real estate photo editing experience. With the rise of even better smartphones, these tools of the trade cannot be overlooked as they have already made their way up into the spotlight. There is no single answer for which ones to use at any point in time but there definitely are the points of argument that can be made on when to use them.

Being in Transit

Being an editing professional and digital nomad at the same time requires you to always be on-the-go. This isn’t easy when all you have is a desktop, but things become easier when you have a laptop you can carry around. Thing is, it might require you to settle down on a coffee shop or a place with a table and seat for you to start hacking away at post-processing. Mobile phone photo editing could then be a viable alternative wherein even when you are on a commute, you may well be editing to be efficient.

Final Thoughts

The best tools for any real estate editing professional is the best real estate photo editing software they can work with to bring out the best in each photo. There are choices which can be considered where one does not necessarily gets crowned as the sole winner. Looking at how you use them allows you to decide which one works best and in what set up, giving you the optimal choice therefore coining it, the best.


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