5 Online Real Estate Photo Editing Applications and Services for Aspiring Freelancers

The dream of being a professional real estate editing professional starts with that first step. Aspiring freelancers can get a real kick out of just being able to map out the journey. One of the things that they must keep in mind along the journey is that it shouldn’t be as costly to be one. Alternatives such as online real estate photo editing could be an initial take to the enhancement process which could require installation of an application with a subscription fee to acquire that license key. Another thought could be contracting online real estate photo editing services. These organizations can provide speed, quality, and adequate levels of value-added services which ultimately contributes to every editor’s goal, whether tenured or new, coming to life.

The common denominator between these two is that they are found on the web. There does not need to be any long-term commitment to be able to access either and best of all, it gives you the power to decide for any form of online real estate photo editing. Of course, there has to be a solid thought process when making a decision. You have to map out your journey in real estate photo editing to be able to determine to what scale would you need to enhance images and therefore find the best strategy to do so.


Online photo editing for perfect real estate photos, whether done through a web app or a service must not fall short of your standards and must adhere to professional requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure that every image that flies out of the computer and into the agent’s listings are more than enough to be called stunning. Being a freelance editor with a lone set-up could mean you need to work extra hard to maintain such high quality but as anything, there are benefits to being your own boss.

How Do I Start a Freelance Photo Editing Business?

So, you’ve decided you want to be a freelance photo editor doing an online real estate photo editing business. Starting out shouldn’t be a chore if you really want this to happen. It takes a little bit of hard work, coupled with the right steps, and culminated with the proper attitude. With this, check out what you need to do in order to be your own online real estate photo editing service.

  1. Secure a Permit

Every state or city could require a different set of permits or documentation to be secured. The bottom line is, you need to declare yourself as an income generating service so you can pay the right taxes and abide by any consumer laws.

  1. Find Your Market

Entering at this stage of the game using online real estate photo editing means is by far, never too late. Thing is that professionals who have established their name in the industry have solidified a clientele that already pleads loyalty. This shouldn’t discourage you as there will always be a niche where you can start from. Others may look to start their careers in the real estate business selling properties and could be looking for an online real estate photo editing partner and that’s where you come in.

  1. Strategize on Getting Photos Done

On your end, it’s a good opportunity to decide whether you want to do it yourself or outsource the job. Getting a real estate photo editing software online to try out the former operating model could potentially be a good catapult to learning the ins and outs of the technicalities of editing. Choosing to contract other real online real estate photo editing services could also be an option to stretch the capacity you may not be able to finance at this point.

What are the Best Online Photo Editing Sites and Services?

There is a sea of choices when it comes to the online real estate photo editing scene. Any applications is readily available free of charge for you to use and marvel at. However, it might take quite a bit more work to know if an online real estate photo editing service will live up to your expectations. In this list, we feature the ones that can be very useful and trustworthy and could be a starting point to discover others. Check them out and see for yourself.

  1. Canva (Online Application)

Canva has made quite the waves in the last few years. People have been signing up for a free or paid account that can create alluring photos with just a matter of clicks. While it isn’t a dedicated online real estate photo editing software, it has enough tricks up its sleeve to add music, text, and even pre-set filters to make the vibe even more stunning.

  1. Fotor (Online Application)

Beginners will definitely find it easy to navigate Fotor. Similar to Canva, it is free and can create enhanced images with its set of tools and features. It also has a premium version which gives you access to numerous other features which you might just find useful for your property edits.

  1. Pixlr (Online Application)

Given that Pixlr works for both a laptop and a mobile device is enough to tell you that this is a good choice for the on-the-go professional. It contains an array of tools that can be comparable to most complex and paid photo editing software, so it truly is a steal at its current state.

  1. Google Photos (Online Application)

If you have a Google account, then you will definitely have access to Google Photos. Its hassle-free features are much like its other applications so you won’t have to fear about navigating about. Best of all, it has the basic editing functions but none of the fancy ones, and yet still enough to make a photo look good.

  1. com (Online Service)

Last but not the least is the online real estate photo editing service Photoandvideoedits.com. This service can edit your images in 24 hours or less, giving you the confidence you need to deliver a promise to your clients. Its vast number of techniques done by professionals is something you could also benefit from whether it’s a single photo or a large volume of shots. It is worth giving a try and seeing for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Being a freelance editing professional in this industry has a lot of options to offer you in order to make it a career worth pursuing. There are of course prerequisites you must accomplish but after that, the sea of options is for you to drown yourself in when making a choice. Thing is, there are the ones that make the cut which you could try and validate for yourself.


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