5 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

These days even real estate agents can get into the mix of real estate video marketing. The creativity is boundless and so is the potential content you can throw out there. Video marketing for real estate agents is not limited to the properties they sell. Recent days have shown us that people are also interested in looking beyond properties and perhaps into the industry itself whether from a buyer or a seller standpoint. The amount of real estate video marketing ideas can then span to almost anything you can think of as an agent.

Consider the inside of your office, what concepts or ideas can you share with the general public? These could be something useful to them without being detrimental to the entire business. Perhaps share some tidbits about yourself. You know, the favorite neighborhood real estate agent. Real estate video marketing is a great avenue to get this all out, do a narrative, be creative, and simply put yourself out there as a real estate agent for everyone to love.

Do Getting-to-Know Videos

Taking advantage of different aspects and sides of yourself as a real estate agent is only one of the many ways you can expand real estate marketing ideas. Audiences will feel alive seeing their favorite real estate agent in many different videos that would be a inside look into their mind, lives, and interests. In this way, real estate agent video marketing can and will make waves, and each one of them is a great idea to publish in themselves.

  1. Agent Profile

You can make a short clip of yourself, giving people a good background of your work. Shooting a short but catchy clip with all the quirky transitions and effects will be a nice real estate video marketing touch. Perhaps start off with a line where you let them know you’ve been in the company or business this long, but you have had a really different history of work and fell in love with this industry. Or you may opt to take pride in showing off your great resume and accomplishments. This will help gain trust and credibility at the same time and what better way to position it that something people can be confident with.

  1. What You Do Daily

Giving the audience a sneak peek into a day-in-the-life type of real estate video marketing will help them appreciate the work that you do even more. Real estate is not just about selling but it’s a business that requires attention to detail and a keen eye for opportunity. See, what people normally encounter is the sale or the paperwork, but they don’t see how the effort is poured into the photo editing as well as the planning that went into putting up the site, the sales plan, and all of that. At this point, you should get out of your shyness and try to make a world of excitement out of all of it.

  1. Client Reviews and feedback

The third real estate video marketing idea you may want to consider is going around town and asking your previous clients to relay their experience on film. You might need to explain to them what you are trying to do as well as prepare your questions beforehand, so they won’t be feeling ambushed during the interview. You may also want to ensure some details are confidential like the address they purchased and how much they purchased it for. A true real estate marketing video that respects the public will make sure to keep the details within the experience of buying and nothing more.

Create Videos on Advice and Tips

Real estate agent video marketing doesn’t need to be super straining on the creative side all the time. It also can and should be educational with some of the videos you publish. This allows you to help would-be buyers to be decided buyers and even push the envelope further by getting them as your client/buyer.

  1. How to Manage Money in Real Estate

The fourth real estate video marketing topic or idea you might want to consider it doing a tutorial on how people sitting on the fence could get convinced on investing their money in real estate. People might be conservative about spending especially when the words interest and mortgage are involved. However, what they do not see is the value of being able to make more money by spending that money in real estate.

  1. What to Look for In Properties

You could also be teaching them how to check a property and see why one sells better than the other. Your fifth real estate video marketing idea could be helping them gain trust through being on their side, helping them watch out for themselves as they try to invest their hard-earned cash in real estate. Such videos need not be long, but they need to be exhaustive while being succinct.

Always Plan Your Content Ahead

Now, real estate video marketing is now always a walk in the park. There has to be some planning that goes into the videos. First off is the content. It would be good to bring out new contents that are unique to one another week on week, but it will also be helpful if you could plan a mini-series of topics which relate to one another. This way you’ll keep people coming back and waiting for what’s next within the installment.

Second is you may want to space it out properly, keep people expecting something on predictable days. Your rhythm and drumbeat will keep people following you regularly and helps establish the habit in them to see your real estate video marketing materials.

Final Thoughts

Real estate video marketing is not all that difficult. There is a creative side, but you do not need to exhaust yourself all the time to bring out eye-catching videos. In some cases, you should be able to also put out something informative and educational. This way, people will keep looking forward to the clips you are putting out. Now, it won’t always be an easy play, so you must be able to think ahead, list it down, and probably practices things ahead of actually recording it.


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