Benefits of Editing Real Estate Photos from Day to Night (Dusk) Settings

As both viewers and creators of property images, we can’t help but to think how the volume of photos out there start to make us jaded about the similarities thereby resulting to most photos being taken for granted. Editing real estate photos should not be taken as such. They should be able to still deliver on their promise to boost a photo’s attractiveness and at the same time assist in selling the property in the fastest way possible. As we take on editing real estate photos in Lightroom, Photoshop, or whichever application we choose, the challenge stands firm of what else can we bring to the table as editing professionals?

Real estate photo editing techniques then rise up to the challenge to bring in different looks. One of these is twilight image editing. It is the epitome of being different, deflecting from the usual sunny shots we see and instead focuses on what the night sky can bring. Transforming a day shot into a nighttime image speaks a lot in editing real estate photos. It can give your viewers a glimpse of what their potential purchase could look like from the outside at night and as they marvel in the beauty of it, decide to eventually purchase it.

But what exactly is editing real estate photos using the twilight enhancement technique? It’s taking a photo during the golden hour of sunset or sunrise, both of which provide the perfect scene of the rising sun gently peeking out of the dark grey sky to produce a seemingly alluring color that no one has ever seen. Editors then enhance these images to bring out the details of the night sky, contrasting it with the brightly lit interior of the property which exudes vibrance and warmth at the same time. Editing real estate photos has never shown such elegance and perfection.

Now, if this real estate photo editing technique produces such an impact, why isn’t it used every single time? Doing so would take out the innate wow-factor that it would bring. As you use something more often, it becomes an expectation rather than a treat and potential buyers and editors alike would simply grow desensitized over it, thereby giving away the secret weapon in editing real estate photos.


Exploring Creative Spaces

There are several benefits of editing real estate photos in a different way and they go beyond just making the sale. Some benefit both ends of the spectrum from the editor, the business, and all the way to the potential buyer. Being able to execute twilight enhancements on the side of the editor unlocks new aspects of their professional careers.

  1. A new take on photography

Getting up early or waiting for the right time in the afternoon to catch the perfect transition is the first step in all of this. Editing photos for real estate for twilight effects cannot be possible without the right shot to work with and so the preparation must be perfect. This entails setting up the home and the lights, finding the best angle, and preparing your gear so that when the time comes all you have to do is hit that button and you are on your way.

  1. Real estate photo editing techniques

Effecting twilight edits is not easy. An editor must be able to work on layer upon layer to bring out the intended effect. There is no single filter nor pre-set that would simply get you what you want for this and probably the reason why it is not as common as well is the difficulty of this real estate photo editing technique.

Giving a Whole New Perspective

We all know the sunny scene and it’s been a practice for professionals in editing real estate photos. We want the warmth, the feeling of brightness, and the upbeat mood. However, as well see all of this and think if there’s any originality left in the market. Twilight enhancement or the editing of day turning into night brings something new to the table. It gives people a different view of the property and somehow can be a selling point that works in a heartbeat.

Increasing Property Value

One perspective this can help give is the perception of value. People will be willing to pay the best prices for properties they know will make their dreams come true. Photos do have this effect. If they are able to help it sell faster, then it can definitely help it sell higher. Some studies have proven that editing real estate photos can propel property listing values by as much as 30 percent of their original value. This might be due to the drive by demand with limited supply whose crowd is drawn in through the attraction to photos.

Showcasing Your Abilities

Given that the twilight effect is one real estate photo editing technique that requires a lot of work and skill, it can be a sign of an editor’s abilities. Throwing this out can create jaw dropping moments but also given its rarity in the market, how might it be a showcase of talent?

  1. If you know how to do it, do it well

Being one of the few names in the industry can be enough to give you the credibility to be the best. Not everyone might be able to pull off the right transformation on a day to night photo and so if you can churn this out consistently even on an infrequent basis, you may just be able to be the go-to name in the industry for this.

  1. Use it to your advantage

One of the benefits of being good at this and doing it to please your client is you are now the subject matter expert. You can choose to share your knowledge and profit from it or simply do it out of passion. Whichever the case is, you possess the rarity of being able to execute this real estate photo editing technique cleanly for others to see and perhaps charge a pretty penny for it.

Final Thoughts

Editing real estate photo from day to night has its benefits. It might be something that cannot be a constant but for sure can be a winner once it hits the listings. Remember, this technique is more difficult to do that most and so is something that is worth learning as the impacts are immense.


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