Commercial Real Estate Chromatic Aberration Removal: It’s Cause and It’s Solution

Cameras are meant to be the gateway to immortalize a moment however, there are inherent imperfections that are built into it that make the photograph sometimes come out a lot different than we expected. See, machines have limitations and no matter how manufacturers ang engineers have designed this equipment, there is no complete way to mimic the power of the human retina to process images. Zooming into one of the most common processes to help aid these flaws is commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal. Using Photoshop to remove chromatic aberration in commercial real estate photos is just one of the many ways this can be fixed along with other photo imperfections.

Here we can define what chromatic aberration is. Sometimes we have seen it but fail to recognize the phenomenon for what it is resulting into an opportunity to fill the gap with more knowledge to combat it for future occurrences. Commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal might be something you find yourself doing over and over especially since post-processing carries an easier task than trying to avoid it at the camera level.

Can commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal be easily done? We discuss the pros and cons as well as the different ways, on-and-off your computer to get your photos taken up a notch. Using Photoshop to remove chromatic aberration in commercial real estate photos or any other of your trusty applications could be the first thing that pops into your mind but perhaps some options escape you in taking that leap to execute the edits. Lastly, chromatic aberration removal in commercial real estate photos should be a skill to learn to understand to its fullest extent, and therefore a quick run through of the process is essential to the whole picture.

What Does Chromatic Aberration Mean in Commercial Real Estate Photos?

Chromatic aberration is the manifestation of several colors or blurs that come out in rainbow hues rather than bringing out a crisp, sharp image. These are caused by fringing of light as it passes through different points of entry on your lens, which renders your camera unable to focus on one single source, thereby accommodating and churning all of them together. The image looks blurred, maybe too scattered, or even unfathomable for details.

The More Scientific Illustration

As the color white passes through the lens in a white color, it diffracts and becomes several colors that are present in rainbows namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Multiple sources of this white light can stack up quite inherently and thus destroy the balance present. Commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal endeavors to strike the balance again by adjusting the colors and their appearance in images, making the visible one return back to a whiter and less visible state.


Can Real Estate Chromatic Aberration be Corrected?

The simple answer is yes. Using Photoshop to remove chromatic aberration in commercial real estate photos is a common way to go about it. Numerous professionals seek the assistance of such applications due to their ability to work with a background intelligence and algorithm that helps determine the flaws and aims to correct pixels that are out of place. Commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal though, can be quite the task if you are out of practice or not as familiar as you’d like to be with the technique. With this, think about the pros and cons of doing them yourself and outsourcing it.

Taking on the Changes

It’s never bad to get your hands dirty and immersed into the action. Commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal requires a constant level of practice in order to train yourself and reading up or watching videos alone won’t do the trick. However, in a real-world scenario where deadlines are piling up, there won’t be enough breathing room to practice or to do a trial and error. The work must be completed in a timely manner.

Getting the Aid of Professionals

What is the price of editing commercial photographsIn deciding to outsource, you can solve the pressing issue of time. Outsourcing services such as leverages the scale and the flexibility of demand as well as the speed of turnaround. Commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal will be handled by professionals and even the toughest jobs won’t be a problem. Give it a shot, you can always use their free trial to begin with. This way, you can try out their services and see for yourself the level of quality and speed they can bring.

How Do I Remove Chromatic Aberration Manually in Real Estate Photos?

Of course, learning it yourself isn’t all that bad. Commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal takes practice and a good eye to do but one that can be developed. The role of being able to do and to strategically decide when to outsource is a mark of a good businessman in this industry and with this, here are the general steps on removing chromatic aberration manually.

  1. Find where the aberration occurs (normally around structural edges). It’s normally easier to see the entire picture blurred than to see where the color started to make things look bad. You might need a closer look to identify where the line begins and ends.
  2. Leverage on the lens’ profile on your application to be able to better set your application to perform commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal and this feature adapts to the profile of flaws based on the lens sued.
  3. Reduce chromatic aberration further by using the sliders available on the lens correction panel. In this search for the balance, you must be able to find the sweet spot where all sliders counteract the intensity of the aberration and return it into a neutral state.
  4. Repeat as necessary and do not forget to save your work afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, cameras do present an inherent set of flaws that could be countered during the post-processing stage. The ability to rectify the multiple diffusions of color surrounding the property is not an easy task but one where software applications can lend a hand to make the task easier. In the process, think about throwing it into a scenario where you must work with several badly shot photos and this is where the consideration of outsourcing must be made even for commercial real estate chromatic aberration removal as you will also need to perform other edits along with it. At this point think hard about it. You won’t lose anything and in fact, you’d have everything else to gain.