Different Real Estate Photo Editing Styles to Try in 2021

This year has shown us a lot of new ways to enhance images in real estate photo editing. Seeing these new and emerging real estate photo editing styles is a testament to the iteration and potential of the art that never ceases to meet its client’s demands and makes people flock to listings for properties up for sale.

Check Out These Trendy Styles

Real estate photo editing can get repetitive, but it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. The emergence of real estate photo editing styles is a result of constant experimentation and creation until something worth replicating is produced. The ability of real estate photo editing professionals to stretch their imaginations within the scope of consumer acceptance yields to higher returns when the risk taken is higher. Therefore, learn new styles, or you can simply check these ones out that are popular in 2021.

  1. A less glossy finish, closer to muted tone

Real estate photo editing styles in 2021 include a less than usual touch of shine to the picture. We are used to a shiny finish to the image, giving it life and vibrancy, but removing this shouldn’t mean the complete death of the photo. Try using a duller filter, something muted, or something matte. This gives a whole new dramatic flair to the vibe.

  1. HDR blended finishes

HDR blending has been in use for so long but only in 2021 has it been a staple real estate photo editing style. There are a lot of gains from using HDR blending, and the end product exudes a lot of visibility and detail. Try it out and see if you’ll get an extra kick out of real estate photo editing.

  1. A darker tone of twilight

In real estate photo editing and photography, twilight images have been around for quite a while. However, a darker version has emerged as one of the more popular real estate photo editing styles in 2021. The difference that it is a dimmer version of the entire photo, with less emphasis on the orange streaks drawn by the setting sun. Do not forget to make the house as visible, but also lessen the lights inside the property, and make them dimmer as well.

  1. Rich color contrasts

Another trendy real estate photo editing style in 2021 is the emphasis on color contrast. There has to be more attention towards the object or in this case, the property. These elements of bringing in more focus include blurring or dulling the backgrounds, creating striking color differences, or simply making the property sharper than the background to make it scream and pop out.

  1. Blast from the past

Vintage, vignette, black and what, whichever you call it, this real estate photo editing style is making a comeback. Old looking photos touched up with some real estate photo editing filters will bring in attention and nostalgia that enables people to reel their attention into it. Try experimenting with filters, colors, and tones of black and white and you will learn to see some resemblance of a dramatic old image of a property.

Keeping It Professional

Even though there is room for creativity in real estate photo editing especially in practicing these 2021 real estate photo editing styles, the end in mind should always be a product that can fit a professional setting. Keeping in mind what constitutes a photo that will look like it is not flimsy nor playful will help with the overall impression of the real estate company to be serious, and it means business. To you, it will mean you fully understand their needs.

  1. Do not overdo it – Keeping it real, making things look natural, and making sure that you do not fly off to a land of fantasy by using the right color tones and lighting will keep you grounded.
  2. Avoid misleading – We’d hate to have real estate photo editing lie to potential buyers. Hence, do not manipulate such things as colors from red to blue or yellow to green nor should you remove imperfections that won’t physically disappear as time goes by.
  3. Maintain coziness – While doing some of these, do not throw away the very reason why you are trying to showcase the house through real estate photo editing.


Finding Your Style

There are a lot of different editing styles especially the stapple and emerging ones. Using all of those at once will throw you all over the place and perhaps give you an overwhelming feeling that none of it can be mastered or none of them will give you a unique identity to set yourself apart from other real estate photo editing professionals. The answer lies in the ability to build your own style. To do so will require a state of comfort and reflection as well as an assessment on how you perceive the experience.

  1. Find something you can associate yourself with

Identity is important especially when it comes to association. Select a style that speaks to you and best represents your personality and style. This will be something other people will know you for.

  1. Do what’s comfortable

You do not need to follow others or pick from the ones least used (or most used, for that matter). Try everything out and see which effect works visually for you, giving you the confidence to execute over and over for the benefit of the sales of your real estate client.

  1. Be true to yourself

Finally, it’s good to have role models. You might find yourself patterning some of the work you do from them, but do not forget that you are your own self. The minute you start exactly being a copy of someone else is the day you no longer grow. This is the minute you lose any grasp on creativity and the ability to think for yourself.


There you have it. Real estate photo editing has some twists and turns in creativity in 2021. These styles that have emerged have given rise to a whole new set of iterated looks that overall, give new life to what was once known to be a staple and stable set of techniques. A professional realty editor who wishes to practice these may also find the next s-curve that would lead them to discovering perhaps a new technique that will skyrocket as the next years’ new real estate photo editing styles.


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