Editing Real Estate Photos to Improve Property Images in 2022

Every year, the game steps up for editing real estate photos. The competition gets fiercer than ever with better rates, increased visual pleasantry, and even more editors coming into the industry. See, the influx of apps for editing real estate photos only mean that there has been an equal increase in the usage and profile of editors in the business. The only way to stay afloat in this sea of competitors is to bring out something new over a fixed frequency, say, every year or every few months. Clients would want to see new ways of editing real estate photos that can get new potential buyers on board, thereby generating a constant cycle of sales.

Why are new potential buyers that impactful? Well, think of it this way. If someone buys a house, it will take them years to get a new one or perhaps never at all again. This means if you have 10 potential buyers and all 10 of them have bought a property, who do you have left to sell to? This is why a set of new faces will help keep the cycle of sales going. One of the avenues for real estate businesses to keep this moving is through the help of the products of editing real estate photos.

What’s New in 2022?



Trends come and go, and then come back again. Some emerge as part of technological advancement and in 2022, things have gone to the next level. The rules on editing photos for real estate do not stay static and in fact, are subject to the creativity molded by the latest concepts and trends of recent times.

Drone Photo Editing

The advent of remote-controlled flying devices which can be mountable by a camera has taken a turn for the good. More and more professional photographers have adopted this style and have spun a totally new set of innovations for editing real estate photo attributes. Some of them include creating more vivid scenery since the shots you may now work with include greenery and maybe a body of water. In other ways, editing real estate photos for drone shots could incorporate creative labelling and scaling of where the property is located among all the interesting places close by. Lastly, drone shots could simply help you get verticals on exteriors easily and help eliminate this step in correcting the photo.

Mobile-Friendly Formats

These days, the increase in number of people flocking the internet through their devices seem like an infinite number to count. Editing real estate photos in 2022 to help improve image value and quality will have more impact when seen by people through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the likes. The foot traffic inherent to these social media spaces could boost up sales and viewership, especially when photos are uploaded at the right time frame. With this, it is important to know that editing real estate images for mobile-friendly formats are just as important, if not more important than ever in 2022.

Virtual Staging

Physical arrangements are now a thing of the past. Virtual staging has made editing of real estate photos even more flexible for everyone especially for real estate businesses. The technology available in 2022 has allowed editors to easily mix and match interior designs and create several iterations out of a single real estate image. Editing photos in Lightroom, for instance, is no longer complete without chucking in furniture to finish the job.

How Can I Enhance My Real Estate Photos?

Editing real estate photos takes quite a bit of know how both technically and strategically. Editors must know how to work hard but also work smart along the way. Therefore, the right choices on how to edit should be made in accordance with the needs of the situation.

Mobile Editing Applications

With all the real estate photo editing software spinning off to a mobile version for iOS or Android, it is only logical to have a version of it on every editor’s phone. This allows editors to flexibly work on the go especially when the setting does not allow a laptop to be drawn out from a bag. In another scenario, editing real estate photos through a mobile phone has gotten traction in recent years especially in 2022. This is because on-the-go editors have gotten more projects as it allows them to move from one site to the next faster, thereby allowing them to cover more in less time.

Real Estate Photo Editing Software

There’s nothing like a good enhancement done on a computer. Editing real estate photos in Lightroom is one way that most professional editors prefer to do the work. The vast number of tools and the complexity of the output it can provide is far more than any mobile device can provide. However, there is the reality that working from a computer, or a laptop requires settling down somewhere to operate it, as opposed to a mobile device that can be accessed even in transit.

How Do Professionals Do Their Editing?

What separates professionals from an average editor is their ability to recognize the needs of a client and deliver it in the highest of levels. First on the list will always be the speed of turnaround. Professionals editing real estate photos must do it with utmost speed and priority to be able to hand over quality-laden images in a matter of hours. Secomd is professionals know how to edit images in the standards the industry would accept and marvel about. As most editing checklists would go, this is one that they know in their hearts very well and learn to marry it with how new trends interface with editing requirements.

Final Thoughts

Editing real estate photos in 2022 is all about knowing what’s most likely to be perceived as sellable in the eyes of potential buyers. Professionals who know how to navigate the scenario by allowing these trends to manifest in images can get ahead of the competition and enables their businesses and clients to succeed. If you are looking to follow in these footsteps, read up and be knowledgeable on what is the latest and greatest in the world of editing real estate photos.


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