How Can Real Estate Photo Service Be Beneficial for Architecture?

Architecture defines a person’s style on how structures are built. It also reflects the era of a structure whether it is a residential property or a commercial building which ultimately dictates its own value. Architecture in real estate plays a significant role. The design and appearance are what buyers may be looking for depending on their purposes. Real estate photo service now becomes the bridge in emphasizing the architecture of a property. Contemporary themes are often found in overall designs, but the traditional aspects are found in the details. Photo editing services for real estate must bring out the salient points of the property to showcase these and make them surface for people or buyers to easily spot.

What is Architectural Photography?

The term architectural photography refers to the technique of focusing on the exterior of the real estate property. It also includes interiors when necessary if the insides are just as worth of being the selling point as the outsides. Real estate photo services for architectural photography must have a very broad view. It must take into consideration all types of structures such as bridges, skylines, buildings, and houses.

For traditional or old-style architecture, the structure will normally have more intricate carvings and darker colors such as brown or reddish tones that allude to bricks as the main material of construct. More modern designs will be minimalistic or simplistic in nature and will use the lighter color tones, except when the hues of black or grey are used. Furthermore, it will be easier to spot modern day architectural designs as these play on more daring shapes and designs as a result of better understanding of physics and civil engineering.

When performing finest photo editing for residential real estate, it is important to begin with photos that are set up to give off an authentic feel to the photo. Therefore, the following is a simple checklist that will ensure that photo editing for architectures will produce the best photos:

  • Photos shot in the daylight will better expose the structure’s intricacies that shooting in the nighttime. Evening shots are preferred if there are sufficient sources of light or when the property’s lights must be showcased along with the structure. Think about how the Helix bridge in Singapore will look like during the day versus during the night.
  • Including the landscape as a support to the structure will give more context to the architecture. Real estate photo services can do a building justice by giving readers or potential buyers the area that surrounds it if it gives an authentic feel or has become a contemporary piece around a traditional area.
  • Interiors will require the same approach for most real estate photos: a good impression of space, a decluttered room, and most importantly a well lit and cheerful area. Having said this, it is important to bring along your wide-angle lenses and flash to capture better impressions of the insides.

What Techniques Constitute Architectural Photography?

Realty editor for architectures will involve photography techniques creativity in selecting where to best take the photo depending on the structure. If the structure is traditional in architecture, a still approach is recommended. This means shooting from a distance to capture the building or home to include the landscape. When shooting for more modern structures, you can be creative with perspectives while playing with different equipment such as drones or going a top ladders for that heightened vertical impression. For instance, modern buildings might require an image coming from the building’s foot staring up at the massive tower hence, a tripod that might allow a flexible range of motion might be preferred. If it is a skyline, going to a rooftop to conduct your photo shoot may be the best way to do it. In other words, the message you want to convey is that this structure has an architectural design that stands out and this is how beautiful it looks no matter how you view it.

After the photos have been taken, the process of photo editing for architectures begins. Note that real estate photo services are end-to-end, meaning to produce the right edits, the right photo must be used. Here are some of our picks for the best software edits to bring out the details in the photo:

  • Light! Light! Light! – We cannot emphasize the importance proper lighting more than we are now. A proper balance of light distributed in the photo should be the first order of things. Too much glare can remove the best architectural designs from the structure, therefore missing out on the point of architectural photography.
  • Color and Hue – During retouching or editing, the colors must be adjusted to allow certain depths and details to surface. Sometimes even an addition of a shadow can causes a pillar to stand out. Photo editing service for real estate is a crafty art. It blends in several mixtures of colors to make sure you are showcasing the uniqueness of the structure.

What are the Benefits of Photography Services to Architects?

You may ask what the benefits are when people do not really have the money to buy an entire building or buy a bridge as they see it online or in magazines. It might come to you as a surprise, however, that photo editing for architectures has a market in online or print media! The photos taken of structures now becomes the cornerstone of attention as people read through articles or those who simply want to understand more about that structure. Take for instance, the 7-star hotel in Dubai. Not everyone will be able to visit it but photos captured will allow people to appreciate it and dive further into details and who knows, your photos might even invoke a feeling of challenge for someone to someday visit it. These photos may also be the venue where people learn about something and choose to visit a place as a tourist to appreciate the home or structure.


While architectural photography might not be as popular, it is getting traction. Photo editing for architectures might be in demand before you know it and part of getting there is learning the techniques and benefits to it. There are indirect benefits which are present and not necessarily tied up to selling a property and being the photographer, it is an entire world of opportunity.


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