How to Fix Color Cast Issues Using a Real Estate Photo Editor?

Colors, hues, shades, these are all words that point to the same thing. They bring life and vibrance to the image, and become one of the reasons for garnering attraction from potential buyers. However, as good as colors are in bringing in the sale, they could be editing’s worst enemy. Color casts can appear as a form of color imperfection. These can show images as if they were thrown a color of a very striking color. But fear not! A real estate photo editor is well equipped with removing such atrocities. Real estate photo editing software these days comes  with all sorts of tools that allow you to make the photo look natural once again. Your bid in doing so is important in bringing the image back to a natural feel.

In this reading, we’ll take a look at what causes color casts. It is important that in using a real estate photo editor, we understand the roots of the problems before bringing forth a solution. In such cases we are then able to determine what we can do to mitigate such occurrences.

Next up, we will be taking a look at ways we can remove this via a real estate photo editing software. Fixing a color cast in Photoshop has been a crowd favorite ever since and this is something that can be learned and mastered as well.

What Causes Color Cast in Photography?

Defining a color cast answers the question of what causes it and in photography, color casts are a result of light being dominated and therefore infused with a particular color. The camera picks it up because the lenses are meant to take in the visual from the camera’s perspective. Thing is, our eyes are meant to do the same, it’s just that we are able to process the colors and our optical make-up allows us to adjust visually, thus making us independent of any real estate photo editor, biologically.

Take for instance an interior shot. A bowl of fruit is placed on the table with the banana sticking out in its glorious shade of yellow. The camera will most likely pick up a tint of yellow and create a color cast from this, throw it as a tint of yellow and while you shouldn’t stop taking that photo, just remember you can have that fixed through your favorite real estate photo editing software.

How Do You Remove Color Cast?

Do not fret. As mentioned, real estate photo editing software are equipped to handle color casts in any form and size. They are easy to use, and above all, effective. For instance, color cast removal in Photoshop will only take 3-4 steps at most but if you switch to Adobe Lightroom, you may experience an even better execution. These are some proven methods which would allow you to remove color cast with the known real estate photo editors

1. Restore your white balance

Generally, color casts are a result of imbalance in color. Case in point is the banana being the dominant shade. So, what does a balance in color look like? We’ve learned in school that the color white is actually a combination of several colors. They contain blue, red, yellow, green, indigo, violet, and orange. When combined, they will produce the color white. The concept remains the same for color casts. You increase the level of any of these, they will come out and surface. Adobe Lightroom offers the eyedropper as a white balance correction tool. All it requires is for you to select the area you would want to correct and voila! Thing is, it doesn’t end here. You must still be able to perform adjustments on your exposure and lighting to be able to blend together an output that would look natural as the eyedropper wouldn’t be a one size fits all type of tool.

2. Photoshop’s Offerings

Match Color Adjustment feature

This option offers a great and easy way to get rid of that hue. Simply navigate your way through the image option to look for match color and make sure to select neutralize. The effects are almost instant and you could find your comfort in this technique for its efficiency.

Levels Adjustment Layer

If you’re feeling adventurous with Photoshop as a real estate photo editor, then the Levels adjustment layer is the route for you! With this, start out by creating a layer. Choose the create new fill icon and take on Levels which acts as a protective layer so you don’t actually damage the photo.The next step is to select the eyedropper which works similar to the one in Lightroom. Should the results not be to your liking, just find other areas in the frame to execute until the entire photo takes on a natural look.

Are Color Casts Normal?

Yes, they are. Color casts appear because there is no perfect balance in every frame of the photo. They are considered to be highly common occurrences that most photographers do not favor having. Furthermore, there is the presence of colors which may run deep in some cases. Take for instance the house that looks neutral in beige but has the sun shining strongly in the background. The photo might take on a vintage sepia feel which could prompt you to edit it immediately in your real estate photo editing software. However, you might be able to look at it differently.

Color casts might actually provide a creative and artistic way to package your image. You could intensify some aspects to make it look like a filter for a rather dashing effect. With this though, your options could be limited. You might only be able to take advantage of color casts outdoors rather than indoors as the sun works toward providing a warm feeling.

Final Thoughts

Definitely, the first instinct is to correct a color cast. There are multiple ways through editors of real estate photos which could land you the result you deeply desire. While these exist because there is a demand for a natural look, there could be advantages to having a color cast work towards your favor. These might be limited in nature but that is where creativity kicks in by making a problem work like a solution.


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