How to Start a Real Estate Photo Editing Business from Home

There is no doubt that getting up on your own two feet brings a lot of pride and joy. This is the same sentiment you get if you are able to establish your own name in the real estate photo editing business. The question is though, where do I begin? The real estate photo editing business, just like any venture, begins with a single step and that is to educate yourself.

In the learning stages, there are four distinct steps which most scholars talk about. The first is not knowing that you do not know anything, this is the highly dangerous part where inaction is almost always at play. The second is knowing that you do not know anything. This helps you get up on your feet and helps you look for realty editor resources. The third is that you know something, but it is not turned up to hit the maximum potential of learning. This is where you cycle between stages 2 and 3. Finally, there is the fourth stage which is pushing the envelope of potential and racking up the growth you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this quick guide on how to get started.

Start Up Your Own Thing

Learn the ropes

  1. Read up or learn

Taking a class doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down in a room with people. In this day and age, there are tons of real estate photo editing resources that can get the ball rolling. Do a quick browse on what the internet has to offer, start from the basics and make your way to the more difficult concepts. Most real estate photo editing businesses are not born overnight. They are a result of hard work and dedication which normally begins with a simple step as well.

  1. Learn from the pros

Getting to know people in the field will also help the cause. A network of peers and friends can foster the exchange of ideas within the circle of real estate photo editing practitioners. Perhaps consider getting yourself a mentor, someone who has been in the real estate photo editing business for quite a number of years now. Make that relationship genuine and a two-way street such that both of you still learn from each other.

  1. Plan it out

A business plan will go a long way especially if the industry you are trying to navigate is totally new to you. The business plan should begin with what you want to get out of by starting your own real estate photo editing business and include any particulars on how you will achieve that goal. Having such a roadmap will help you stay the course and serve as a beacon of light whenever you feel like you are going astray with his journey.

Invest in equipment

  1. Camera

There are tons of cameras out there in the market. You can go absolutely crazy just by browsing each one but also take the effort and time to scrutinize a camera if it is the one that you will use for a long period of time. Also remember that real estate photo editing is dependent on the way photos are brought to the post-processing stage but be careful not to think that the camera along delivers this promise. It is the person behind the lens that ensures that a photo is of quality and with high standards.

  1. Accessories

You can purchase a tripod, a camera bag, and some lenses if you wish. After all, you are investing in real estate photo editing for it to be your bread and butter. Find something that won’t break the bank but still fulfill the function it intends to. There is probably little to no difference between a $20 tripod versus a $100 one. Both will hold up the camera and ensure stability in your shots.

  1. Computer

Now think of your intended post-processing lifestyle. Will you prefer to be on-the-go or not? This question will help you decide if setting up a real estate photo editing business will require a more mobile computer in a laptop or a good old desktop right sitting right on your workstation. Also check for the specifications such as RAM and storage capacity, as these two major items will play a role on how photos are process in your computer. Higher specifications will normally yield better results, but always check your budget if it fits your desired spending.

Find an awesome software

Free or paid, the decision is yours but keep in mind that most paid subscriptions for real estate photo editing software will contain more features and give you better enhancements. Try looking at some developers such as Adobe, Skylum, GIMP, or even Pixlr to get you started.

Go out and look for clients

  1. Market your services

Once you’ve set up shop, you need to let the world know that you are in the real estate photo editing business. Advertise in channels such as blogs, YouTube videos, newspapers, or jump on the bandwagon of social media to create your own business page and start marketing like crazy.

  1. Network with people

Word of mouth is powerful, as testimonies carry a lot of weight. Perhaps you can start off doing some projects free of charge just to get your name out the door and when people start liking it then you can start charging for a fee because after all, it is a business.

Manage your financials

  1. Create a pricing strategy

Pricing is crucial in the real estate photo editing business. People will of course want to look for the best bargain and prices within this competitive industry so think of how you can minimize costs at your end to make your pricing lower, with of course taking into consideration a profit at the end.

  1. Finalize the papers

Documentation is just as important as the execution of the real estate photo editing work. People would want to see you being officially registered perhaps as a micro-business at this point where you are paying your taxes and providing receipts to your clients. Make sure you’ve got these nailed down prior to jumping on the boat, because once it sets sail, you might have a hard time retracing your actions.


Starting your own real estate photo editing gig takes some work, but something that should be worth doing and could eventually be your steppingstone to success. These tips serve as a guiding light and could also be iterated on your end, but overall, they provide the general checklist of what you need in order to start in this business.


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