Real Estate Photo Enhancement: Before and After the Editing

Image transformation brings so much change that everyone in the real estate industry must get their hands on real estate photo enhancement services. The immense value that this type of service delivers can help properties sell faster and, in some cases, brings more than just speed to the real estate business. Real estate photo enhancement can elevate value and help bring credibility to the one marketing it. In fact, studies have shown that there is a correlation between properly edited images and better sales performance.

To better appreciate the entire process on why a single photo can make a whole world of difference, let us take a look at what happens before and after real estate photo enhancement. The truth behind all of it is that both the quality of execution of photography and enhancement contribute to what we see for the public eye. It is a meticulous behind-the-scenes job that not only entails precision but the will to ensure perfection. Photography requires craftiness and creativity more than anything. Some might need to ensure rules are adhered to but ultimately every property differs and thus requires the photographer to think of ways to make it happen. Real estate photo enhancement on the other hand requires the artistic hand coupled with the knowledge of rules and boundaries to make things acceptable yet attractive.


Finally, we will attempt to answer the question if real estate photo enhancement is considered misleading. There are arguments where it becomes such but being able to draw that fine line between what is and what is not within the bounds of editing should be able to guide you in this process., ensuring that you do not bend anything.

What is Real Estate Photo Enhancement?

While photography has gotten so much attention in many years, not a lot of people are highly familiar with real estate photo enhancement, what it is meant for, and what it entails.

First off, real estate photo enhancement is meant to make the photo adapt to the standards of the advertising world. You cannot publish dimly lit images on magazines, websites, or social media and expect people to flock to it and eventually get a high probability of a sale from it. Real estate photo enhancement and marketing always go together. It is what the real estate agents rely on o create talking points and allow their potential buyers to see every detail of the property.

Another aspect to real estate photo enhancement is creating a mood. People almost never pay attention to a cold and clammy image especially if the property is sitting under unfavorable weather conditions. This is why the technique of sky replacement matters in this type of work. Real estate photo enhancement aims to provide the potential buyer a reason to feel good about their purchase by showing the property’s own potential.

The last but not the least, real estate photo enhancement is simply put, the beautification of the image. Its goal is to make every photo a head turning by making sure it looks clean, vibrant, and alluring. With this, it must be able to remove unwanted objects and blemishes, patch up distractions, even make the colors look livelier than they really are. You would definitely want an image to be something people fall in love at first sight with, don’t you?

The Before and After

Now that we’ve defined what real estate photo enhancement is, it is worth noting that everything that happens here is already a job that is halfway done. The first part is getting the photos right and such an activity would be critical to ensure that the downstream process does not suffer. With this, check out what the preceding process, which is photography, can do for your real estate photo enhancement task.

Shooting Without Distortion

This oldest trick in the book is well, tricky. It requires photography to shoot their photos at angles which doesn’t allow the property, both interior and exterior, to show any signs of skewing. Photographers may need to get a taller height for the shot or a longer distance to make this happen so real estate photo enhancement does not suffer but due to some limitations on-site, there could be inevitable circumstances where editing saves the day.

Make it Sharp

Photography needs to be crisp and clear. The clarity matters because in post-processing, you can only do so much to recover blurred images, and such alone will require so much work. By using a tripod and perhaps a remote trigger, you can ensure some of the best-looking shots in terms of stability. This is because the element of human error which is inherent in every person is eliminated and the contactless attempt to snap an image allows for better shots.

Is Enhancing a Photo Cheating?

Here, we try to look at real estate photo enhancement being an acceptable task. It exists in the industry, so it should already be good, right? Well, with the power that real estate photo enhancement software brings, the possibilities are limitless. What most professionals must understand is that they should only enhance or change whatever is physically feasible and allowable under the circumstances. For instance, removing the neighbors out of the scene and putting the property in a forest-based area will be a big no-no. People looking for a recluse will definitely go for it but will be disappointed once they visit the place and find out it is a highly urbanized zone. While this is an extreme case, it helps build the case where real estate photo enhancement should not be used to mislead. It can enhance, but certainly not deceive people into baiting them into showing interest.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Real estate photo enhancement at the before and after stage, along with the concepts to help you understand everything that needs to be considered while doing this job. While it isn’t the 100% creative freedom one might have imagined, it definitely still gives room to exercise creativity and passion while adhering to certain rules and knowing such will help both the preceding and succeeding processes work in harmony to delivery only the best to your clients.


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