Real Estate Property Photo Editing Services for Vertical Line Straightening

Does your real estate photo of a building look as if it’s falling backward or inward? Is it misrepresenting the building’s real appearance and beauty? Do you know this distortion in your photographs can reduce the selling rate up to 50%? This problem mostly arises when you capture photos while not keeping the camera straight.

Oftentimes, photographers try to capture more area in a photo and end up distorting the perspective of the image. Vertical and horizontal lines in an image hold great importance in real estate photography as you can change angles, direction, and perspective completely by changing the straightness of these lines.

Real estate property photo editing can help you remove any problem you see in your photographs. Since there are different software and techniques available, different problems can be resolved using various techniques. If the vertical lines in your images are indeed not vertical or not parallel to each other, then your photographs will not look as appealing and the viewer will most likely ignore them and move on to the next property. But worry not, there are several real estate property photography editing services available that you can take advantage of in order to remove this angle distortion from your images completely. Let’s go through numerous methods that you can use to remove this error from your real estate photographs.

Keep Your Camera Level

This whole problem of vertical lines arises because you might have forgotten to keep your camera in the right direction or level while taking photographs. To assist yourself and stop the same mistake from happening again it is better to use a tripod while capturing real estate photographs. Once you have placed your camera on the tripod, go to the settings and turn on the mode which shows grids on the screen. Now there will be vertical and horizontal lines on the camera screen. If you keep vertical lines in your photograph (such as windows, walls, or photo frames) parallel to the vertical lines of the grid shown on the camera screen then the end result will come out perfectly oriented.

Pick the Right Camera Lens

Your camera lens choice will also play a great role in straightening the verticals in your photographs. A 24-77 mm lens will keep the vertical lines distortion at bay and will also let you cover more area in a photo. Another possibility is using a 16-35 mm lens as it will also minimize this error as much as possible. But out of these two, a 16-35 mm lens helps the most in this regard and also captures more room in real estate photographs.

Position of Your Camera with Respect to The Eye

Try to avoid keeping your camera at eye level when you are standing. If you do that you will end up capturing either more of the floor or more of the ceiling. You can keep the camera at eye level while you are kneeling, not standing. This way you will cover essential things more rather than covering the floor more. Similarly, if you are in the kitchen, try to move a little bit up and then bring the camera to eye level and capture photographs in this manner. It will help you keep the countertops and other similar things in line and straight.

Camera Angle

The angle of your camera will determine the angle of the final photograph. Different real estate properties have different camera angle demands. If the photographs are shot from corner to corner then there are high chances of removing the problem of vertical lines distortion from the real estate photographs. Choosing the right angle will not only help you keep vertical lines parallel to each other but you will also be able to cover more areas in the photograph. These factors will inevitably improve your picture’s quality as well as increase your real estate photography sales.

For Best Results Utilize Property Photography Editing Services

If the above methods do not give you your desired results then the best choice is taking help from the realty editor experts who can bring all the necessary changes in your photographs to make them look appealing and attractive to the viewer. They are skilled in software like Photoshop and Lightroom programs. So making such changes in images without disturbing its quality is easy for them. Plus by utilizing their expertise you save time and the hassle of learning these techniques yourself. Different techniques are used based on the needs according to the errors present in the original image.

For straightening vertical lines, angle correction techniques can be used. Vertical line errors occur when you tilt the camera in the wrong angle so, in order to rectify this issue, image rotation can be used with precision and accuracy so you do not end up tilting the image more.

Similarly, a wide-angle perspective correction technique is used to straighten the vertical lines that may have gotten distorted due to the wrong choice of camera lens. Perspective cropping is another technique that is often used for the same purpose. In it, the image is cropped if it has blank space around it (blank areas often come in an image when you try view correction). Through this cropping, you will get the right pixel dimensions and this dimension correction will bring the vertical lines into a straight line.

These real estate property photo editing techniques will show the best results only if they are done by the professionals. A thorough understanding of the concepts is required in order to get the desired end results because only an expert can match different coordinates in an image in the ideal proportion.

Straightening the vertical lines is essential for presenting realistic images and making the potential buyer come closer to buying the property. By converting the images in the right format with photo editing techniques, you will get images that will display the true beauty of the property to the viewer. Therefore, increasing your chances of successfully getting more Real Estate photography shoots!


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