Top 5 Real Estate Image Retouching Apps for Android Phones

It’s been quite a while since the Android OS has taken over the market. The last decade has been mostly about developing the system, creating more efficient features and giving users the best experience that they could ever ask for. It has also tried to compete with the iPhone’s iOS, giving people a tough decision on preference. For professionals who are in the field of real estate retouching, either decision could help the work turn into a more convenient workstation but there are of course pros and cons of either choice. Even some of the best real estate image retouching software have produced versions for either operating system thus, a careful selection is imperative in making the right choice for you.

Another point to consider is what works well with what. There are real estate image retouching applications that were developed by the same developers of Android, which is Google. But this isn’t to say an iPhone already lags behind.

The last point to ponder is on the app that suits you best. There will be free ones and those that come with a price tag. Sometimes we want something to be completely free so we can avoid shelling out some cash but also keep in mind that the ones that may give us the editing prowess we need

Android vs. iOS

Ok so the never-ending debate of Android vs. iOS is a topic that is always discussed in larger forums. But in the context of real estate image retouching or where the best real estate image retouching software will be compatible with, it is always the overall assessment of several aspects that must be taken into account. There are no one-size fits all solutions that will cater to every single professional’s needs. See, real estate image retouching.

User Interface

While there may be highly similar user interfaces to both Android and iOS, there are little quirks and differences present in each brand. Some might say for their real estate image retouching needs, their Android device will provide much more flexibility. On the other end, iOS users love the flowability of the screen and its powerful processors which allow for what some might call the best real estate image retouching software compatibility.

Laptop or Computer Software

In the choice between either operating system, it would also be wise to look at what your laptop is running on. Windows has a high compatibility with Android and shares a similar interface. Some real estate image retouching applications will have a laptop/computer version with a mobile counterpart hence, you might need to think about having the same OS should you have the computer and mobile set up, switching between each other for mobility purposes. An iPhone on the other hand, will be able to transfer photos to a Window’s OS, but will just have that much limited interaction unless iTunes is installed. Otherwise, a Mac OS will be your best bet to unlock a seamless interface between your phone and computer

Which is the Best Editing App for Android?

In America, iOS users comprise of 53% of all users while 47% belongs to Android users. For the smaller percentage of users, fret not, the real estate image retouching scene does not necessarily mean it suffers due to the lower turnout, but it is noteworthy to know that these applications have been built for both OS to operate at their best capacities and compatibilities. For avid Android users, check out these top 5 real estate image retouching apps for your Android phones.

Photoshop Express

Need output fast? Then this Android version of Photoshop has got you covered. It has the same power as your computer desktop version but may require subscription as well to unlock more features that it can offer in its free state.


Pronounced as ‘visco’ and developed by the Virtual Supply Company, this Android application for real estate image retouching is apt for your social media posting needs, which we all know is a platform to snag a lot of foot traffic from.

Adobe Lightroom

With powerful pre-sets, this mobile version of Adobe Lightroom is definitely a steal. It comes free and produces images with the highest vibrancy so you can always rely on getting the stunning image that’s on your mind.


One of the most sought-after features of PicMonkey even in its mobile form is the background eraser tool. It also interfaces well with social media platforms, therefore making it a choice if you are maintaining a social media page for your real estate business.


Made by Google for both Android and iOS, it has all the inner workings of a complex real estate image retouching app. It can enhance color and exposure, select objects, and declutter your photo. Thing is, you do it on a smaller screen, better use a stylus to make sure your edits are precise.

Some Items to Look Out For

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the group of best real estate image retouching software because let’s face it, not all applications are made perfect nor equal. We just have to make sure that our losses in disadvantages are minimal and in which aspects we’d like to play on.

Lighter Versions Mean Lighter Features

For the real estate image retouching software like Lightroom which was applauded due to its more than enough editing tools on top of its already useful file management features, its Android version lacks the elements such as pre-set templates and backgrounds plus some retouching features. Other free software also might have less features to use due to their ability to operate under a small processor with smaller devices. Then again, the phone was never meant to be the primary real estate image retouching equipment.

Chance of a Redundant Payment

Some require payment to unlock more features and thus, may make you end up paying for the laptop subscription and the Android version. We know that going mobile these days could mean opening a whole new world of possibilities so try and think of creative ways on how to work this. For instance, you may be able to use a real estate image retouching software for your Android that works as a plugin for your computer-based application. This allows you to still work while being on-the-go while getting some work done.

Final Thoughts

Your Android phone carries potential where you want it to go. To be able to maximize it as a real estate image retouching application, you may want to play its strengths and look at how it fits the entire picture of your needs. Happy hunting and do your best to learn in the process.


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