Top 5 Real Estate Photo Editing Software for Photographers in 2022

Every real estate editor needs a good tool to make sure the work is done right. On one hand they have their camera and gear and on the other their real estate photo editing software. The latter is a choice that is just as important as the former and thus, choosing the best photo editing software for real estate enhancement can give them the speed and quality that should accompany their promise.

There could be several choices out there on the shelves, some could perhaps be familiar names in real estate photo editing software spaces, and some could be emerging challengers in the market. Making a wrong choice could end up costing you wasted effort because you haven’t found the features you need or perhaps the complexity you require to make an appealing image. Perhaps a free real estate photo editing software could do the job while not necessarily needing you to spend monthly on it. All it takes is making sure you know the ins and outs of the app that strikes your attention and looking at your options fairly and with an inquisitive mind.

What Features Should Your Software Have?

Before going out to pay for ringing up a real estate photo editing software on the cash register, you’d better get your list solid of all the features you will want and need in an application. This way, the selection process becomes faster as you are able to find one because of function more than style and popularity itself. Keep in mind, even the best photo editing software for real estate will not be a one size fits all. It still boils down to working for you and making you feel both confident and comfortable.

Color and Light Adjustments

Find a real estate photo editing software that has a wide range of adjustments in sliders. A better sign in some applications would be the presence of numerical adjustments. This allows incremental and micro adjustments that even sliders cannot do.

Vertical Line Straightening

The sensitivity in such an operation requires the utmost precision when being done. A real estate photo editing software that possesses the ability to do such should be able to do one cleanly without too much work involved. Some use artificial intelligence and algorithm to ensure that the system helps the user, and this should also be a top-tier consideration.

Sky Replacement

In every photo, sky replacement could have a 90% chance of being implemented. Its impact to each photo is enormously critical to the real estate business as it is to the eyes of the potential buyer. Some real estate photo editing software online could get you the results you will require, but there’s nothing like installed software that can do the job in less steps. Think about this aspect when you do your trials.

Retouching Tools

Retouching could be a general term, but here is where the work gets tricky due to the complexity. You will need tools with extreme precision with pixels and function and looking at similar standards can make retouching easier. In your search for the best real estate photo editing software in 2022, go for convenience and speed without the compromise on quality.

What are the Top 5 in 2022?


To help narrow down the choices, it’s best to look for those that have bene proven and tested through the years or even decades. Thing is, with all the emerging real estate photo editing software, it would actually be beneficial to consider more than just the top 5 on this list.

Adobe Lightroom

More than the file organization features which Lightroom is known for, there are other features that make it one of the top choices. Its healing brush tool, sharpening and blurring tools, pre-sets are just some of the reasons why you should jump on this as a real estate photo editing software of choice. It’s so complete and convenient, it is highly recommended for new professionals in the business. There is also an ease of switching between different images you are working on, so you aren’t constrained on one canvas alone.


This is a free-to-use software if you’re looking to save some cash. It easily integrates into social media as well, making it the perfect partner if you are heavy on posting on these platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It boasts of a background removal tool that is executed at one click and could be a real reason to use it as a standalone application or as a supplement to another.

Adobe Photoshop

The well-known development by Adobe continuous to wow editors even in 2022. It’s latest iteration includes all the inner workings of a convenient application with artificial intelligence backing up its engine. It can perform sky replacements faster that its previous versions, giving real estate editors a real bang for buck on this latest development.

Luminar AI

This AI-laden application is a real estate editor’s dream for that easy yet top-notch experience for real estate photo editing. With an interface as simple to use as Adobe Lightroom, no one would be complaining about how this caters to only the beginner or the advanced. On top of all of this, you can save your edits into styles and pre-sets so putting them on your next projects will be as easy as one two three.

Aurora HDR

Who doesn’t love a license that lasts a lifetime with just one payment? Aurora HDR can bring your bracketed shots to life with its extensive color range which should promise a vibrant output more than anything else. See, even if its latest iteration is not necessarily up in 2022, the software still stays relevant no matter what. There are features to produce stunning HDR photos that can do the job perhaps better than other real estate photo editing software can.

Final Thoughts

The best real estate photo editing software in 2022 could just be right under your nose. There are a lot of choices to pick from, but only the ones that make sense to your requirements should be the one you select. It won’t always be a completely well-rounded tool and thus you may need to use more than just one in your quest for the most stunning image that gets produced each time.


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