Top Communication Apps to Help Your Real Estate Photo Editing Team

Sometimes there are perks of working in a virtual setting and these are having less assets to worry about, overheads to pay, and even the possibility of closing the office during difficult environmental situations. Lately there has been the rise of a virtual working space where real estate photography editing could have already been doing in recent years. See, real estate photography editing services by nature are done through the power of the internet. The product is sent through electronically and payments can also be done similarly. Real estate photography editing then has been able to operate globally, crossing borders in their bid to create an industry that is lean and efficient.

The question though is, with real estate photography editing services taking the entire world in a collaborative effort, how can the communication be taken in the safe efficient light as the business exchanges. We have chatbots, customer service hotlines, but these are all for the real estate photo editing company that want to interface with customers. We now zoom in to an internal lens and see how it can be done within the team.

Of course, the team must be able to coordinate with each other to share work, share capacities, and even exchange ideas or listen to cascades from management. Platforms have emerged which could be of use in collaboration for industries working internationally which gained more attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s check out some of the top communication apps real estate photo editing services can dive into.


MS Teams

Microsoft Teams have been around for the last 3 to 4 years but their features have severely been underrated and underestimated as a top tier choice for most organizations. See, Microsoft Teams has the ability of similar apps to create group chats, group calls, individual communication methods, and even directory maintenance. What it boasts is the ability to organize files as if you are using a drive exclusive to a particular group. Real estate photography editing services can easily group files, photos, and whatnots into specific clients if you wish, making the whole organization process very convenient. This application can also allow several users to open the same file all at once and even edit it. However, it might not be the same for real estate photography editing for the changes as you will still need your trusty software


Another Microsoft collaboration and communication application is Skype. This also enables the features of group chat and calling while also allowing the exchange of files. You can also use this to make local and international calls to numbers if you have credits within the application. What make this the choice for most is that it has been one of the early video-calling apps as well. People have known Skype as a tool to bring people together internationally even during the early 2000's but it has never been one to compete with Microsoft Teams when it comes to file organization.

  • Skype for Work – A Premium Options

There is a different interface and set of features that allow you to make this customized for work. A real estate photography editing service who wishes to create a secure network and circle that only allows a limited set of people or those who belong to the same organization to interact amongst themselves. It looks different with a pop up window, allowing you to chat with different people while easily managing the opening of the windows.


Real estate photography editing services can also get a good lift from Viber. Just like the first two, it can be installed into the desktop or laptop computer and on the phone which makes it handy for real estate photography editing professionals. Viber also boasts about a secure and encrypted communication, only allowing people who know your mobile number to get into your circle of contacts. Viber also is one of the apps that all real estate photography editing professionals to send over pictures whilst retaining good resolution. There could be better ways, but it will definitely be a good choice as a last resort.


WhatsApp is one of the apps acquired by Facebook’s mother company Meta. Real estate photography services can us this application similar to Viber with all the features but with a better resolution retention on photos. WhatsApp is also secure in with an end-to-end encryption with a desktop option making it another great side-by-side communications app for real estate photography editing professionals.

Google Drive

The whole package from google is one that most organizations use for their multifunctional needs. First is the free email the organization can sign up for individually. Chat systems are available within the email application which also is useful for real time communication. Another useful facet here is the Google drive which allows people to share and edit documents, presentations, and files (more notable the storage for those hi-res photos). The access is also limited to those who are granted with them, so the files are safe from outsiders getting their hands on it. A real estate photography editing service looking to make the most while saving on a subscription fee will surely be able to leverage on this.


One of the more recent ones is Slack. There is a paid and a free version a real estate photography service can go for. Slack calls its groups channels where people can open the lines for collaboration. Similar to Google Drive and Microsoft Teams, it can facilitate the collaboration between teams on file sharing and access. It can act like a virtual office rolled into one, much like Microsoft Teams.

Final Thoughts

With the multitude of options, real estate photography photo editing organizations can choose from different functions each of them offers. There is no single one that says it is perfect, but the needs of a real estate editor and his colleagues can depend on how spread they are globally and how often they would need to meet each other for collaborative efforts. You may have used any of these in the past, but you won’t be able t know which one is best for you until you try them all.