Top Free Programs for Real Estate Photo Retouching

It’s human nature to assume that anything with a premium price tag equates to better quality. It is often associated with higher levels or performances or thoughts of lasting longer than knock-offs. However, one side of such can be seen differently for real estate photo retouching and we are talking about free real estate photo editing software. See, just because something is free, it isn’t automatically out of the race. In fact, it might even be even better to use it because it can both save money and offer things that are unique for the professional to marvel at.

There will also always be the good and bad. It is easy to say that free or paid will be better over the other, but in order to make an objective conclusion, an end user must always be specific about the things that make it worth using, in what aspects they are better, and in what regard to their usage does it make a positive impact. These are just some of the elements to name the best real estate photo editing software whether it is free or not.

Lastly, there is a world out there for free real estate photo editing software. The internet is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered by curious professionals wanting to land something new and different to use. After all, real estate photo retouching is a continuously growing and evolving job that requires utmost attention in crafting, therefore making the discovery of a new application well worth the search.

Acquired Free vs. Subscription Fee

Here is where the debate heats up. Is free better or is a paid subscription the top choice? AS earlier mentioned, real estate photo retouching and the concept of the best software for it is hinged on several and more specific aspects. These must be considered prior to making a decision as price is not and should not be the sole basis for any choice and while it will be easy to make the switch should you not like what you chose, think about the wasted time, effort and money in the process. Here are some things to guide your decision making process for selecting an application for real estate photo retouching.

1. Features

If the tools and functionalities are sufficient for your required level of editing, then by all means go for it whether it is free or paid. Sometimes, you will even find there is an option in free software to unlock more features with a small fee and these could potentially provide more than what you could have ever imagined.

2. Interface

The best real estate photo retouching you could ever do is also dependent on how comfortable you are with the interaction aspect. An easier to use software could help you work faster and produce results without stressing about where to look for tools and options. Avoid real estate photos with misleading retouching techniques.

3. Depth of Edits

You should be able to do a trial and work with your elected real estate photo retouching application before locking down a commitment with it as you may need to assess its capability to produce pristine and masterful edits. One such watchout is the application’s ability to impact pixels. Can they replicate surrounding pixels to help cover something accurately? Is the software able to produce the vibrant colors I am expecting? Is the color pallet extensive?

Your Top Choices

Now, we might have preconditioned notions if paid or free real estate photo editing software is the best and more people will still lean to the former due to some names in the market that have continuously proven that they can deliver only the best applications. However, times have changed and developers have brought forth worthy competitors in the field and here are some names you won’t want to miss.

1. Snapseed

This development by Google is available on popular operating systems such as iOS and Android for mobile devices. It however, has ceased to be available for desktops and computers alike. Setting aside this bad news, its nature as a free real estate photo editing software is a complete and useful package with the ability to perform the basics. This includes cropping, brushing, correcting color issues such as white balance, applying filters and many more.


Hailed as one of the best real estate photo editing software on the free side, GIMP or Gnu Image Manipulation Program carries all the tools that can rival the names and likes of Photoshop and Lightroom. It will, of course, come with limitations but there is a paid option for you to gain access to more tools. Apart from this, the key and most important feature it brings is its ability to retain image integrity through tile based memory management. This means that the only limit that can put a cap on the resolution in your computer hardware’s capacity.

3. Pixlr

If there’s one thing Pixlr is known for, it is the extensive gallery of pre-sets and photos it possesses for your unlimited use. Now, this might not be a game changer for most, but as a free real estate photo editing software, it is already something that’s way more valuable than any bargain. Imagine being able to immediately find a suitable overlay or throwing in some photos for that great-looking sky. Aside from the rich deposit of choices, Pixlr can also do extensive editing with artificial intelligence right at the tip of your fingers, thereby making this a notable choice.

4. PicMonkey

The most-sought after features of this application is its one-click background remover. This feature is also available with Photoshop but imagine gaining access to such a tool for free. There is, however, a downside to PicMonkey. Whatever you edit, you can only download if you are a paying subscriber. For real estate photo retouching, having the photo in your possession is your bread and butter and such is an aspect which you should think about carefully.

Final Thoughts

With such choices, the playing field has been leveled. It is also good to note that these aren’t the only options out there too. There are a ton that will be helpful in achieving your ultimate goal in real estate photo retouching and that can only be done if you make the effort to look and scrutinize these applications.


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