What’s New in 2022: Real Estate Marketing Trends

Every year there is a new fad or set of trends that take over society in many ways and forms. The industry of real estate is part of this wave of changes that happens periodically and more specifically, real estate marketing has ushered in a new set of trends this 2022. Real estate marketing ideas have sprung up from everywhere, bringing to life new practices or emphasizing current ones and putting them in the spotlight.

The internet has been thriving and growing and even been creating new spaces year on year. It has been behaving that way for more than 10 years now with real estate marketing companies trying to catch up and hopefully be part of the trends early on. Platforms that open up become new hotbeds for real estate marketing and why wouldn’t you want to be part of it? Essentially what the message here is the speed at which real estate marketing can catch up with today’s behavior and habits coming from people are important to staying alive for the long term. Being complacent with what you are doing now is simply a way to fall behind and eventually fall out of their race. Therefore, check out these real estate marketing trends for 2022.

Increased Virtual Presence

The internet is a constant battleground for supremacy in gaining foot traffic, followers, and believe it or not, sales. Real estate marketing ideas must be really catchy and unique to get people to notice it but it takes more than that to keep them in it. The message send should also be relevant in creating a sustainable following which either helps people associate themselves with the campaign or the proposition being sold. In any of these cases, the important thing is that you are visible, and you are able to communicate with your intended audience. This takes the right set of steps as well as plans to ensure your real estate business’ presence is felt in the internet.

  1. More frequent and creative use of virtual staging

Sometimes, we tend to just shove things towards out audience but one of the better real estate marketing directions is creating interactivity with the viewer. Imagine transforming the way you show real estate images. Instead of throwing in photos with already staged interior items, why not create a platform where viewers can change the furniture themselves and give them the freedom to mix and match the designs. This immediately creates a next level impact on perception as your audience can now see for themselves what the inside of their next dream house can look like instead of simply trying hard to visualize it in their heads. Not only will this add points for attention but also for substance as a marketing idea.

  1. Drone photography and videos

These days it’s no longer enough to show the property and its features. People want to know where the property is situated and part of giving them exactly what they are asking for is a proper drone shot. Now part of real estate marketing is selling the reasons why this property is a good choice and what better way to do it than to show what the suburban area has to offer or where it sits near. This way, you are able to assist in the decision-making process of the potential buyer, thereby hoping to boost sales with such a marketing stint.

  1. Virtual Tours

There are devices in the last couple of years that allow people to strap on a pair of goggles that enclose their vision on a screen. Perhaps creating a pop-up stall with virtual reality goggles will be a great real estate marketing idea as you are giving people in malls or pedestrians on the street a chance to see properties for sale as they go about their day. This takes out the hassle of scheduling physical viewing as a first point of visit for most people. Now they can see the property just by passing by your stall. If you don’t’ think it’s a neat real estate marketing idea, then give it a try yourself and see how much people will actually want to sit down and take a virtual tour.


Social Media as a Primary Platform

Real estate social media marketing is a different game in itself. The platforms for this kind of real estate marketing requires a tight understanding of its audience and the youthful segment it caters to. However, using real estate social media marketing has its perks.

  1. One stop shop for everything marketing

Social media pages are no longer for taking a gander at images. It is now a one stop shop for everything related to the business. People can inquire, transact, and even build a profile in these pages through redirected links. Short of speaking, social media is where people start to look for things to buy and real estate is no exception.

  1. A better customer service experience

Another upside of real estate social media marketing is the ability to have a real time exchange with a user. Unlike websites where chatbots will normally be the go-to option for the chats, social media will normally have someone on the other side of the line just waiting to receive a message while they are managing the page thus creating a better and immediate communication line.

The Future in Technology

2022 isn’t where everything stops. In fact, the future is just about to begin. Smart homes are beginning to gain a lot more traction among potential buyers and real estate marketing companies are starting to think creatively on how to bring these to the table. People are starting to marvel about how voice-commands are making life so much easier.

The same goes for the rise of digital or cryptocurrency. Real estate marketing should be able to catch up with the trends on how people keep their money, perhaps looking to allow transactions with such currencies to help alleviate the hassles of the paperwork and handling of cash or sensitive documents.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming year is full of potential for real estate marketing. The question is, which one will you do amongst all of these? It could be something that springs out and stands out above the rest or all of them could be real winners. The only thing to do from here is to try it for yourself to understand what works and what doesn’t so you can make the most out of the next 12 months.


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